Monday, December 29, 2014

White Christmas 12/22/14

Dear Family and Friends,
Where did this week go?! We had so much going on, and I can't believe its monday again, but I've been in need of a preparation day, THings just need to slow down. 
So many wonderful things have happened this week, I wish every week were like this past week. From the temple, to the mission christmas party, to the christmas devotional we put on, and michael's baptism, and the ward christmas party. We hardly had time for proselyting in our area really. Our main focus this week was Michael. And I can't even express how proud and happy I am for that man. I can't wait for the day when my family can meet him. Ha I promised him that I would bring my future husband here to  meet him. Cause he tells us all the time that we deserve nothing but the best, because we are beautiful daughters of God. I just love that man:) 
So yes, Michael's baptism was a success!!We had a moderately good turn out from the ward, and Michael was so grateful for the support from the members. He's truly gained a new family and he's so excited for his new start and new life. He's kind of a big guy, and we had Bishop Carter perform his baptism, but they had a hard time getting him all the way under that water. It went from standing to kneeling, to finally sitting in the font, and the third time it worked! Bishop said Michael bore the sweetest testimony to him as they got ready afterwards. Michael stood up at the end of his baptism and bore his testimony, which i'll never forget it. We gave him a journal to write his experience in, and a frame with The Living Christ in it. He was so grateful for he journal, he said it was the greatest gift he could ever receive. Saturday when we met with him, we explained the gift of the Holy Ghost again, and he expressed how excited he is and he's waited his whole life for this moment. When we showed up to church on sunday, he looked as sharp as ever, Bishop had given him a suit and tie, and he looked like a completely different person from the day I met him. His confirmation blessing was beautiful, we wrote down what was said and plan on giving that to him, so he'll have a copy of what was said. After his blessing, he walked back to where he was sitting, right in front of us, and said to us smilling, "I'll never forget this day." :)  In gospel principles he offered to say the closing prayer, and bore his testimony again, thanking everyone for helping him make this change in his life, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. That man brings such a smile to my face, and tears to my eyes. It is such a joy bringing others unto Christ! What better way to celebrate christmas than by having a white christmas!! He also mentioned to us that SIster Ngo called him yesterday and was so happy to hear that he was baptized, they talked for the longest time and had a good lesson with him. If anything, she came to georgia to find and help Michael. How I miss her!!

When we went to the temple thursday morning, I reflected on all that we've been through with Michael, and the amount of opposition we've faced with him. It was the day before his baptism, and we couldn't see him all day, so I was dying to call him as soon as we got out of the temple. But as I was in the temple, I again, realized the need for the opposition for Michael. Because of the great opposition, he has become even more converted to the gospel and this church, it has made him trust and rely on our Savior even more. And I became so grateful for it, because we now have a greater capacity to experience joy and happiness for Michael. I'm so grateful that I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple, to remember the covenants I made with my Heavenly Father there before I left on my mission. It was a big time of reflection, realizing I probably won't be able to go inside again until I leave for home. I realized what more I want out of my mission, and the time I have left. There's room for me to grow still and improve, so I must use the time wisely and act. 

I sure am so excited to talk to ya'll on thursday!! I'll call just a little before lunch your time, so that's a little bit after lunch my time. sorry its not a specific time, just whenever we finish eating:) Can't believe this is my last phone call home. Seems like yesterday i was calling last christmas. 
Have a very merry christmas. and I hope you watch this! Please think of how you will discover, embrace, and share the gift of christ. And Think of a gift you will give back to christ for the new year and this christmas. 
Love ya'll!! 

The original companionship.. Sisters Debry, Anderson, and Hulme

Best reunion ever!  Sister Motuliki and Sister Hulme

Michael's baptism

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