Monday, February 2, 2015

The Gospel of Jesus Christ 2/2/2015

Hello family!!
THis week has gone by so fast, yet it feels like forever ago that i last emailed ya'll! 
It's been such a great week. We had ana amazing mission leadership council meeting with the church headquarters visitors. They helped us with our 2 biggest weaknesses. Extending baptismal invitations by the end of hte first lesson and effective planning. I think here in the south we've become so casual and comfortable with the people and the culture, that we've slightly forgotten one of hte greatest things of our calling, that is to invite others to come unto christ through the restored gospel, through.. baptism!! WE hear so often and so much, I've been saved, or i've been baptized. yet they'll gain a testimony of the book of mormon, but they don't want to be committed to one denomination. i guess we're not hitting on the greatest thing of all. the way to partake of the atonement of christ through the priesthood power. So SIs childs and I have taken the commitment to invite 1 soul every day to partake in the next ordinance in their life. whether that be baptism or the sacrament, or the temple. it is the way to come unto christ. And since we've taken this commitment, or challenge, we've seen so much opposition and so much rejection. but w'ere going to faithfully persevere. 
We're teaching one person named marion, he's 67 and retired.Referral from  ANd he talks and talks and talks and talks. I had to ask 5 time in a row if he would get baptized because he kept interrupting me. Tests my patience in every way!!! finally i gave him the hand signal to shoosh and asked quietly and sincerely if he would be baptized by the priesthood authority of god. he said he doesn't see the priesthood necessary. so i asked when he finds that it is necessary would he ever. he said yes,.... but we would still have to prove it.. through  the bible. ugh. we convert with the book of mormon, and he'll soon find out. The lesson was in one of the members home, and one time marion said what if he proves us wrong. so the member finally asked if his purpose is to find the truth or to prove us wrong. he said to find the proof, but we'll see. the lesson with him always starts out great , but then by the end, it changes almost dramatically, and we have to try hard to take control. so we're really fasting and praying that we'll know what direction to take with marion and if he's truly elect. 
We're on the search for new investigators still, this last weekend was really hard for sis childs and I. We kind of broke down on saturday and agreed that we need to decide what more we need to consecrate if we really want to find the elect. We're both at the end of our missions and we want to end with a bang of course. But we're just trying to find what purpose we both have here together in this area and what the lord needs us to do. sometimes it just takes faith, patience, and perseverence. 
So i was asked to bear my testimony this sunday, since i was the new missionary in the ward. AS I was pondering during the sacrament on what to bear my testimony on, i thought of the great importance of the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And the importance of the ordinances and covenants we make in life. I thought of how we truly partake of the atonement of christ. And really how we have the FULNESS of the gospel, we know how to partake of the atonement of christ, and the power to do so. AND its purely selfish of us to not invite others to come unto christ and partake of his atonement also. As I watched the young men  pass the sacrament, I thought of how theyre giving each of us the opportunity to renew covenants with god, and partake of the atonement of Christ. All this is centered on the atonement which is simply, the gospel of Christ. It is through this great power and process, step by step, that we can be changed and transformed through the atonement of Christ. ANd because of all this, my heart is full of love and gratitude for my savior. 
So with this testimony, I sincerely fasted for the month of february that we will find tha one soul to bring unto christ through this restored gospel. Its a perfect time really to fully consecrate to the lord, and to wholly confine myself to His will. this is my greatest desire and I know as Sis childs and I do this we will find that purpose we have here together. IM just gonna embrace that there's always trials and tribulations, but that will increase our capacity to experience joy. there are good things to come to those who are anxiously engaged in a good cause and patiently wait. I sure do love the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I hope each of you have a great and wonderful week! please remember to always keep your covenants, and look forward to the time when we can renew those, the sacrament:)
love and miss ya'll!1
Love, SIs Hulme xoxox

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