Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just another week in Paradise!! :) 2/10/14

Well we've all recovered from the serious snow apocalypse. Except we're receiving more warnings today about part 2 that's coming tonight. And everyone is frantically preparing for it. We are preparing by getting some more smore supplies and firewood:) But really i think people are going to be more cautious and aware this time. When they see a flake of snow they are going to bust it home so they aren't jammed or stuck in traffic. Snow is a different story here. I'm grateful for the good equipment we have at home and the conditions! Looks like home got pounded with snow!! from the pics it looked beautiful:)
This week we've been really working hard! And it's been a blast! We met with one of our investigators named Arnold. He's an old man in his 70's and he is the biggest red neck! He is always sitting outside next to his big yurt tent and fixing something or chopping wood. We tracted into him once while he was outside. Well this time when we stopped to visit him he was wearing his cut out hunting shirt, his hunting military hat that says booger on it, and khaki shorts, with his wool socks with the browning hunting sign on them, and some old croc shoes. Just the sight of him makes me smile. I noticed a cool rabbit skin hanging on his fence. He explained that he woke up randomly at 4:30 that morning and took a step outside and spotted the rabbit in his yard. And of course that bunny was a gonner in two seconds with a pellet rifle. He skinned it and was cookin the meat at that moment. I love this guy!! WEll we got to talkin and asked if he would come to church this sunday. He explained that he hadn't planned it into his schedule for this week so probably not, but he was gonna surprise us and show up someday. We asked him what his plans were instead for sunday, and he said nothing. He does nothing everyday. Some people these days, we're gonna have to change that. He is reading the pamphlets we give him though! 
Well that's the only big thing from this week. My comp and i are doing so great. She's so fun and we do a lot of fun stuff together lately. We're just spontaneous and crazy some days while tracting and we make some good memories. I really don't want transfers next week to come. Im praying that we'll both stay in sandy plains for another transfer. Things are just getting good! 
Well i hope y'all are just enjoying life and all is well. I have heard so much good news and it makes me so happy! The Lord is watching over us and has blessed us so much in our lives. Just remember to always thank him and put him first! 
Love y'all and happy valentines day!

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