Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year 12/29/14

Dear FAmiy and Friends, 
So above is a link to a video I just watched on hastening the work, its awesome. hope you enjoy!
Can't believe christmas is done and gone with. It feels like forever ago though! It was good to see ya'lls smiling faces and hear your voices. Especially little Ivy's giggles and cute smile. Can't wait to meet her and Harper, and even play with little ADri! They'll soon know their favorite AUnt lexie:)

We had a wonderful christmas here in Loganville, one I'll never forget.  I'll never forget the wonderful studies I had christmas morning and the power of the spirit I felt, as I reflected, pondered and studied on the life of our savior and the infinite atonement he performed in our behalf. It meant so much to me to spend this christmas as a missionary, thinking of my Savior, and serving others, and more importantly being filled with that spirit. 

The spirit of Christmas still stays strong after christmas too! We were tracting over the weekend and still showing everyone 'He is the Gift' and we've found a couple new investigators. Most of our other investigators were busy over the Holiday break, and the members too. It was a little hard to work with progressing or current investigators this week. One because they were busy, but also because the members were busy. We actually had to cancel a couple of lessons because we could not find a team up to save our lives! We could find plenty of men in the ward who were willing to come with us, but the sisters in the ward were too busy. Therefore we had to cancel our lesson because our investigators are male, and we needed another women there to teach. It would make sense though to have a brother from the ward to help fellowship them, but we still couldn't teach without a woman there. So we've been trying to focus on having lessons in members homes or have couples come with us, but again, the women were extra busy this week. We actually stood up in Relief Society yesterday and explained to the sisters that they seem to overlook the team up calendar but go straight to the dinner calendar. We actually want the team up calendar to be filled, more than the dinner calendar! We openly asked for someone to come with us to a lesson at 4 that day, saying we couldn't go unless we had someone. Luckily someone signed up. I understand with the holidays people are busy, but so are we and the missionary work still moves forward and doesn't take a break. We're in need of new ward missionaries soon. One couple is leaving on their mission this week, and the rest are RM's going back to school. So i'm excited to see who will be called to that.

For our ward mission plan, we're having each family create their own family mission plan. So we're following up with each of the families, telling them to create one for the new year and we're excited to hear the different ways they'll be anxiously engaged in the work. We've already heard some great plans from some of the families, and hopefully after relief society yesterday, they'll make it a priority to come out with us or have us in their home for lessons:) 

We had a little surprise yesterday! In church yesterday, I saw Craig and Linda Thomas and they came up and gave me the biggest hug, I didn't know i was that close to home!! We later had dinner with their son's family that night, and it was good to catch up with them. Definitely weird to see people from home. They said I was definitely a missionary and I've grown and changed so much. Ha I kept calling every one at home bro this and Sis that.. even when I know them by their first name or mr. and mrs. I'm such a missionary. I may be awkward when I get home.
This transfer is surely flying by... i'm trying to enjoy every day here in Monroe ward, I love this area so so much! Many of the members asked if I would stay till the end of my mission, but that would mean Sister tanner and I go home together. I wish I could!

So funny story... The other night i knelt down to say my prayers before bed, and I prayed for the longest time. Well as I was climbing in my bed, i had a hand reach up from under my bed and grab my foot!!!! talk about jumping out of my pants, and literally being scared to death!! I may or may not have let a choice word slip, and then I hear my companion laughing hysterically and rolling on the floor. I love sister tanner to death, but she was not on my good side that night. oh the joys of companionships:)

I love you all dearly!! Happy new year, remember to focus your resolutions on coming closer to christ and how you can give a gift back to him. WE heard an excellent talk yesterday on tying new years resolutions with repentance. great time to reflect. I know what my gift to christ is!! 
Love, Sister Hulme

A fun visit from Craig and Linda Thomas.  Their son, Bart, lives in the mission.

​My favorite people in Monroe.. in Georgia!! I'll greatly miss the Warrens. Independance Missouri is very lucky to receive these 2 missionaries!! They have meant the world to me, they're basically family. I love and will miss them sooo much! ...Mom we're making a trip to missouri this next year:) 

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