Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meeting Elder Dallin H. Oaks 10/28/13

We had Dallin H. Oaks come and talk to the Georgia Atlanta and Atlanta North missions on Saturday. About 500 missionaries, but we met at a stake center in Tucker. We all took a picture with him and then he and his wife shook everyone of our hands. He looked us dead in the eye and talk about a look into your soul! He's such a great guy and apostle though. He gave  a talk on the inspiration he received at that exxact moment. He didn't prepare anything, but listened to the spirit according to how the missionaries were doing. Ya talk about pressure, especially when you go to shake his hand! But it was all really great. He talked about how vital the spirit is when we teach. It is the biggest fundamental of the gospel, "to always have his spirit to be with us." It's a right and a privilege. The spirit is the one to convert the investigators. He also gave us the top ten things we should take home from a mission:
1. Testimony that God is our father and jesus Christ lives
2. Enlarged understanding of the gospel
3. Love for Others, the people
4. Love for parents 
5, Understanding hard work
6, understanding personal virtue
7, Increase polish and poise
8, Courage to act
9. Faith to try
10, Humility to pray
We found out that all the 12 apostles are going to try to talk to all the missions in North America because this work needs to be hastened. We hear some crazy stuff of what's happening in the world out there today and i fully believe it really is being hastened. One man we ran into said i see more and more missionaries out here but i'll start to really worry when they have to send them home! he wasn't a member but he was a nice guy. We're hoping to meet him again. Every one here is very nice and we only run into one or two people a week that know what we are there for and tell us to "git!" We ran into a family and the mom was an ex-mormon, sad case. all i can say is good luck sister, i'm scared for ya! she wanted to bible bash with us so bad. good thing sister debry took the lead cause i was biting my tongue so bad. SHe told us that works are nothing but we just need to have faith in Christ and we're saved. Well honey faith without works is dead. and he didn't atone for our sins and mistakes for nothing. Anyway i'll get off my soap box now.
So i have to share this last quick story. Saturday night we had a ward fall festival and I noticed sister debry was telling a member something and she was having a hard time. On our way home she shared her life story with us. Her Dad was diagnosed with cancer refused to go through chemo and treatments. Well later he got the swine flu and did not do well with that. He could not recover like the rest of her family did and was in bed for almost a month. Soon he had to go to the hospital and he had two heart attacks. Then he went into a coma and didn't come out for a week. This whole time she was in 8th grade and missed a lot of school. She and her family stayed at the hospital that week and the doctors finally did a test to see if there was any activity in his brain. There was none and they had to take him off of life support. Her family has been through so much. She has an uncle who has taken care of her family and what not. But this whole week is the fourth anniversary to these events. She has been sick with a bad cold this week and i thought she was a lil blue because of that. After hearing all of this I just broke down and cried with her. She said she is having a new perspective on everything. She used to just shut the world out this time of year and just be so down. Instead she is going to put her chin up, shoulders back, and keep on keepin' on. She is such an amazing young women! I couldn't have gotten a better trainer and companion. She also got engaged before her mission but her fiance gave her the idea of a mission. She's incredible! I'll never take my blessings for granted, and mom i'll always count you twice. She's become a dear friend and best companion already! THe lord definitely knows what he is doing in putting us together. 
Hope all is swell and love ya'll dearly!
Sister Hulme

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First area--Marietta, Georgia 10/21/13

Lexie's first area is Marietta, Georgia.  Apparently Marietta covers a large area.  She is in a little part called Sandy Plains  This is so fun because we have a cousin, Matt, who lives there with his family.  I'm not sure if Lexie has actually ever met Matt.  Hopefully they can hook up.  It's been years since I've seen Matt, but I remember him as a super fun kid with tons of charisma.  Just picture a dark version of Kade Pitchford with a lot more freckles and a southern accent.  :)  I'm excited for her to be able to meet Matt and his family.  Here is what she has to say this week:

Georgia is the best. Just sayin'. Mom I did get the package and it was the best! the bike is good too it's pretty cool looking. So my flight was at 7 am and i had to get up around 2 to pack and get ready. so basically i didn't get any sleep that night, i mean who would if you're leaving for the field and your just so estatic. There are trees everywhere!!!!!!! idaho is pretty barren. but i miss the open spaces. you get so lost here because there are no mountains to guide ya or give ya direction and i miss them for sure! the sunrises and sets though are so pretty here! i'll have to snap a pic of one. the houses here are gorgeous too! my companions and i love to say "my house!" when we drive around. The mission home is beautiful! The president and his wife are the nicest people ever! I was sad to hear that in the middle of the mission we get a new president. On the first night we stayed in a hotel and had a big dinner at the home. It was delicious! We had some goooood pulled pork sandwiches and salad and fruit and corn and rolls and all sorts of food. Man we need to learn how to cook cause we got nothing compared to down here!! We are fed here every night cause the members just love the sisters! i feel bad for the elders because they aren't fed very much. and we have a car, they have bikes. Even if the family is gone a night they order us food. ya i love it.
  i'm in a tri companionship. One is sister anderson from my district in the mtc which is way cool. the other is sister debry and she is absolutely amazing!! Her father actually died four years ago this month and she had a really hard time with that in high school. But it has pushed her to be amazing! SHe's our trainer and she just shows so much love for us. WE call her mamma:) she's a cutie too. She went to school at usu eastern and know bailey thomas. her boyfriend is his roommate. that's crazy too. she told us she was engaged before the mission age change then her boyfriend asked if she was going and here she is! She's been here for three months and everyone adores her. The first day we went and taught a couple named josh and kaylee and that was a messed up deal. they are very nice and are married but they are sooo set on the bible that whatever we teach from the  book of mormon they have to have proof in the bible. They think what we teach is cool but they just don't have faith and it's sad. We don't really know where to go with them because sister debry said they haven't made any progress. We do at least 2 hours of tracting everyday. Some people just wave us off, usually they're old people who are sooo set on their religion. One man came up to us from his garage clapping at us and laughing "thank you missionaries but we are good, in fact we're great".. i felt like he was mocking us and i wanted to march up to him and shove a book of mormon at him but i realized that was something God wouldn't be happy of or what Christ would do... Other than that everyone is seriously so nice and welcoming! even if they aren't interested in our religion or the book of mormon they just love to chat and wish ya  great day! so that's a plus. We've visited a recent convert or recent active member named sister williams. SHe's an older black lady who just lives by herself. She has the best stories and i love her so much! she can cook the best food too! She always wants us to eat at her place for dinner but we have appts at other houses. She just loves the sister missionaries. SHe has the coolest conversion story! She was once a drug dealer and had been in a mess of troubles. Then she saw our church one  sunday and just sat in the back and went for the next six months because she loved the music. Later the bishop went to her because he'd been noticing her and had her meet with the missionaries. This was several years ago. Now she is going to the temple soon cause she just got her recommendd and I don't think i've seen anyone so excited and happy! I'm so happy for her! I just love the relationships we make here in GA just teaching and bringing such happiness into peoples homes. But it's not us it's the spirit. WE teach this boy named tyler, he's just like Isaac, loves sports, cool kid, and same age too. WE teach him once a week because he doesn't have a good understanding of the doctrines and principles. He was baptized a year ago and lives with his grandparents cause his parents are messed up. His grandpa commented to us after a lesson that we bring such a special spirit into his home and he loves it. He wishes we could be there all the time! It was the best compliment ever. But we told him it's just the spirit. We're so lucky to have it too. 
   Everyday has been absolutely amazing and i'm just pushing through them! I read this morning in Alma 26 and it's the perfect chapter for missionaries. BTw mom i would like to have alma 26: 11-12 on my plaque please:) It helped me this morning because i have felt that when we tract people are so nice and love to visit, yet they are stuck to their religion whether it be baptist or catholic and don't really wanna be interested in the church of jesus christ. WEve even said we don't wanna take away from your beliefs or faith but want to add or expound to them. You'll gain a closer relationship with christ and his teachings and will gain eternal happiness. But this still doesn't seem to change their minds. So I 've been frustrated with this and have been wondering what more can i do on my part to reach to those people and change their hearts. I came across this chapter in my study today and i realized i just need to exercise more faith, prayer, and good works, and the lord will bring many or some soul to us. It's only been five or so days here in the field and i'm here for 18 months! I know that if i practice these christlike qualities then success will come. It also takes a lot of patience. something i'm not good at. especially when it involves the world's salvation. 

i'm busy as ever and i love it. The work is good and the church is true. ha funny story. Apparently i took my bad sleep talking habit here in the field with me. sister debry said that i woke up in the night sitting straight up in my bed and i said "what time is it? isn't the alarm supposed to go off now? why isn't it going off? it's supposed to go.. dooo-do! do-do!!" haha i don't remember that at all!!! she said that was like at 3:30am. 
Well i actually did have lot of time today but it flew by! I loved all the letters in the mail and the emails! mom i did get the packages and letters thank you so much! I shared the yummy chocolate with the comps. I'll send some pics of the mission. Love ya'll take care!!
Love, sister Hulme.

 Sister Hulme and her companions Sister Debry (whom Lexie thinks looks like Tinker Bell) and Sister Anderson
 One of the houses they drove past that Lexie fell in love with---looks a lot like Aunt Kelly's....

October 15th--Flight to ATL International Airport

On October 15th, Sister Hulme flew to Atlanta.  Grandpa Phil told me once that the Atlanta airport has more square miles than the city limits of Montpelier.  Just ask Chase how intimidating that airport can be.  :)  She was able to make a couple phone calls from the airport early that morning, which turned out to be perfect timing.  It was Grandma Kim's birthday!!!  The rest of us didn't even try to top that present.  She also made a quick phone call to Hannah (I was at work, grrr) who is still ecstatic about that surprise.
 Sister Hulme and Sister Taylor early that morning before leaving to the airport.
 The view of Atlanta from the airplane.
 The mission home and all the missionaries that arrived that day.  The other missionaries think Lexie looks like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

Lexie with President and Sister Wolfert.

Second email from MTC 10/10/13

Today is the best day ever!!!! It's our first and only pday in the mtc and i've been doing so much I'm just trying to keep up! I love alll the emails it's so good to hear from everyone! Thanks for the letters and packages (mom and uncle brent and valene). I feel like all my district gets mail and packages everyday but i get lil bits everynow and then. ha but it's good i love it no matter what! FYI don't send in the mail to the mtc any more. I probably wont get it because i head to the field on tuesday!!! yay... except we have to get up around 2:00 am to get ready pack and our flight is at 7. Im so excited to be out there though i just want these last days in the mtc to go by quick. Althought its been soooo great here! Conference was an amazing experience! talk about goose bumps and bone chills when singing called to serve with 2,000 missionaries and that wasn't even all of them! everyone just sings their heart out its better than sprount sprounts;) ha I've learned and grown so much in testimony, spirit, and love for my Lord and God! I've found that i'm more of the investigator in learning here. We have been teaching a few investigators for practice here and i love the lessons! My favorite so far is the plan of salvation. It's so fun to teach! 
My district is pretty awesome. WE have some way cool missionaries. In my districs there are four sister including me and four elders. there are three disctricts in my zone. Me and my companion were called to sister training leaders the second day we were here. that's like the sister zone leaders. It's been a fun call. We got to visit the new missionaries and give them an orientation yesterday when they came. It feels like i was just them! crazy. My companion's name is sister Taylor from Pleasant Grove. she's a doll! she told me i look like katniss everdeen from hungar games, and i like to hunt so that adds to it. ha because of that i've been having weird dreams of running from the gov't haha it's intense. 
I love Pres. Eyring's talk in Conference, it was probably my favorite. If you haven't listened to it yet, i highly recommend it! They were all so good really. They all can be applied to missionary work and its so cool! I believe and know what he said to be so true. 
So i haven't really gotten homesick yet which is really a blessing. I've been busy every single second. one day we had a like a 15 minute break between the next class or event and we didn't know what to do! we have sooo much study time and we have to use most of it to plan our lessons for investigators. The food here is crazy! I may or may not of gotten a head start on the mission weight gain. yikes! but i'm workin hard don't worry:) Thanks so much to brent and valene for the box of goodies! I loved it! we get so much candy and treats we just all share:) I don't have much time left cause i have to write my branch president too and go to the temple today. but I recommend reading 3nephi 11 ... i studied it this morning and loved it! i studied tons of other stuff but i can't remember on the top of my head what they were. 
P.S. mom you would love sister taylor. she is soooo musical, when she plays the piano it reminds me of you. she just reads musics like a beast and arranges whatever she wants with them. shes the best:) 
Thanks everyone for the love and wishes!!! I wish i could write more but it would take forever! 
oh and try to forward this to everyone cause i don't have their email.
Love, Sister Hulme!

Sister Hulme with her companion Sister Taylor and cousin Elder Oliver Hulme (far left) with his companion Elder Sealor.

First email from MTC 10/3/13

I am doing soooo great! Do not worry or stress about me. They have shown me so much love and care here, I haven't even had time to think about home. I am so caught up in the spirit and the work. They immediately put us in classes, and we even started teaching in groups. It's a little overwhelming, but I have gained so much faith in my Father and Savior, and so much respect for missionaries. Thank you guys for all the love and prayers. I feel them! We have p-days on Thursdays here in the MTC, but I'm just writing a quick note. I love it here! I saw Kade and Oli already. Oli chats with me from time to time, and we're all so happy. I don't know why I was scared, but I just am anxious and excited to be in the field already! Love and Miss ya'll so much!
Love Sister Hulme

 I'm pretty sure every missionary that ever went thru the MTC has one of these photos. :)
 Sister Hulme and her companion with Elder Kade Humphreys from Bear Lake and his companion.

October 2nd--drop off at the MTC 10/2/13

October 2nd we dropped Sister Hulme off at the MTC.  It was a crazy, fun day filled with many emotions.  Those able to attend met up at the Provo Temple to talk, cry and say our good-byes.  Then Grandma Kim, Lexie, Luke, Hannah and I drove over to the MTC to drop her off.  It's such a fast process--they pretty much want you to toss the suitcase out and kick them to the curb while maintaing an efficient driving speed.  When we pulled up Lexie was in the passenger seat and Grandma Kim was right behind her.  The cute Sister Missionary that greeted us didn't know which one we were dropping off for the mission.  After a couple more hugs and well-wishes (she is my only sister after all--and now that she's an adult and we can finally share clothes she has the nerve to leave me for 18 months.  I'm only sort-of annoyed by this. But I sarcastically digress...) we drove away--tears in all of our eyes.  Grandma Kim and I had a fleeting thought to stop by Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the way home and drown our sorrows in a box of warm, glazed goodness, but I sort of, purposefully, missed the turn.  :)  The entire ride home we were left saying only about 3 dozen times..."I wonder what she's doing now."  Lexie was so grateful for all who made the effort to come and see her. Thank you, SanDee for bringing Grandpa to see us.  And I know that Lexie entered that MTC with a grandma on each side.  I know they will be her constant companions for the next 18 months.