Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Collins Hill 2/24/14

Hello Friends and fam!
So I yes i was transfered to a new area, Collins Hill! It's in the Lilburn stake, and we are in Lawrenceville and some of Suwanne GA. So far its been crazy, but good. My companion is SIster Dunn, she's from Logan Ut, so just over the hill! actually mountain compared to here. SHe's a blast ans a fireball! She's been out for 10 months and knows how to work. We are here to baptize nations, I love it!! SHe was the sister training leader in my last zone, thats a sister zone leader. I guess President wolfert had told her that Collins hill is a great ward but needs some building up. THe ward needs to be more involved in missionary work and he needs us to do the work!  THere are three sets of missionaries in our ward, one set of elders and two sets of sisters. Crazy i know! ANd we are the only set on bikes... let me tell ya how much we love it! FIrst of all, president what are you thinking?! Apparently he said we are the "Guinea pigs" in trying out the first set of sisters on bikes only. He thought we were the tough ones to do the job, idon't know what he saw in me but hey i'll take it as a compliment! Oh and did i mention that we are whitewashing?? That means that we are both new to the area, so we have everything new, a teaching pool, area book, everything, we are starting out fresh! And it's pretty hard and stressful, but its alot of work and i'll take it! So much better than i had before. Im not scared of hard work, but it is hard work! ANd to add to it all, we inherited an elders apartment and it was a disaster when we got there. Its old and nasty, and its in the heart of the ghetto!! We had to spend a whole day cleaning it from top to bottom, we pretty much drenched it in bleached. THe members have been very helpful and have come to clean the carpets and give us stuff. We can say though that the spirit can now dwell in the apartment and it's starting to feel like a decent place to live in. Oh man is it in the ghetto though! THe other night we were in bed for like 20minutes, and there was a loud pounding on the door and i saw some lights flashing around through the windows. Scared the living tar out of me!! I asked my companion if we could say a prayer, i was shaking to death, ha bless her heart she was dead tired and didn't care but she put up with me. I did feel so much better after we said a prayer, but it took me awhile to fall back asleep. We are soo in the ghetto. We tracted some of the apartments that we live in the other night also and I realized and told my comp that we are the only white girls in the complex! SHe was like, you're so right! What was president thinking?! One thing i love about my companion is she is sooo obedient and she adores the Wolferts, the mission president. I love hearing her talk them up, instead of my last companion talk down about them.
Oh man i'm just rambling. So about the ward. We've already had a few of the women come on teamups with us and thats good. But in R.S. yesterday we asked the R.S. president if we could take a few minutes in the beginning to introduce ourselves and mention that we need teamups and help from the members. Well, her response wasn't so friendly, she glaringly  said back, we have a very short amount of time so; i hope it doens't take long. Ouch! well we did our part and then it kind of turned into a mad house. THis ward has a lot of drama! Some mentioned that they want to come and have signed up for team-ups but have never heard a reply back from the missionaries  or are too busy whenever they need them. WE tried to clear things up and said that they need not worry, we will use them as teamups but they must be willing to sacrifice time and effort when the Lord needs them. Hopefully that did some good. We had correlation after church and it took forever, we discussed and split up the ward among us missionaries. We have an awesome ward mission leader. That calling takes alot of work! I admire and respect those who have the calling, if they fulfill their duties well. Alot depends on the ward mission leader. WE met with him the first day we got here and we talked about some good things and what needs to be done here. We haven't met with the bishop yet. Alittle disappointing, we've tried to arrange it, but he has stuff come up. He plans on having us over for dinner though soon, well he informed us, but we want to talk about work, not food:) ha 
We've been doing a lot of tracting.. alot! We already have some investigators though. A man named Jovita and an old sweet woman named Doung thi tha... we call her ta. she's from vietnam and speaks very little english. Ya, we'll see how this goes, but it'll be fun! Not much else to talk about. The weather has been so nice and beautiful, No jacket or tights kind of weather, love it! I'm considering it a blessing since we're biking. 
Continue to prayer for me and sister dunn! THanks for all your prayers nad your words of encouragement! THey were much needed last transfer. We need the people's hearts to be softened here in Collins hill, especially the ward. so keep that in mind. 
Love ya'll!! 
Love, SIster Hulme

A cake some members made for us at dinner.

A friendly toad on the road while tracting.  :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Transfers! 2/17/14

Hey family and friends!
So i had very little time on pday to email and didn't have time to write an email to everyone, so I have a quick few minutes tonight! We got our transfer calls yesterday..... I'm going to Collins Hill, in Lilburn area, and my companion is SIster Dunn. She is from Logan and she is awesome and i love her!! We actually are going to be the first biking only sisters in our new area for hte whole mission! Yes, we will have no car and will be biking the whole time:) THis is real mission business. I'm soooo stoked and excited! Apparently President Wolfert told Sister DUnn (she was an Sister Training Leader before) that he thinks we're the toughest girls to try this out. WEll that's a compliment! and i hear that the ward is amazing with missionary work! I'm so excited! Also we are white washing our area. that means that we are both new to hte area and are starting fresh, so a lot of work! 
Well that's all that i have time for! Please send all mail to the mission office, not my apartment address here:) thanks! Love ya'll!
Love, SIster Hulme

Just another week in Paradise!! :) 2/10/14

Well we've all recovered from the serious snow apocalypse. Except we're receiving more warnings today about part 2 that's coming tonight. And everyone is frantically preparing for it. We are preparing by getting some more smore supplies and firewood:) But really i think people are going to be more cautious and aware this time. When they see a flake of snow they are going to bust it home so they aren't jammed or stuck in traffic. Snow is a different story here. I'm grateful for the good equipment we have at home and the conditions! Looks like home got pounded with snow!! from the pics it looked beautiful:)
This week we've been really working hard! And it's been a blast! We met with one of our investigators named Arnold. He's an old man in his 70's and he is the biggest red neck! He is always sitting outside next to his big yurt tent and fixing something or chopping wood. We tracted into him once while he was outside. Well this time when we stopped to visit him he was wearing his cut out hunting shirt, his hunting military hat that says booger on it, and khaki shorts, with his wool socks with the browning hunting sign on them, and some old croc shoes. Just the sight of him makes me smile. I noticed a cool rabbit skin hanging on his fence. He explained that he woke up randomly at 4:30 that morning and took a step outside and spotted the rabbit in his yard. And of course that bunny was a gonner in two seconds with a pellet rifle. He skinned it and was cookin the meat at that moment. I love this guy!! WEll we got to talkin and asked if he would come to church this sunday. He explained that he hadn't planned it into his schedule for this week so probably not, but he was gonna surprise us and show up someday. We asked him what his plans were instead for sunday, and he said nothing. He does nothing everyday. Some people these days, we're gonna have to change that. He is reading the pamphlets we give him though! 
Well that's the only big thing from this week. My comp and i are doing so great. She's so fun and we do a lot of fun stuff together lately. We're just spontaneous and crazy some days while tracting and we make some good memories. I really don't want transfers next week to come. Im praying that we'll both stay in sandy plains for another transfer. Things are just getting good! 
Well i hope y'all are just enjoying life and all is well. I have heard so much good news and it makes me so happy! The Lord is watching over us and has blessed us so much in our lives. Just remember to always thank him and put him first! 
Love y'all and happy valentines day!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Such a Crazy Week! 2/3/14

I don't know exactly where to begin! And this is going to have to be kinda quick and to the point because we have to get going to the church soon, our zone is having zone olympics and we have to be to the opening torch ceremonies on time, or we are disqualified, ya it's intense!!
So we had our district meeting and interviews with our president on Tuesday, but at 11:30 our president told us to go home asap because a bad snow storm was coming and here in Georgia, they don't know how to handle snow! So what do we do? we drive all the way to walmart to get smore supplies, and then head home! Oh my goodness, i'm glad he told us to go home at that time, it was coming down. and because of the humidity it automatically freezes. They of course don't have the equipment, or the tires for this weather either. As soon as we got home we searched and came up with an idea for a snowsled. We grabbed some tape and some cardboard and went to work. When we went outside people got the biggest kick out of our idea! They thought it was genius, others thought we were crazy and said to get inside, its dangerous to be outside. Please people, we're from idaho, its better for us to be outside! We were loving the snow! and I could tell that it made sister Sorenson's day so that made me happy also. Well our sled didn't last long so we went back inside and started up a blazing fire. We whipped out the smores and hot chocolate and played some uno.. SIster sorenson killed me. It was funny because all the members in our ward were texting us, seeing if we were ok and were safe and warm. Bless their hearts, but we replied that we were more than ok, we were in heaven! They thought we were crazy. We pulled out our mattresses again into the living room and had a slept out. SIster sorenson was just loving every second. It was good to have a little stress reliever for her, and i'm glad that she was happy. On Wednesday we still couldn't drive because every road was covered and jammed packed with people's vehicles, they just parked them or slid off the road and had to walk home! We heard so many crazy stories. The roads were really icy and they just don't know how to drive in it at all. And living at the top of a big hill didn't really help at all. It did for sledding though! We couldn't believe all the cars jammed on the roads. It looked like the end of the world and everyone was walking on foot. We Got out on Wednesday, just walking around. We packed food and water to give to people in need. Some were stuck in their cars over night and needed help walking home. We helped a family walk to their home and had to carry their groceries for about a mile. THe dad was wearing sandals! They were troopers though. It cracked me up because the thing everyone walked miles to the store for.. .was beer. We talked to a guy for a mile and he was carrying a 18 pack of beer the whole way to his friends house. He was kinda crazy but nice. 
Our investigators are doing good though, they all survived the storm ok. But sadly, Lisa txted us this morning and she is going through some rough family issues and said she'll have to hold off for a while. It broke our hearts, but the Lord is preparing her. We are stil really hopeful in Lady and the Goncalez family, oh and magdeline, the lady from Kenya. It was hard to get out this week and see them but we met plenty of other people! Oh i almost forgot, we had exchanges this weekend. I went to Woodstock and i got to meet brother henderson again. He is an old man who is a recent convert and is such a cutie! He was writing some songs on a guitar and he played them for us. But he baptized one of the sisters investigators this saturday. Makes me so happy to hear that he's using his priesthood!! 
Well thanks y'all for everything! i hope you have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Hulme

Building my "sled" out of cardboard and packing tape.

Sister Sorenson and I

Ready to do some serious sledding.

I built a legit fire on which to roast s'mores.