Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Transfers! 2/17/14

Hey family and friends!
So i had very little time on pday to email and didn't have time to write an email to everyone, so I have a quick few minutes tonight! We got our transfer calls yesterday..... I'm going to Collins Hill, in Lilburn area, and my companion is SIster Dunn. She is from Logan and she is awesome and i love her!! We actually are going to be the first biking only sisters in our new area for hte whole mission! Yes, we will have no car and will be biking the whole time:) THis is real mission business. I'm soooo stoked and excited! Apparently President Wolfert told Sister DUnn (she was an Sister Training Leader before) that he thinks we're the toughest girls to try this out. WEll that's a compliment! and i hear that the ward is amazing with missionary work! I'm so excited! Also we are white washing our area. that means that we are both new to hte area and are starting fresh, so a lot of work! 
Well that's all that i have time for! Please send all mail to the mission office, not my apartment address here:) thanks! Love ya'll!
Love, SIster Hulme

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