Monday, April 20, 2015

Picking up Sister Hulme from the airport. 4/16/15

A few pictures from the airport.  How excited we were to get our Georgia Peach back.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Last Email… 4/13/15

Hey y'all! 

I don't really have the words to express or explain this last week.
But here are a few scriptures that have come to my mind this very moment. 

1. Helaman 10:4-5 Blessed art thou, for those things which thou hast done; for I have beheld how thou hast with unwearyingness declared the word, which I have given unto thee, unto this people. And thou hast not feared them, and hast not sought thine own life, but hast sought my will, and to keep my commandments.
 And now, because thou hast done this with such unwearyingness, behold, I will bless thee forever; and I will make thee mighty in word and in deed, in faith and in works; yea, even that all things shall be done unto thee according to thy word, for thou shalt not ask that which is contrary to my will.
2. 2 Timothy 4:6-7  For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.  I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:
and 3.  3 john 1:13-14  I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee: But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greet the friends by name.
Couldn't have said it better. I love y'all so very much. God bless and see you in a few short days. Georgia.. you'll forever hold my heart. and I'll greatly miss you:) 

Love always,  SIster Lexie Hulme

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Loved To Do 4/6/15

Hey ya'll!
What seemed like the fastest week of my mission, was really one of the longest week as I look back and recall all that has happened! From meetings, exchanges, doctor's appt, and general conference, this new week will feel refreshing as we have more time on our hands to focus on the work. I realize that it is my last full week as a missionary, and I want nothing more than to make every second sacred, and enjoy more fully the spirit of the work. I was very grateful that we had general conference this past weekend, I have had many questions on my mind, and I know and love that our Father in Heaven still guides us today with prophets and apostles. There are many things I want to implement this last week, and pursue later after the mission. 
Sadly, our investigator Sandy didn't watch general conference. She had some family issues come up, and she felt bad. We told her we would catch a conference talk we felt was for her nad watch it with her this next weekend. Satan tries everything to stop her from progressing! Things have been hard as she realizes that she has short time with us, but she has made some great friends in the ward, who are good at keeping contact with her. 
We took our one investigator, Danay, off date because we haven't been able to meet with her this past week, she's been busy. Because she isn't progressing we had to take her off-date. I guess we have to discern how big her desire is to not only get baptized but to be truly committed. 
We found some great new investigators! One being a family, from the easter video. After spring break we plan on meeting with them along with the father when he is home. Another, is a 60 year old retired cowboy! He hasn't gone to church in a few years, because he hasn't found one that meets his expectations. As we shared with him about the restoration and the first vision, he was listening intently.You could see the spirit enlightening him and testifying to him the truth of what we were saying. He commented himself right after that he would like to come to our service this next sunday. I told him he needs to because i'll be bearing my testimony, it being my last sunday, so he said he promised he would come. We're having high hopes and will work on getting him there! 

This past week I've had sooo much on my mind. As I sat and pondered sunday easter morning, on the resurrection and atonement of Jesus Christ, I couldn't help but remember or think of a few months ago, back in November. It was after we finished a lesson with Michael Chandler, a man I'll never forget. Never in my life had I prayed so earnestly and fervently that night, before in my life. That night as I knelt by my bedside, I received the greatest witness of all, that my savior, Jesus Christ, Lives. That the spirit and this work of god is real. And this easter, as we all celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I want that witness or testimony rekindled inside of me, I want to feel that spirit so strongly again. My heart swells with joy when I look back on that night, and when I feel the love of my Savior with me now, today, and forever. I know jesus Christ lives. That witness is reaffirmed each time I feel within myself, or in others, the cleansing effect of his sacred sacrifice. And when I think of who he has made me to be, who I still can become, I give all that I have to the lord, on the altar of sacrifice, consecrating my heart, might, mind , and strength to Him and His work. And my heart swells with gratitude. Because only He can truly make us into who God needs us to become.  This easter season, I am truly cherishing the spirit of the living Christ. I am singing gratitude for the gift from our Savior, Which is eternal life. I love sharing this joyous new and gift with others. I truly love helping others obtain that gift. And I love seeing the powers of the atonement take effect in their life, as well as mine. There are many others I want to help, but little time in Georgia to do so. There will be soon some other people for me to reach to in another land. My heart is also heavy thinking of how I must leave this, all that I have come to love so much. It's become purely sacred to me. This is no longer a great sacrifice, but has become the greatest opportunity that has shaped my life. God be thanked for calling me to his great work. This is the definitely the hardest thing I have ever loved to do. 
I hope each of you take those missionary opportunities that are before you to share the gospel and to LIVE the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether it be with our friends, or within our own families, start where you can. There is truly no greater joy. 
I love and miss each of you! take care and god bless.
Love, Sister Hulme
Alma 26:12-15

A Love for the Work 3/30/15

Hey ya'll!
I just kept telling myself to make it through this week, but I now see how time is slipping through my hands and i'm trying to grap it! There's so much going on here that I don't know if i want to face the end in the near future. 
I promised the Lord that before I leave this area, we will have someone at church! We're getting closer. I don't know if I've ever been this focused or stressed this much on trying to get investigators to church. It's always been a struggle, as for most missionaries. But I know if we truly desire this, the lord will help us. 
I know last week I mentioned that we didn't plan on putting anyone on date until we got them to come to church. Well, the work this week showed otherwise! The person we have on date is Danay Lloyd. She was a referral from the Sugar Hill elders. We've been teaching her the past couple of weeks. We want to meet with her and her husband, but we seem to only be able to schedule a time with her. She shared with us why she was interested in the book of mormon, because her husband recently decided he wants to get baptized into this other church, and its made her think that she wants to get baptized too. So when we invited her she said yes, and we invited her to prepare for April 25. She said she'll work on it, she has alot going on this month, but she agreed. Yet, every sunday we ask her to come to church she says she's busy with something. So the doctrine of church is a must with teaching and helping her understand that church is vital in order to prepare for baptism, and as a whole.
We've been able to find a few new investigators this week from the Easter initiative, "Because He lives". We had some potentials that we've been needing to followup with for awhile, and this week we were able to. I think the Lord has his timing for everything, because we needed to show them the video. It's provided a great way to start teaching them the restored gospel.
With so much going on this next week, the follow up meeting, a doctor's appt for sister Beckstrom, general conference.. This may be one of the busiest weeks of my entire mission! Aside from the schedule, we have goals to help people progress, and i'm praying that we can keep up with the work.
We had a member come with us to Sandy's lesson on saturday, who has become a close friend of sandy's. And without us talking to her first or mentioning it, she invited Sandy to her home to watch general conference this weekend, and Sandy was more than willing to accept! Inside we were jumping up and down, but sooo grateful for the member's help. Reminds me in preach my gospel where it says, the work will move forward with more power as members and missionaries work together. We showed Sandy the easter video "because he lives" and she was so moved and touched by it. We sat in silence for a minute or so. Then I asked Sandy what it means to her to know that her Savior lives. She said its the greatest knowledge she has and it brings her the greatest peace she has sought for. She feels that, as she's been meeting with us and it's as if the thing she has been searching for, the thirst she felt, is quenched when we meet with her and though the relationship we've built. So I then asked her what her purpose is in this life, if heavenly father has saved her for such a time as this, and all her family has passed on. She really couldn't answer it, and said she's still searching for her purpose. Then, i asked why she believed the lord allowed us to cross paths and to meet her. She said so we could care for one another, because she believes we knew each other before, so we were meant to meet now. This is when i wanted to emphasize to her that it was to bring her the greatest message of hope and peace, directly from god to her, inviting her to come unto christ by helping her recieve the restored gospel. Somehow as the spirit directed for us to share 2 nephi 4 which was the chapter that helped me gain a testimony that the book of mormon is true at a time in my life. I feel Sandy will have some big progression when we give her a large print book of mormon for her to read this week, and she can actually have the chance herself to finally read and pray. PRAY that therer will be that one conference talk directed to her this weekend. i'm too excited for her:) 
After last monday, things were still emotionally stressful and I was a little troubled. I prayed mightily that I would  do the things that the lord has called me to do. It's amazing how much the Lord helps us, as we show forth our faith and effort to do His will. I thought about asking for a priesthood blessing, yet i never did. But every lesson we had, I made sure to put my whole heart into teaching and helping that individual person. When we would come out of the lesson I felt so uplifted, as if the burden was made lighter, and I could only think of thanking my heavenly father for such an opportunity. This weekend I realized that the Lord truly does have my heart in His work. And I really don't want to leave it. It was my goal this year to consecrate my WHOLE heart to the lord's work. I now see that He has changed my heart, molded and shaped to His desires, through His perfect atonement. A transformation, I didn't realize or see until now. I'm grateful for who He has made me to be. 
I love each of you dearly!!! take care and have a blessed week!
Love, SIster Hulme      .... check it out:)

Update from Georgia 3/23/15

Hey ya'll!
Things here in georgia are just beautiful, its my favorite time of year. Spring is amazing in georgia!! Problem is my body decided to have allergies this season and I've been dealing with that this past week. but despite it all, i love where i am, and the beauty around me, its become home!!
This week has flown by with all that's happened, i have to recollect all my thoughts on everything! 
I fully enjoyed zone conference this past week and I am so grateful for personal revelation. It is a blessing from our Heavenly Father to be able to hear from him, through a general authority. There's alot of exciting stuff happening in the mission, and alot of great things to look forward too! Our mission is getting ipads coming may 20th! Of course the technology would come after I leave:) Sister Beckstrom and I have been role playing different teaching situations based on the teaching skills Elder Zwick taught us. We first introduce the principle, share an experience, explain the doctrine using scriptures, expounding and then testifying. It has helped each of us so much already in simplifying and intensifying our lessons. It helps us in learning also, in understanding the doctrine more. This ensures that the spirit teaches and both us and the investigator are edified and learn together. I loved the scripture Elder Zwick shared with us from D&C 109:38 about putting the testimony of the covenant upon our heart. This morning as I read my scriptures, it reminded me of the temple and I've constantly been thinking about this scripture. As I've continually been consecrating myself, I've recently been thinking of the covenants i made in the temple. This reminder has helped me even more so, in having the desire to keep the law of sacrifice and consecration. 
Elder Zwick also did a member missionary fireside with all the missionaries and the ward councils in our mission. I was super sad to not see anyone from the monroe ward council, i was looking forward to that. But he emphasized that we missionaries arent' teaching enough and we need to be teaching in members homes. He proceeded to say that members need to step up and have us teach their friends. we need to find through the members, not through our own efforts. He's really putting a fire under the work!
We're still exhorting with all diligence of heart, might, mind and strength! As we've been inviting others to be baptized, we've also been really focused on inviting and committing others to come to church. I don't know what it is, but not one has agreed or accepted! I don't know if I've invited this many people to come to church before in one week, and have tried with all my might. What really gets me is these people were sincerely interested in our message, yet when it comes to church, we've got a road block. So we're going to focus on teaching the doctrine of church attendance, like Elder Zwick taught us to teach, and pray these people will feel impressed upon by the spirit to go to church! This commitment has always been the hardest on my mission. Surprisingly, since church is such a big thing here in the south! 
Things with Sandy are progressing. She said she's open to praying about being baptized and receiving the gift of the holy ghost. She hasn't been able to read herself from the Book of Mormon because we need to get her a large print copy, and she hasn't been able to come to church, so I can see why she's isn't fully committing and doesn't understand herself yet. We gave her a talk to read on hope from a general conference, which we followed up on this last week and tied it into obtaining hope through the gospel of Christ. Not as the world gives, but as Christ gives. We also read with her Elder Bednar's "Come and see", but she only told us she appreciates our invites but she can't accept. There's something else behind the picture and I'm dying to know! She did share with us that she has shingles and it effects everything she does. She also shares with us spiritual experiences throughout her week, and the spirit is slowly working on her and changing her! It is going to be very hard when I leave because she has grown so attached to me, and we're trying to help her attach to members. And Sister Beckstrom talks as if she is staying and I'm not sure how her and many others will cope if we both leave. 
With time coming to a crunch I'm wanting to exert all my efforts and strength on the work and being a missionary. Things have been a little stressful emotionally. But i know that i can always rely on the lord and call upon him for help. He's always there and aware of me and my needs.
i love and miss each of you! take care and god bless:)

love, sister hulme

Monday, March 16, 2015

Obedience, Sacrifice, and Consecration 3/16/15

Hey Ya'll!!

I just wanted to share how happy I am today because of this beautiful weather we are having!! Sis Beckstrom thinks I'm a little overly excited, but there's just something about spring in Georgia:) Beautiful weather somehow gets me more excited to get out and share the gospel! And can I share how excited i also am for general conference?! I just tell my self to make it through this week and we have 2 more weeks. I don't think i've ever been this excited for conference:) April conference is my favorite. and its on easter!!! 
So we are seeing some good progress in the work, although our numbers don't really get to show it. One thing that has been a little hard for us since I've been here is getting investigators to church. Our church building is 30 minutes away for most people in our area, so it is a bit of a commute. We're really excited for the new church building in our area that is promised to be done in July. It's almost as if a temple is being built! It's the talk of members, less actives, and nonmembers. Everyone always asks us when its going to be done and if they can come see it. Problem is they use this as their excuse as to why they can't come to church now. The other is too far away, but they promise to come when the building is done in July. for example, we have a new investigator this week named Nina, whom we have visited twice now, and is reading the book of mormon. We've been literally exhorting with all diligence and asking everyone to come to church, offered to find rides for them, everything!. But Nina has said she'll wait till the building is done in July. So we emphasize that we need her at church! why wait when you can come now:) I'll tell ya I'll be so grateful for these people when that building is finished cause there will be many, even those we don't know, who have committed to come to church then!! 
So we've been exhorting with all diligence and inviting others to be baptized. Sometimes in the first contact with them while tracting, if we've felt prompted to by the spirit. We haven't felt it right to commit others to a date yet, until they commit to coming to church. Since this is the biggest struggle we're focusing this week on getting just one person to church, with a couple people in mind behind that goal. We've also had some great team-ups scheduled with members who will be good in fellowshipping them, but the members have been cancelling on us last minute this week. But we've still been able to go through with our lessons. 
Things with our investigator Sandy are progressing. We were able to teach her the plan of salvation this past week. The member we brought was just the one at that time. She was able to share with Sandy her experiences that are somewhat similar and how the gospel has blessed her. Little did we know that about the member though! Something that I wanted to share, we've been praying that angels will minister to Sandy, and Sandy pointed out to us that everyday this week she's received a card in the mail from one of the members that we've taken to visit her. A small act of kindness, but i knew in that instant when i saw the cards that the Lord was answering our prayers, in small and simple ways, but surely. WE have a group of men in the ward getting together next weekend to help clean up her yard. Sandy still shared that she's not interested in conversion but she's slowly changing, it will take her time. We invited her to "come and see" a general conference session at the church, it would be just her and us at the church most likely. But she wasn't too open with that. she likes her personal environment. But we've given her ensign talks from general conferences that talk on hope. 

So this past week, we had a great zone meeting. We started by having a training on personal revelation, and we took 10 minutes right there to ponder and think about what questions we had to keep in mind as we listened to the trainiings. As I thought about it, i got down and kneeled right there in prayer and asked my heavenly father for revelation to questions i had. The spirit was so strong in that room in those 10 minutes as 50 missionaries, pondered and prayed to heavenly father for personal revelation. THe biggest answer to my prayer came from a training on spiritual purity. I felt that all that i've been searching for, the very answer that i've been in need of, to all my prayers i've given in the past several months, came to me that very day. ItS something that i knew all along, and i've practiced before. For this very moment, when its needed most. I learned its time I make a choice that will have an eternal consequence, a lasting and impactful change in my life and my mission. The lord isn't done with me yet! I still have potential to reach, and only he knows what that is. I need to take all that i desire, all my thoughts, feelings and even actions , and lay them on the table of sacrifice. And take up that law of consecration, and the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I crave every feeling from the Spirit, and the more i've learned about eh gift of the holy ghost, the more i've been wanting it. I thought of what more the lord wants me to give my last 6 weeks. Lately i've felt my mind reverts too much to the future, fearing or pondering what it may hold. First of all, I need to replace my fear with faith. I need to remember who god is, my eternal father. He has a plan for me, and I need to have confidence tht god will direct me. Most of all, i can decide what i want to become and deliberately pursue that. OR i can accidently become someone less than my true potential, which satan cheats us of. Which leads me into how i will act.
The training on spiritual purity provided a game plan for how to sancitfy myself and always have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I had to fast for a full day, prayerfully considering what i need to sacrifice, consecrate and obey. THen I made a list full of the things that hinder my ability to have the holy ghost. AFterwards, I prayed to God and promised him that I will fast or stop doing these things for 30 days. At the end of each day, i must remain accountable to the lord and ask for his help, seeking spiritual strength. I know this will help change my nature, not just my behavior. THis is exercising the principle of the gospel and using the powers of the atonement. It's already been a challenge. Some days have been hard. ANd I feel Like i'm back at square one. BUt I have noticed a change in myself so far. and its a working progress. I also read the talk in this months ensign on the anti nephi lehi's. if you haven't read it yet, i highly suggest so! then you'll understand me more. but its my favorite story in the book of mormon. sooo many things to learn from them. I've actually been telling myself everyday, my past is redeemed, my present makes sense (focusing on now) and my future is secure. having faith in the lord. That's from president eyring's fellowship of the unashamed. 
I love ya'll so much! happy birthday to hans this week!! love and miss ya.
love, sister hulme

Monday, March 9, 2015

Update from Georgie 3/9/15

Hey ya'll:)
Transfer week is forever long! it was hard to say goodbye to sister childs, but we'll see each other again soon. Transfers always bring with it new changes, new beginnings, but its good:) i've come to love change. my new companion is sister Beckstrom, fresh on her mission, and just a fireball as ever! SHe is from tooele utah. 
 We've seen alot of great things from this past week, definitely alot of hard work. We even enjoyed a wonderful baptism to top everything off! 
Ginger's baptism was probably the greatest turnout I've seen, so much love and support from many her age and friends. There was so much help from the ward and it was a great experience for everyone. I was really determined to invite some investigators to come to the baptism, unfortunately none of them could make it. I was a little disappointed they couldn't come because it was a wonderful baptism, but end of the day I was still on cloud nine:)
We had another good lesson with Sandy. She made sure to tell us from the start that she wasn't interested in converting, but she really loves the visits we share. She hasn't read from the book of mormon. toward the end of the visit she told us that her neighbor gave her some printed resources on our religion, and I think that's what holding her back from sincerely searching. We told her the information was false and she needs to take the invitation to read the true source, the book of mormon itself. We can discern truth by the fruits of the spirit, and we shared the scripture from Alma 32 on planting the seed, or the word of god, with faith. And if its good, it will give us enlightenment, knowledge, basically a good feeling of coming closer to christ. In that moment we asked how she felt, and she replied that she agrees, and we said this is the spirit testifying of the truth. I really liked your response of just telling her to "come and see", like elder bednar's talk. AT the end she said she's searching for hope, so we looked in the index of the book of mormon on hope and invited her to read the scriptures on that, and pray about it. Her lessons are always so powerful and the spirit so strong. THe only thing holding her back is her fear, fear of getting hurt, or losing something. But what does she got to lose just by experimenting? SHe'll only gain what she's looking for in return. We're trying to help her replace fear with faith, and i fully believe she will act through love. She needs so much love and support from the members, and she wants to feel like she belongs. This will take time as we help her build relationships with the members. 
We found a part member family who is letting us come teach them now. THey are active, the wife is a nonmember. She explained to us that if she were to ever get baptized it would be this church, she just isn't ready for commitment yet, she has some things she needs to work on. But we're excited to start teaching the family and see where it goes!! 
Things with sister Beckstrom are going good. It was definitely a change from Sister Childs! I love and miss her dearly. SIs Beckstrom has some anxiety issues so sometimes that's a challenge. It's been a little hard to read her, so I try to love and serve her in anyway I can. Maybe that will help ease the stress. Ha pretty sure i've never seen anyone so exhausted as her. Kind of breaks my heart, but there's alot of work to do, and there isn't alot of time to slack, its been hard for her to adjust to the schedule. Sis Beckstrom is a hard worker. She's exactly what I've been needing my last 6 weeks. She's very determined and likes to stay focused. Being flexible and patient is a bit of a struggle. But she's s quick learner and will adjust eventually. Ha she's not afraid to be bold! but i have to remind her to be loving too. Maybe that's where we balance each other out. Something a mission teaches ya is how to adjust with different personalities and love others despite differences. 
WEll I love and miss each of you dearly!! I will try  to write everyone soon that I need to. sorry i've been out of stamps, post office is forever adn a day away! BUt i would still love to hear from everyone! 
Love, SIster Hulme

My last transfer!! 3/2/15

Hey ya'll!
All weekend i've been sitting on the edge of my seat on what's going to happen for transfers. President called us Thursday and told me that he was thinking of having me train. But the possibilities are up in the air, since board week for him wasn't over and the Lord might have other plans. So I had no idea if I was going to stay Sister TRaining Leader, if i was training, if i was just going to be a normal missionary, or if I was leaving and transferring to another area my last 6 weeks. FINALLY, president called this morning and said I was for sure training and no longer STL and in 6 weeks I will go home, my greenie will be transfered, and they'll replace our area with elders. Phew!! I couldn't be more happy with this transfer. Although, i'm super sad i'm losing sister Childs. Ahh, we've had a complete blast this week!! Her and I just click and I've gained the greatest friend in her. You seriously gain some of your closest friends on your mission. We plan on rooming together at Byu-I .. if we can:) It's been really hard for her to grasp that she's going home. The past 2 days have been crammed packed with saying goodbye's and packing. It will be nice after transfers to finally focus back in on the work. Yesterday I fasted that my last full month as a missionary I will be able to truly focus, and  consecrate. Because I love consecration!! I feel like i'm always consecrating myself, there's never enough. Something I've learned this last bit is commitment isn't commitment until it's tested.
So we had another major snowstorm. It wasn't as major as last years. But we had to go in early wednesday night and we were able to get out thursday afternoon. I'm glad it didn't take as much time out of proselyting as last years did. 
We found another amazing investigator to teach this week. A young mom we tracted into a few weeks ago, and we were finally able to follow-up and teach her the restoration this last week. When we first followed up she commented that she had begun reading from the book of mormon and had read the restoration pamphlet we had given her. That rarely happens! So we were excited to actually visit with her. She said there was a lot of similarities between her religion and ours, but her biggest question was our difference. We're were more than happy to explain what that was. We hope to be able to meet with her husband soon, he has alot of questions about religion, and his wife has a hard time answering them, such as baptism, but she strongly believes in it. We were so excited about her lesson, we went down the street to a member's home and stopped for 15 minutes to explain our miracle, and then asked the member to come with us this week to her lesson. The member was more than willing. I love going to the members in person, sharing our miracles, and asking them to come with us. It's a new technique, or tool we're using lately. It's been working well. 
We were able to follow up with our new investigator sandy, the woman who called us, and was our miracle from last week. She is open to learning more and pursuing a stronger relationship with Christ, but she's not as open to religion. It's kind of confusing. But she's had a hard time with organized religion, because she feels its become so corrupt lately and is more for show. The member with us explained through her testimony that our religion is more than a show, its a way of life, the gospel should be how we live, not but just what we preach. We're still earnestly praying that she'll have angels minister to her and she'll feel the spirit testify of the truthfulness of the gospel to her. These things take time, but its working progress.
Ginger's baptism is this coming saturday, she's so excited) she made these cute invitations and was handing them out to all her friends and members at church. She even went up with sister childs and bore her testimony on sunday. Short and sweet and to the point. But no matter what, it carries the greatest spirit from it. This has been out of her own decision, and you can tell how happy and excited she is. She reminds me alot of hannah, same age, kind of looks the same. But i'm excited for the new missionary to have a baptism right when she gets here. 
Since we somewhat knew we would be getting a new missionary here, and we both wouldn't have much time here in the area, we decided to just give her great experiences with teaching, its a great time to practice. So there are many members who are willing to have us over to practice teaching, and one who we recently got to know, has said that she'll try to invite her neighbor over who is a sweet woman, and would let us practice teaching. This is more exciting than I thought! We've been asking less actives, and one family, who is a part member who's son is serving in Salt Lake, if we can practice teaching with the new missionary just to give her experience. It's another technique I have grown to love, it works:)
Welp.. i guess that's all for this week folks! Love and miss each of you dearly!! 

Love, SIster Hulme

The big snow storm of 2015.

There's a purpose 2/23/15

Hey ya'll!!
THis week has been a roller coaster. THursday night we had a stake correlation meeting. AFterwards our mission president asked us what area would be better to close down for sisters, either our ward, or hamilton mill, where the other sister training leader is. Which ever would close down, i would either go there with her, or she comes here with me. there's just too many sisters going home and not enough coming in. Hearing this made my heart sink, and my stress levels sky rocket!! Ive been searching and finding what i can do here in Coal mountain in such a short time, which could now only be 6 weeks instead of 3 months. 
 So I've actually been struggling this transfer in trying to find my purpose here in this area. The work has been slow, I haven't felt much involvement with the members, and I honestly just felt like we, the sisters, were Yet, we were still working and trying to find, teach, and invite others to be baptized. Maybe the Lord is just testing my patience this one last stretch right before I go home. After talking with president thursday night, I just felt my stress levels increase! Considering I might be transferred again to a new area, my last 6 weeks, and only 6 weeks here, made me wonder again, where does the Lord need me , and what do I need to do?? You told us not to think about it, but I couldn't help myself. We also had correlation in our ward, after the stake correlation, and the elders were basically visiting all the families that we were trying to visit. Any ideas or inspiration we were receiving, they were getting the same and were on top of things. I just kept asking the Lord, why am I here, why are the sisters here in this area?? It could easily just be the elders, they could take things over pretty smoothly. Then, this weekend, we started to see miracles.. I started to feel a purpose. 
We've been following up on potentials all week, and this weekend, we were able to find 3 new investigators. Some of the potentials we didn't have a lot of faith in or expect much, became the new investigators! Sunday night, we were determined to find one more investigator to reach our goal, and we felt prompted to follow up with this man. Our first contact with him was very short, we didn't say much, he was busy and we asked if we could come back another time. When we showed up last night, he invited us in, and we met the whole family! We arranged for a return appt on tuesday, and he said he's open to anything right now in his life. 
The biggest miracle was a phone call we received Saturday night. We had a missed call from a woman named Sandy who asked for Sister Childs to call her back. We could not think of who it was, but she knew Sis Childs! When we called her back, we realized it was a woman we tracted into a couple weeks ago. Her mom had recently passed away and she had hardly any family left. She felt something when we talked to her, and thanked us for an uplifting message about hope in our savior and god's plan. She told us on the phone that she has thought about us every day since then and felt bad we haven't been able to meet with her yet. She had paced the floor all day trying to summon up the courage to call us. We are so indeed grateful that she did, and she was also. She asked us before saying goodbye, why we knocked on her door, what brought us there. We simply said, the lord did, we had no idea we would meet her, but we simply followed the spirit. She agreed, and said she knew it was the spirit all along. We're planning on meeting her this coming saturday, the only day available for her. I can't wait!!! We immediately said a prayer of gratitude to our Heavenly Father after the phone call, and also prayed that there would be angels ministering to her, preparing her to receive the restored gospel. Miracle like this make every second of the mission worth it, no matter how hard it is! 
I'm grateful that after much prayer, pondering, and searching that I'm starting to feel a purpose here. Again, I have the greatest companion ever. I know I was here this transfer for her. She left me the kindest note thanking me, but really i am thankful for her, and the experiences we've had together. She reminded me of why I was here, and I'm grateful for how our Heavenly Father works.
Ginger is still on date for march 7th, she wasn't able to make it church yesterday because of the ice storms we've been having. There were so many trees knocked down, and they had a mess to clean up at their home. This week was literally freezing!! I am such a wimp this winter, its been in the 20's and dropped to the single digits during the night, i'm gonna die next winter at home. But the ice over everything is absolutely beautiful!! it was like being in a frozen wonderland, everyting was crystal. yet. there was a disaster everywhere because the trees were falling or breaking apart because of the ice. ANd today its sunny and feels like spring. Georgia is sooo bipolar. I'm excited for spring, its beautiful here. 
Love and miss ya'll greatly!! 

Love, SIster Hulme

there is ONE costa vida here in georgia and the elders had a baptism at the church nearby it, they asked us to teach a lesson there so we had to attend the baptism. SIs childs informed me that less than a mile away there is a costa vida, so i demanded that we go:) i was in complete heaven!! you don't realize what you have back west till its gone!! 

Everything was ice crystals after the ice storm.

This is a picture that was in the church where the baptism was held.  Only in the south...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Making Your Time Sacred 2/17/15

Hey ya'll!
We had a crazy ice storm last night, no worries we're safe and sound. There's a plus when you live with members. You always have food storage, and they have generator for back up while everyone else is out of power:) All night we could hear the trees cracking and falling becasue of the ice. EVERYTHING is completely frozen.  Luckily the roads are all clear. We had to turn in early because everyone was ordering us home. There was alot we needed to get done inside our apartment anyways so it was needed. 
We've seen some cool miracles this week that seem so little, but really mean so much to us and the Lord. I felt zone conference was great, and it was good for me to relearn from other missionaries about the importance of planning and the baptismal invitation. One thing that really struck me during zone conference, and also from mission leadership council, is to make your time sacred. Even the planning we do at night. As time goes by on my mission, it just becomes a reality of how precious it is, and we can make every second sacred. So that's been my goal this past week, and for now on. 
I have to share a fun experience we had with one of the Laurel age young women in our ward, from Monday evening. Her name is Madi Hill, her mom is one of the seminary teachers. We've decided to join seminary every monday morning to get to know the youth more, and this year is really focused on missionary work, and we love to help the youth learn what they can about missionary work. Can i just add, the youth here are amazing, i love working with them! They all have amazing testimonies and share stories of sharing the gospel with their friends. Well we invited madi hill to come out with us monday evening to follow-up with a few people and do some tracting. This girl is FULL of energy and loves missionary work! She basically guided us in our tracting. We were in a neighborhood of townhomes and she was running all over the place, in no specific order, just to people she saw or a home with a light on! We all caught the energy and excitement and we knocked on this older woman's door and she invited us in first thing. Madi was more than excited to invite her to read from the Book of mormon and pray about it, and left her the copy she was holding. When we got back in the car, Madi expressed how happy she felt and she loved inviting her to read and pray. The rising generation has amazing youth and I'm so excited to see the work hasten through so many of them. 
We went on exchange with the Sugar Hill sisters after zone conference. Sister Smith is such a great missionary, and she taught me alot by her example. We had a dinner that evening with a part member couple who Sis Childs and I have been visiting, The Swifts. She has a few horses and she loves to talk horses with me. She actually got online and checked out Scotts website and she wants to ask him a few questions. So you might get a customer from Georgia, Scott! The husband has taken discussions multiple times but I'm not sure if he's ever read from the book of mormon. We decided to try practice teaching from the pamphlet to them, and I was amazed at how well Bro. swift ( the nonmember) was listening, he asked a few questions. At the end we committed them to read from the book of mormon, but we didn't get a real response or a firm yes from him. His wife said yes, and proceeded to tell us that we were late for our next appt. It was almost that missed opportunity, I felt, to ask just him. But I've been praying since that we'll have another opportunity come and we can invite him again. Maybe they'll let us practice the lessons more with them:)
We have another investigator, Jean, who has been meeting with the Sisters for about a year now. She told us first thing when we sat down that she believes the Book of Mormon is true. It totally caught us off guard, I wasn't expecting her to just say it so plain and boldly! She was smiling and we were so happy for her. So we proceeded to ask if she had a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and she said, if i believe in the book of mormon then i must believe in he prophet joseph smith! So we proceeded to invite her to be baptized, but then she said she has already been baptized and she isn't sure if she wants to be part of the mormon church. I explained if she believes joseph smith to be a prophet then he also restored Christ's church and the priesthood authority is restored. In short, she said she would be baptized if she saw the priesthood power was necessary.Not sure where she didn't grasp that as we were teaching her how the priesthood power is restored. I feel like we need to go over all the restoration of the Gospel again. She won't come to church until her husband will come with her. So we're praying for his heart to be softened. We would love to have them at a member's home for dinner, so we're arranging that this week. It's slow progression, but its progress:)
Things have been a little better this week for Sister Childs. I mentioned getting a priesthood blessing from one of the members. She agreed with the idea, and sunday evening we had one of the men in the ward give her a blessing. I think its just been hard for her to come to the realization that she's going home soon. She's mentioned lately that she's been feeling high anxiety levels, and it seems when things get pushy in the work or stressful, she can't focus. I feel at times we could be so much more diligent and serving with our might, but i don't want to push her anxiety levels to high. Sometimes you have to find a balance with your comp. I find though when i make things exciting and spontaneous, she's more outgoing and will catch the spirit. But the blessing helped and I've been praying for her. I feel like sometimes we're where we are just for our companion. 
I hope all is well with ya'll. pretty sure the weather is nicer in idaho than it is here. Last monday we found this western store and i went in and found a little kid rope. it's kind of crappy, but sister childs loves for me to practice roping her foot haha. I remember being "that one" that was always the roping dummy as a kid, the price of growing up with brothers! Love each of them to death:)

take care, and god bless! Love, Sister Hulme

God sent us two hearts on Valentine's Day

Monday, February 9, 2015

Good things come to those who wait…. 2/9/15

Hey ya'll!!
So i'm actually sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for my mission president to email or call us because a little bird told me that Hans is in Atlanta right now!! well i emailed my mission president and asked if it was ok if hans came to us if he wanted to see me. If it happens by some miracle, that would be awesome! If not, i'll see him in 2 months:) 
So I've just kept telling myself all week, "Good things come to those who patiently wait, and are anxiously engaged." And they do! As we've been patiently and persistently trying with so many potentials, nothing seems to stick. But during our correlation meeting thursday night, we received a referral from a member in the ward. They have a neice named Ginger who is 11 and has been coming to church with them for a few months now, and she's just decided that she wants to be baptized! Once we heard this, Sis Childs and I just looked at each other and knew that God is aware that we are working so hard. He has provided a way or someone we can help get ready for baptism. And in the meantime we will still find others who are prepared and ready. We met Ginger on sunday, and she is the sweetest girl, we're very excited to work with her. 
Things have been a little harder this week, mainly for Sister Childs. I'm so very grateful to have her as a companion, i know we're here to help each other. She's just been realizing that her time to go home is sooner than we think. We sat down together and shared our major stresses and then thought of our strengths, talents, or gifts from god he's given us to overcome these stresses. We were able to point out most of them through our patriarchal blessings. It was so helpful for both of us. We also went on exchange with the sharon spring sisters. Ha, we're pretty sure the exchange was more for us, those sisters are amazing! They both helped us in so many ways. Sis Childs and I also discussed how our Lord is a fourth-watch god and he comes in the very hour that is needed most. (Story from Mark 6:45-51) He is watching us as we are toiling in rowing and he is aware of us and our needs. We've even seen this week how our Savior is a fourth-watch God, which I'm so grateful for. 
So we had this fun musical fireside that our ward put together, a little last minute, last night at a member's home. We had our ward missionaries put together a little program about the love of CHrist and serving others, and in between the narration, we had musical numbers. Some by us missionaries, and others by members in the ward. We invited as many people as we could, particularly one family who's son is on a mission in Salt Lake, but they aren't members. We were so happy when we saw them walk through the door, if anything it was for them. We had many others come, a part member couple, Ginger, and a few members. The spirit was so powerful, tears and smiles were shared, and everyone felt that love of Christ that evening. Music really does invite a special spirit, i'm so grateful for it. 
Each day i'm meeting more and more members here in Coal Mtn. ward, and Ive really missed Monroe ward because i just felt like i haven't found that family or members that haven't clicked yet. Well this last week I finally found them. There is an older couple here by the name of Swift. They live in basically my dream home, but on the cutes t little farm, got a few horses. Her husband isn't into religion and isn't a member, but we've been going over and helping her with her family history. She told me i can come over any day and help out in the barn with the horses. If she didn't live so far away i would be there everyday! Ha her husband is a spittin image of Robert Duvall, and they're so much fun!! We've also connected with this family, their oldest daughter is 16 and wants to come out with us, even if its tracting:) But the mom is the seminary teacher, so we decided every monday morning we are going to attend seminary, yep at 6 am!! the youth here are sooo much fun!! I love working with them. They share the coolest stories of how they share the gospel with their friends and they truly know the doctrine! I was learning so much this morning! there are lot of youth in this ward, so i want to connect with them and work with them. Even if we don't teach their friends, we get them pumped for their missions:) BTW, mom, i have this  vision of transforming our basement into a place where youth can hang out and we can do fun firesides or missionary events. i'm stoked:) 

K, love ya'll, we're getting booted out, got a lot to do today!! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Gospel of Jesus Christ 2/2/2015

Hello family!!
THis week has gone by so fast, yet it feels like forever ago that i last emailed ya'll! 
It's been such a great week. We had ana amazing mission leadership council meeting with the church headquarters visitors. They helped us with our 2 biggest weaknesses. Extending baptismal invitations by the end of hte first lesson and effective planning. I think here in the south we've become so casual and comfortable with the people and the culture, that we've slightly forgotten one of hte greatest things of our calling, that is to invite others to come unto christ through the restored gospel, through.. baptism!! WE hear so often and so much, I've been saved, or i've been baptized. yet they'll gain a testimony of the book of mormon, but they don't want to be committed to one denomination. i guess we're not hitting on the greatest thing of all. the way to partake of the atonement of christ through the priesthood power. So SIs childs and I have taken the commitment to invite 1 soul every day to partake in the next ordinance in their life. whether that be baptism or the sacrament, or the temple. it is the way to come unto christ. And since we've taken this commitment, or challenge, we've seen so much opposition and so much rejection. but w'ere going to faithfully persevere. 
We're teaching one person named marion, he's 67 and retired.Referral from  ANd he talks and talks and talks and talks. I had to ask 5 time in a row if he would get baptized because he kept interrupting me. Tests my patience in every way!!! finally i gave him the hand signal to shoosh and asked quietly and sincerely if he would be baptized by the priesthood authority of god. he said he doesn't see the priesthood necessary. so i asked when he finds that it is necessary would he ever. he said yes,.... but we would still have to prove it.. through  the bible. ugh. we convert with the book of mormon, and he'll soon find out. The lesson was in one of the members home, and one time marion said what if he proves us wrong. so the member finally asked if his purpose is to find the truth or to prove us wrong. he said to find the proof, but we'll see. the lesson with him always starts out great , but then by the end, it changes almost dramatically, and we have to try hard to take control. so we're really fasting and praying that we'll know what direction to take with marion and if he's truly elect. 
We're on the search for new investigators still, this last weekend was really hard for sis childs and I. We kind of broke down on saturday and agreed that we need to decide what more we need to consecrate if we really want to find the elect. We're both at the end of our missions and we want to end with a bang of course. But we're just trying to find what purpose we both have here together in this area and what the lord needs us to do. sometimes it just takes faith, patience, and perseverence. 
So i was asked to bear my testimony this sunday, since i was the new missionary in the ward. AS I was pondering during the sacrament on what to bear my testimony on, i thought of the great importance of the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And the importance of the ordinances and covenants we make in life. I thought of how we truly partake of the atonement of christ. And really how we have the FULNESS of the gospel, we know how to partake of the atonement of christ, and the power to do so. AND its purely selfish of us to not invite others to come unto christ and partake of his atonement also. As I watched the young men  pass the sacrament, I thought of how theyre giving each of us the opportunity to renew covenants with god, and partake of the atonement of Christ. All this is centered on the atonement which is simply, the gospel of Christ. It is through this great power and process, step by step, that we can be changed and transformed through the atonement of Christ. ANd because of all this, my heart is full of love and gratitude for my savior. 
So with this testimony, I sincerely fasted for the month of february that we will find tha one soul to bring unto christ through this restored gospel. Its a perfect time really to fully consecrate to the lord, and to wholly confine myself to His will. this is my greatest desire and I know as Sis childs and I do this we will find that purpose we have here together. IM just gonna embrace that there's always trials and tribulations, but that will increase our capacity to experience joy. there are good things to come to those who are anxiously engaged in a good cause and patiently wait. I sure do love the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I hope each of you have a great and wonderful week! please remember to always keep your covenants, and look forward to the time when we can renew those, the sacrament:)
love and miss ya'll!1
Love, SIs Hulme xoxox

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coal Mountain 1/26/15

Hey family and friends!!
If I thought Monroe was country, Coal Mountain has shown me what real country in georgia is! It is beautiful here, and our home is basically a little piece of heaven, just like home. We live in the basement of members home, which is super nice, and its on a nice piece of land, just a small ranch that the family and their kids families live on. So I'm surrounded by corals and barns, got the horses and dogs:) Even if we as missionaries aren't allowed to have pets, i feel like we do. Maybe the family will let me feed the horses one morning:) 
So my companion is Sister childs, she's from sacrament (fair oaks) California. She's been out a transfer longer than I. So she goes home in March, then I go home the transfer after her! It's my first time killing off my companion, so we'll see how this goes. We're determined not to get 'trunky', or in other words lazy, homesick, our last transfers, so we've set goals as to what we want to see in the work, in our companionship, and individually this transfer. Haha one of those goals is to work on our physique, we both love running, so yes! I finally have a companion that will run with me! She did mention that her dad is from Montana, so she probably does have relatives in Wyoming. I told her how we know a few Childs.  THis companionship is totally inspire of God!! We've known of each other our entire missions and we shared how we secretly wanted to be companions some day, and here we are! I feel like we've been with each other for a month already but it's only been a week:) I've learned so much from her already and I love working with her. 
We've had some amazing lessons so far this week, I'm excited for those we are working with. We don't have alot. so its going to be one of those "pick up the wheel and get it going again" phases for a couple of weeks. But we both want to work hard, so I'm keeping my hopes up. There is one family we are teaching, they're from Ghana, the dad was baptized a few months ago, but has been less-active since. The kids are super smart and know their bible, so we've been doing trivia nights with them and asking them questions from the old and new testament. Next time we go over we'll be doing book of mormon trivia. THe dad asked us a few questions last night though and we found that he has a hard time understanding priesthood power and how god would only have one church, yet he has as strong testimony of the book of mormon. He's just missing hte big part as to WHY  we have the need for the book of mormon. I guess you start to lose your testimony like him when you don't nourish your faith by going to church, praying, and reading. I call it my GPS, you can get safely home by those 3 commandments.  So we're praying as to how to help him understand, but its really going to come through his own personal study and prayer, and by keeping the commandments. We just have to invite him to do so. Their such an awesome family and i love working with them! 
We have some other less-actives we're working with, alot of new converts who have just gone inactive. That's why its important to hold onto the fruits of your efforts!!! 
So i wanted to end on my experience of leaving Monroe. Each day I was saying goodbye to sooo many members who I have grown to love immensely. It felt like saying goodbye to family all over again.Wednesday morning we actually had the chance to teach the seminary on another lesson on missionary work. We shared the responsibilities and the blessings. It was perfect to end my stay at monroe by being with the seminary, theyre amazing kids! I actually hate crying and I was  trying to hold it back wednesday morning as I was driving to transfers, but sister tanner caught me and said "Just let it out sis hulme!!" haha gosh i love her:) so i had to pull over and take a breather. I can't thank my heavenly father enough for giving me the experience I had in Monroe. I saw that ward change dramatically and grow in so many ways. I worked with some amazing leaders there, I know i'll miss bishop carter, and our ward mission leader. Working with that ward and seeing it progress like that was just so gratifying to me and I love to look back and see all the changes. I think that's my favorite thing about a mission, is seeing the change in people, areas, and most importantly in myself, through the atonement of Christ. I can't wait to bring some of my family back to meet some of these great members, who have impacted my life so much! I hope and pray that those who we were working with also stay strong. So much of that ward's missionary efforts and progress depends on the missionaries. I believe strongly that I was there to help strengthen the ward and not to find those to baptize, but to help the members become more converted to the gospel. It taught me so much as well, and i'm grateful for all that i learned. I'll share much more about what I learned when I get home:)
Well, i hope ya'll have another great week, i can't believe january is almost over. time is precious.
Love ya'll!

Love sister Hulme

Sister Childs and I practicing our hula-hooping. :)

Last photo with Sister Tanner

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week of transfers1/20/15

Hey family and friends!
Can you believe its been 6 months in Monroe!!? I guess president really is bootin' me out. But I got a big surprise with transfers this time. He called sunday night and called me to be Sister Training leader again!! Guess i'm going back. I'll be going to Coal Mountain in the Sugar Hill stake, i believe thats above cumming georgia and below dawsonville georgia. So its also in hte sticks. I'm glad i'm staying in the country! Here is it goes to the last 3 months though. I've been feeling the need for change lately. I will greatly miss Monroe ward, its home. But I've been fighting for every bit of motivation to work, and i feel change is best. i'm excited for my new area and whats instore.  My new companion will be Sister Childs, definitely not a tough companion, she's a sweet sister. Sister Tanner will be getting Sister Storrs, she's only been out about 5 months. But she's a fire ball and a hard worker. 
I'm sad to be leaving Monroe ward. I've just seen so much growth and and amazing changes while I've been here! It has been such a joy for me to serve among the people here, especially the different leaders and members in the Monroe ward. We really wouldn't have been able to do this great work here if it wasn't for them and their testimonies. These people have become family, and Its been so hard to say goodbye to them. I hope things will only continue to grow and improve here, like I mentioned before, alot depends on the missionaries. I have complete faith and confidence in the missionaries here in Monroe too. The past couple of weeks we've been following up with the families to see if they've made their family mission plans for the year 2015, something that is part of our ward mission plan. Some families are getting really creative and have some fun ideas! Others have been struggling as to what a mission plan is, so that is where our help comes in. It's only the beginning of the year, but I know it will be like a snowball effect and soon the work will pick up! So i'm very excited for the missionaries here in Monroe.
We sadly weren't able to commit the Mcelhannon family we are teaching to a date yet. We had a great lesson with them at a members home after dinner, the member's wife is from China so they speak the same language. But we answered alot of their questions and helped her understand the Book of Mormon more. We have one waiting for her at the mission office in her language. We were able to softly commit them to baptism though, at least the husband. Meaning, they said once they felt and knew that it was true they would get baptized.. just not a date yet. I have great hopes for that family.
Exciting news!!! I got a card from Michael this week. I jumped so high in hte air when I saw it in the mail, and I just bawled as i was reading his card. He's doing very well. Our bishop was able to see him this past weekend up in jefferson. He mentioned that all his charges are dropped and he'll be out next week. He was very sad that he wasn't able to see me before i leave. It probably won't hit me until I leave, but I miss him so much!!! He always gives me that boost that I need and inspires us. I wish i could see him before i go, but i know that we helped him in so many ways and i'm grateful for that chance that i had to help him come unto christ. 
Well i'm just ready for things in my new area, and i'm still going to hit the ground running:) I just want to plow through these last 3 months and enjoy every second i have. I was able to go on exchange with SIster Debry, who is my sister training leader in this zone, last weekend. Right before she goes home:) I'm goin to miss her so much!! she's been such an amazing example to me and it was perfect how we were able to be reunited once more before she goes home. Its weird to think she's done with her mission now. Ha i sent her a txt this morning with the scripture Alma 46.41:) Sister motuliki is going ot the grayson ward, in the lilburn stake, that's actually right next to monroe. She's goin to be part trainng a sister there. helping her finish her 12 week program. I'm so proud of her:) 
I hope ya'll have another great week!!!
Love Sister Hulme

Monday, January 12, 2015

Last week in Monroe…. 1/12/15

Hey Ya'll!!
Another good week in Loganville/Monroe. Something that i love from week to week is looking back on the week and seeing the many little miracles play into one big picture. All because of our faith in this great work. 
We have this family we are now teaching, the Mcelhannons. Sister Ngo and I found them one cold evening when we were tracting near a less-active's home. Thank goodness Sister Ngo was there too, because the wife is from Taiwan, and she spoke to her in her native language. That night we just taught the father of the family, Leonard, he's as southern as they get! They're kind of a funny pair, but a cute family. We haven't been able to follow up with them for the longest time. But just this past week, we had a message from Leonard telling us that his wife is interested in meeting a member from our ward who's from taiwan and talking with her. So we gave the member her number, and he member called right away! She got back with us saying she scheduled an appt for dinner and a lesson at her home with the Mcelhannan family. Me and Sister Tanner were so excited! we found some videos on mormon channel to share with the family, and a great mormon message of a member in taiwan from Well the lesson went great, we were able to teach the restoration, and we also invited them to church. They told us sometime they would make it but they didn't know if they could this sunday. Then on sunday, in the middle of sacrament meeting Sister Tanner shakes my arm with a big smile on her face and points to the family walking in!! They stayed all 3 hours, their 2 kids went to primary, and the wife stuck with 2 members from our ward who are from taiwan and china, who all 3 became friends quickly! This family is amazing and we're praying so hard for them! We plan and would love to put them on date this week, or at least commit them to baptism. Sister Tanner and I remembered that we now have 2 sister missionaries in the mission from Taiwan....which would be some good food for thought for President Bennion to chew on during board week this week before transfers:) WE feel they would be of great benefit here in Monroe:) 
Another cool miracle, there is a new couple in our ward, the husband was baptized in Acworth back in May, and the wife is nonmember. We've seen them in Gospel principles, and when we talked to them briefly, they mentioned they lived in loganville, but no one knew where, even the bishopric or ward clerk. Well there is this one neighborhood in Loganville that sister tanner and I have been determined to tract, because we recently discovered a new subdivision of the neighborhood that is huge! We had gone to the same part of hte neighborhood 3 different times to start tracting, but someone would call, or we would talk to one person for the longest time, and then run out of time to tract. Each time we went back we would knock the same doors, because nobody answered. Finally the last time we went, we knocked on the same house where we always started, and as soon as we were walking away, the nonmember wife of the couple walked out of the garage! I didn't recognize her at first, but she recognized us and invited us in from the cold. We visited for a bit, and shared with her a quick message from the Book of Mormon, she loved it and added her own comments, but didn't believe it was scripture, said it was a good thought, but not scripture,.. thats only because she hasn't read the book.. yet:) We were so happy to find them! We didn't know we would find them each time we went to that area, but we went there for some certain reason:)
So there is this other woman who we tracted into that lives nearby our church. She invited us in first time we met with her. We taught her a brief message of the restoration and gave her a book of mormon. She's a cute stay at home mom with 2 kids, she lives with her boyfriend, who is the father. But life has been very hard for her and she would resort to alcohol, she told us that the week before she was a complete alcoholic, and it broke her heart to look back and see she was like that in front of her kids. So when we came she felt a sense of hope and suddenly had no desire to drink, or turn to alcohol again. WEll the second time we followed up she told us she wasn't interested, but she got herself back into church, baptist :/,  and she feels we awakened her to her sense to come back to god. Well that was about a month ago, and yesterday when we were by the church again, SIster TAnner felt prompted we needed to stop and just say hi to her again. AS soon as we pulled up she walked outside and sat down, but saw us and walked towards us. She said she was doing pretty good and things have been looking up since we last saw her, she was just stepping outside for a smoke. She said she really appreciates our love for her, and she always feels at peace when she's with us. She doesn't know what it is but she there's something different about us. Then she said she had to go back inside to help her daughter with her homework. We distracted her from drinking once, now we distracted her from smoking:) haha But I thought of how she's not interested but she still feels the spirit when she's around us. She's one of those people that recognizes us as disciples of Jesus Christ, and she recognizes the spirit, but she doesn't know what she's searching for, and doesn't know she's looking for this. It's right in front of her, but someday, she'll remember that spirit and she'll know to come to us when she wants to accept our invitation:) 
So our ward mission leader has been gone for a few weeks, we found out that he had emergency surgery on new years day. Our bishop's wife told us he found he has cancer, and the family has a newborn baby in the family. Broke our hearts to hear, yet through it all they still came to church yesterday for the sacrament to support their son who gave a talk. We have an assistant WML who is taking his place in the meantime. Our bishop is still on the search for new ward missionaries, hopefully we'll have some here soon. We've given him some suggestions. So for now , our ward mission is having some setbacks. But it will pick back up soon, it always does:) 
Also, our convert Anel has been trying to go less active on us. We were trying to figure out how to tell him he needs to make it to sacrament, but our last visit he told us he had to come to pass the sacrament! So he finally passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday!! We were so proud of him and seeing him in a white shirt and tie. Soon he'll be blessing the sacrament. Love the priesthood power.
Well hope ya'll have a great week! i'm going to enjoy my last week in monroe, its going to be soooo hard for me to leave here. These people are family!!! 
Love, Sister Hulme