Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year 12/29/14

Dear FAmiy and Friends, 
So above is a link to a video I just watched on hastening the work, its awesome. hope you enjoy!
Can't believe christmas is done and gone with. It feels like forever ago though! It was good to see ya'lls smiling faces and hear your voices. Especially little Ivy's giggles and cute smile. Can't wait to meet her and Harper, and even play with little ADri! They'll soon know their favorite AUnt lexie:)

We had a wonderful christmas here in Loganville, one I'll never forget.  I'll never forget the wonderful studies I had christmas morning and the power of the spirit I felt, as I reflected, pondered and studied on the life of our savior and the infinite atonement he performed in our behalf. It meant so much to me to spend this christmas as a missionary, thinking of my Savior, and serving others, and more importantly being filled with that spirit. 

The spirit of Christmas still stays strong after christmas too! We were tracting over the weekend and still showing everyone 'He is the Gift' and we've found a couple new investigators. Most of our other investigators were busy over the Holiday break, and the members too. It was a little hard to work with progressing or current investigators this week. One because they were busy, but also because the members were busy. We actually had to cancel a couple of lessons because we could not find a team up to save our lives! We could find plenty of men in the ward who were willing to come with us, but the sisters in the ward were too busy. Therefore we had to cancel our lesson because our investigators are male, and we needed another women there to teach. It would make sense though to have a brother from the ward to help fellowship them, but we still couldn't teach without a woman there. So we've been trying to focus on having lessons in members homes or have couples come with us, but again, the women were extra busy this week. We actually stood up in Relief Society yesterday and explained to the sisters that they seem to overlook the team up calendar but go straight to the dinner calendar. We actually want the team up calendar to be filled, more than the dinner calendar! We openly asked for someone to come with us to a lesson at 4 that day, saying we couldn't go unless we had someone. Luckily someone signed up. I understand with the holidays people are busy, but so are we and the missionary work still moves forward and doesn't take a break. We're in need of new ward missionaries soon. One couple is leaving on their mission this week, and the rest are RM's going back to school. So i'm excited to see who will be called to that.

For our ward mission plan, we're having each family create their own family mission plan. So we're following up with each of the families, telling them to create one for the new year and we're excited to hear the different ways they'll be anxiously engaged in the work. We've already heard some great plans from some of the families, and hopefully after relief society yesterday, they'll make it a priority to come out with us or have us in their home for lessons:) 

We had a little surprise yesterday! In church yesterday, I saw Craig and Linda Thomas and they came up and gave me the biggest hug, I didn't know i was that close to home!! We later had dinner with their son's family that night, and it was good to catch up with them. Definitely weird to see people from home. They said I was definitely a missionary and I've grown and changed so much. Ha I kept calling every one at home bro this and Sis that.. even when I know them by their first name or mr. and mrs. I'm such a missionary. I may be awkward when I get home.
This transfer is surely flying by... i'm trying to enjoy every day here in Monroe ward, I love this area so so much! Many of the members asked if I would stay till the end of my mission, but that would mean Sister tanner and I go home together. I wish I could!

So funny story... The other night i knelt down to say my prayers before bed, and I prayed for the longest time. Well as I was climbing in my bed, i had a hand reach up from under my bed and grab my foot!!!! talk about jumping out of my pants, and literally being scared to death!! I may or may not have let a choice word slip, and then I hear my companion laughing hysterically and rolling on the floor. I love sister tanner to death, but she was not on my good side that night. oh the joys of companionships:)

I love you all dearly!! Happy new year, remember to focus your resolutions on coming closer to christ and how you can give a gift back to him. WE heard an excellent talk yesterday on tying new years resolutions with repentance. great time to reflect. I know what my gift to christ is!! 
Love, Sister Hulme

A fun visit from Craig and Linda Thomas.  Their son, Bart, lives in the mission.

​My favorite people in Monroe.. in Georgia!! I'll greatly miss the Warrens. Independance Missouri is very lucky to receive these 2 missionaries!! They have meant the world to me, they're basically family. I love and will miss them sooo much! ...Mom we're making a trip to missouri this next year:) 

White Christmas 12/22/14

Dear Family and Friends,
Where did this week go?! We had so much going on, and I can't believe its monday again, but I've been in need of a preparation day, THings just need to slow down. 
So many wonderful things have happened this week, I wish every week were like this past week. From the temple, to the mission christmas party, to the christmas devotional we put on, and michael's baptism, and the ward christmas party. We hardly had time for proselyting in our area really. Our main focus this week was Michael. And I can't even express how proud and happy I am for that man. I can't wait for the day when my family can meet him. Ha I promised him that I would bring my future husband here to  meet him. Cause he tells us all the time that we deserve nothing but the best, because we are beautiful daughters of God. I just love that man:) 
So yes, Michael's baptism was a success!!We had a moderately good turn out from the ward, and Michael was so grateful for the support from the members. He's truly gained a new family and he's so excited for his new start and new life. He's kind of a big guy, and we had Bishop Carter perform his baptism, but they had a hard time getting him all the way under that water. It went from standing to kneeling, to finally sitting in the font, and the third time it worked! Bishop said Michael bore the sweetest testimony to him as they got ready afterwards. Michael stood up at the end of his baptism and bore his testimony, which i'll never forget it. We gave him a journal to write his experience in, and a frame with The Living Christ in it. He was so grateful for he journal, he said it was the greatest gift he could ever receive. Saturday when we met with him, we explained the gift of the Holy Ghost again, and he expressed how excited he is and he's waited his whole life for this moment. When we showed up to church on sunday, he looked as sharp as ever, Bishop had given him a suit and tie, and he looked like a completely different person from the day I met him. His confirmation blessing was beautiful, we wrote down what was said and plan on giving that to him, so he'll have a copy of what was said. After his blessing, he walked back to where he was sitting, right in front of us, and said to us smilling, "I'll never forget this day." :)  In gospel principles he offered to say the closing prayer, and bore his testimony again, thanking everyone for helping him make this change in his life, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. That man brings such a smile to my face, and tears to my eyes. It is such a joy bringing others unto Christ! What better way to celebrate christmas than by having a white christmas!! He also mentioned to us that SIster Ngo called him yesterday and was so happy to hear that he was baptized, they talked for the longest time and had a good lesson with him. If anything, she came to georgia to find and help Michael. How I miss her!!

When we went to the temple thursday morning, I reflected on all that we've been through with Michael, and the amount of opposition we've faced with him. It was the day before his baptism, and we couldn't see him all day, so I was dying to call him as soon as we got out of the temple. But as I was in the temple, I again, realized the need for the opposition for Michael. Because of the great opposition, he has become even more converted to the gospel and this church, it has made him trust and rely on our Savior even more. And I became so grateful for it, because we now have a greater capacity to experience joy and happiness for Michael. I'm so grateful that I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple, to remember the covenants I made with my Heavenly Father there before I left on my mission. It was a big time of reflection, realizing I probably won't be able to go inside again until I leave for home. I realized what more I want out of my mission, and the time I have left. There's room for me to grow still and improve, so I must use the time wisely and act. 

I sure am so excited to talk to ya'll on thursday!! I'll call just a little before lunch your time, so that's a little bit after lunch my time. sorry its not a specific time, just whenever we finish eating:) Can't believe this is my last phone call home. Seems like yesterday i was calling last christmas. 
Have a very merry christmas. and I hope you watch this! Please think of how you will discover, embrace, and share the gift of christ. And Think of a gift you will give back to christ for the new year and this christmas. 
Love ya'll!! 

The original companionship.. Sisters Debry, Anderson, and Hulme

Best reunion ever!  Sister Motuliki and Sister Hulme

Michael's baptism

Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfers and an exciting new week 12/15/14

Dear Family and Friends,
So I have to begin with a short little story... yesterday after sacrament, Sister Tanner and I went to use the restroom, and when I turned around to flush the toilet, my name tag took a tragic fall, just as the toilet was flushing away, and is now forever gone!!! I'm sure my reaction was priceless, but I squeeled and yelled to sister tanner, "SIster, my name tag's gone!! like gone!" haha Luckily I had another name tag on my jacket and I put that on my shirt, but i'm down to one name tag, I'll have to order another one... benefits of being a missionary, you can have as many nametags as you want:) 

It's been another successful week!! Our prayers have been heard and answered with Michael. He's been progressing so well this past week, he didn't ditch out on any lessons, and he made it to church. I'm always keeping a prayer in my heart for him. Every lesson is always so powerful, last night was another amazing lesson. We shared with him a mormon message "The Refiner's Fire" which he bore the strongest testimony afterwards on how he's grateful on the trials given to him, because its brought him to where he is today. We then read the story on the Anti -Nephi -Lehis and talked about what weapons of war we need to bury. He was all smiles at the end and kept saying how he loved the story! He literally soaks in the spirit and others around him can only feel the power of the spirit. People like him testify to me that this is truly a marvelous work. He and many others are looking forward to his baptism the 19th. I think the greatest thing on my mission that has brought me the greatest joy is seeing the atonement of Christ change and transform others. It's such a gratifying work.

We've been seeing other amazing miracles this past week. We found  a few new investigators by sharing the "He is the Gift". One woman is a stay at home mom, and she told us how she was an alcoholic last week, but has realized that she needs to get back on the path towards Christ. Only problem is she has no way of communication, but we just have to drop by. Luckily she lives right by the church. We're trying to keep the wheel turning in missionary work, and balancing finding and teaching, so after Michael is baptized we have other people to work with too. It's always so hard when it goes so great, and then after a baptism, you're on the finding stage again. So that balance is vital! We've been teaching a lot lately, and I absolutely love it, yet we have to find as we teach and teach as we find. 

I am loving my new companion!! Sister tanner is from New Plymouth, Idaho, by boise:) She's been out as long as I have, so we're like 2 oldie moldies. I only wish I was dying with her here in Monroe. Pretty much everyone that came out with me is in their last areas, except me... who knows where I'll go!! We just heard some sad news the other day,, there aren't as many sisters now in the mission as when I came out. Alot of the big wave has gone home or will with my group, so they've had to shut down some areas where sisters were. They had to take the sisters out of Sandy plains and replace them with elders. So sad!! I actually asked President if I could train my last 3 months, mainly because I love the 12 week program and I wanted to end my mission on that, but there aren't any sisters coming in next transfer:( There's gonna be some major changes in the mission next year when we all go home! I hope there're another wave coming out. We need it to stay constant!!

I love ya'll so much! This week will be great, temple, mission christmas party and devotional, and Michael's baptism. And next week, skype!!!! 

talk to ya'll in 10 days!! 
Love SIster hulme

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Flair for the Dramatic 12/8/14

Dear Family and Friends,
This week is transfers.... Sis ngo is going back to temple square wednesday morning:( I want to jump in her suitcase so bad! I'm going to miss her so much. I've loved this transfer with her. Here's my special request, for any of you that go to temple square to see the lights, let me know and I'll have you or her hunt each other down! You need to meet her!!! So please make the special trip to go, just to meet her:) Its almost like seeing me... since she's the most recent who's seen me! 
My new companion is SIster Tanner, she's from Idaho and she came out with me. THat's all I know about her. Should be fun!!! When president called last night to release me from being Sister Training Leader, I asked who my new companion was but he told me i had to wait till the morning to hear from the Assistants! He thought he was pretty funny, I couldn't sleep all night! and the assistants took forever to call. FInally i just asked the zone leaders and they spillled the beans before the assistants called. 
Each week is literally an adventure with Michael! We had to push his baptismal date to next weekend, so we're planning on the 19th. It has been such a roller coaster ride with him, and I really have no idea what to expect with him. I have never stressed this much over an investigator, or one person's salvation, which has caused me to pray and fast more fervently than I ever have before. Sometimes I wonder what did I ever do to have this trial in my life? I know I have been sent to help this man specifically to come unto Christ, yet I still ponder as to why we go through so much opposition, in every way possible, with Michael. He has shown the greatest desire to be committed. But I've learned after such a crazy week, that yes, amidst the miracles, there will ALWAYS be opposition. I've always thought that my trials or the trials we go through are to prepare us for something great in the future. But this week I learned that sometimes the opposition is just needed so we will know the joy and the happiness. Because of the great joy and happiness Michael brings to us, we must also experience the same amount of sorrow and pain for him. That is being a disciple of Christ. Just like when Christ prayed for us in the Garden of Gethsemane, he went through the greatest amount of pain and sorrow for us, just for us to experience the greatest joy in our lives. But my goodness, it sure has given me quite the headache, migraine more like!! Yet there's always something in me telling me to keep the faith, and keep working with Michael. 

So this last week, we kept telling Michael that we need to meet with him everyday, like we already were, and he needed to come to church that following sunday, in order to be baptized on the 13th. He was all committed, and things were going great. Well Michael began ditching his lesson appts later on in the week, and we knew this wasn't like him. We couldn't get ahold of him, and it was driving me crazy! We talked to his niece, who lives with him, and she told us she didn't know where Michael was. Finally right before church Michael called us and he was in Jefferson. We told him we would have to push his baptismal date to another day since he couldn't come to church and we couldn't meet with him. He told us to just listen and he would explain everything. His niece had taken advantage of him and stole money and other stuff from him, and he had to leave and get away from her. So while he's been gone the past 2 days, we've actually asked the jefferson elders if they could visit him and his family, and read with him, just to keep him spiritually fed. I hope thats ok. It gives the elders a way to meet his family. Michael told us to not worry, our efforts with him are not wasted, but he's still committed. So I just told him he just needs to communicate with us if he's gone! I've noticed Heavenly Father has a flare for the dramatic, and he definitely is a fourth watch God. I remember hearing a great talk on that. 

I love you all so very much! have a blessed week, and i'll talk to some of you in 17 days;) ( who's counting?) 
Love, SIster Hulme

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Scars That Never Healed 12/1/14

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has shown that in the midst of miracles, there is always an opposition. Yet, when on the Lord's side, that opposition can be defeated, but nobody said it was ever going to be easy!
Our investigator, Michael chandler, went home for thanksgiving in Jefferson with family and friends. We inoculated michael and told him that Satan knows his weaknesses and will do anything in his power to stop michael from progressing towards baptism. Each time we visit michael we have to inoculate him and strengthen him. Well Michael told us saturday night that he felt so ashamed of himself, and he doesn't know if he'll ever be forgiven because he doesn't know if he can get over this weakness of his. During thanksgiving when he was with family and friends, he had a relapse with some drugs, the first time in several months. He said after he did so, he regretted whole-heartedly his decision, and wanted so badly to be clean again. What broke my heart the most is the sorrow and pain you could see in his face, and he told us that he's been contemplating on suicide, wishing he could just end 49 years of misery. I've had many challenges and heartbreaking times on my mission, but Michael's words broke my heart the most. He explained that his past has left scars in his life that will never be healed. In the meantime, I was an emotional wreck and I was praying fervently with more power than I ever have for what the lord would have us missionaries say and do to help Michael in this very moment. And when he commented on the scars in his life, it hit me like a light-bulb. We all have scars in our life that can never be healed by us, but there is one person who has scars in his hands and feet who has chosen to keep his scars, just to prove and show that ours can be healed through his miraculous atonement. Those weaknesses of our can and will be transformed into strengths through His atonement. It all just depends on our faith in ourselves and Him. I also share with Michael my blessing I received when I was set apart. In it, they said that I would reach out to the lonely and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. I know I was sent here for Michael, he is that one who is lonely that I have been called and sent to. I've never seen such a desire from anyone, to be clean from their mistakes and to have a new life, greater than Michael's. There is a reason why we have to visit him daily, and we have to devote alot of time and attention to him, he needs the strength. Those 2 days we didn't see him last week and he wasn't in a safe environment was dangerous for him. I am so grateful for the atonement. At the end of his lesson, it was a transformation in him. He was his normal self, eager and excited for December 13th, and he gained back his determination to stay strong and have faith in himself, and more importantly in his Savior. 
When we got home that night, I broke down again, and explained to sister Ngo that being a disciple of Christ is by far the hardest thing I've done. There is a cost and burden to being a disciple, but I will gladly bear His cross. Because even when we feel that extreme sorrow and that depth of humility, we will have a greater capacity to feel just as much joy and gladness. The atonement is that powerful to transform us. Moments like this on my mission are definitely worth it!
Also, yesterday our ward had sacrament meeting and the third hour combined focus soully on missionary work. We had our ward sustain the new ward mission plan, and you could just feel the spirit of excitement for missionary work! I have loved serving in Monroe and laying the foundations for this great work. It has brought so much joy to see the changes here. I would gladly serve in an area that needs building up again;) Its hard work, and it takes time, but its worth it. And whoever comes here this next transfer can not be a slacker and must be a hard working missionary, because this ward deserves no less! They're getting excited about missionary work, and the missionary needs to be excited too. 
WE had a great thanksgiving too! I almost forgot to mention it haha. We ended up having 4 dinners, but sis ngo and I only ate samples at each meal, we tried to pace ourselves. It didn't work, we were still stuffed. 
I hope ya'll enjoyed your thanksgiving too, now we're transitioning to christmas and i'm so excited! My favorite time of year. Happy holidays and remember who loves you most!
After the Thanksgiving feast