Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meeting Elder Dallin H. Oaks 10/28/13

We had Dallin H. Oaks come and talk to the Georgia Atlanta and Atlanta North missions on Saturday. About 500 missionaries, but we met at a stake center in Tucker. We all took a picture with him and then he and his wife shook everyone of our hands. He looked us dead in the eye and talk about a look into your soul! He's such a great guy and apostle though. He gave  a talk on the inspiration he received at that exxact moment. He didn't prepare anything, but listened to the spirit according to how the missionaries were doing. Ya talk about pressure, especially when you go to shake his hand! But it was all really great. He talked about how vital the spirit is when we teach. It is the biggest fundamental of the gospel, "to always have his spirit to be with us." It's a right and a privilege. The spirit is the one to convert the investigators. He also gave us the top ten things we should take home from a mission:
1. Testimony that God is our father and jesus Christ lives
2. Enlarged understanding of the gospel
3. Love for Others, the people
4. Love for parents 
5, Understanding hard work
6, understanding personal virtue
7, Increase polish and poise
8, Courage to act
9. Faith to try
10, Humility to pray
We found out that all the 12 apostles are going to try to talk to all the missions in North America because this work needs to be hastened. We hear some crazy stuff of what's happening in the world out there today and i fully believe it really is being hastened. One man we ran into said i see more and more missionaries out here but i'll start to really worry when they have to send them home! he wasn't a member but he was a nice guy. We're hoping to meet him again. Every one here is very nice and we only run into one or two people a week that know what we are there for and tell us to "git!" We ran into a family and the mom was an ex-mormon, sad case. all i can say is good luck sister, i'm scared for ya! she wanted to bible bash with us so bad. good thing sister debry took the lead cause i was biting my tongue so bad. SHe told us that works are nothing but we just need to have faith in Christ and we're saved. Well honey faith without works is dead. and he didn't atone for our sins and mistakes for nothing. Anyway i'll get off my soap box now.
So i have to share this last quick story. Saturday night we had a ward fall festival and I noticed sister debry was telling a member something and she was having a hard time. On our way home she shared her life story with us. Her Dad was diagnosed with cancer refused to go through chemo and treatments. Well later he got the swine flu and did not do well with that. He could not recover like the rest of her family did and was in bed for almost a month. Soon he had to go to the hospital and he had two heart attacks. Then he went into a coma and didn't come out for a week. This whole time she was in 8th grade and missed a lot of school. She and her family stayed at the hospital that week and the doctors finally did a test to see if there was any activity in his brain. There was none and they had to take him off of life support. Her family has been through so much. She has an uncle who has taken care of her family and what not. But this whole week is the fourth anniversary to these events. She has been sick with a bad cold this week and i thought she was a lil blue because of that. After hearing all of this I just broke down and cried with her. She said she is having a new perspective on everything. She used to just shut the world out this time of year and just be so down. Instead she is going to put her chin up, shoulders back, and keep on keepin' on. She is such an amazing young women! I couldn't have gotten a better trainer and companion. She also got engaged before her mission but her fiance gave her the idea of a mission. She's incredible! I'll never take my blessings for granted, and mom i'll always count you twice. She's become a dear friend and best companion already! THe lord definitely knows what he is doing in putting us together. 
Hope all is swell and love ya'll dearly!
Sister Hulme

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