Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 2nd--drop off at the MTC 10/2/13

October 2nd we dropped Sister Hulme off at the MTC.  It was a crazy, fun day filled with many emotions.  Those able to attend met up at the Provo Temple to talk, cry and say our good-byes.  Then Grandma Kim, Lexie, Luke, Hannah and I drove over to the MTC to drop her off.  It's such a fast process--they pretty much want you to toss the suitcase out and kick them to the curb while maintaing an efficient driving speed.  When we pulled up Lexie was in the passenger seat and Grandma Kim was right behind her.  The cute Sister Missionary that greeted us didn't know which one we were dropping off for the mission.  After a couple more hugs and well-wishes (she is my only sister after all--and now that she's an adult and we can finally share clothes she has the nerve to leave me for 18 months.  I'm only sort-of annoyed by this. But I sarcastically digress...) we drove away--tears in all of our eyes.  Grandma Kim and I had a fleeting thought to stop by Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the way home and drown our sorrows in a box of warm, glazed goodness, but I sort of, purposefully, missed the turn.  :)  The entire ride home we were left saying only about 3 dozen times..."I wonder what she's doing now."  Lexie was so grateful for all who made the effort to come and see her. Thank you, SanDee for bringing Grandpa to see us.  And I know that Lexie entered that MTC with a grandma on each side.  I know they will be her constant companions for the next 18 months.

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