Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Second email from MTC 10/10/13

Today is the best day ever!!!! It's our first and only pday in the mtc and i've been doing so much I'm just trying to keep up! I love alll the emails it's so good to hear from everyone! Thanks for the letters and packages (mom and uncle brent and valene). I feel like all my district gets mail and packages everyday but i get lil bits everynow and then. ha but it's good i love it no matter what! FYI don't send in the mail to the mtc any more. I probably wont get it because i head to the field on tuesday!!! yay... except we have to get up around 2:00 am to get ready pack and our flight is at 7. Im so excited to be out there though i just want these last days in the mtc to go by quick. Althought its been soooo great here! Conference was an amazing experience! talk about goose bumps and bone chills when singing called to serve with 2,000 missionaries and that wasn't even all of them! everyone just sings their heart out its better than sprount sprounts;) ha I've learned and grown so much in testimony, spirit, and love for my Lord and God! I've found that i'm more of the investigator in learning here. We have been teaching a few investigators for practice here and i love the lessons! My favorite so far is the plan of salvation. It's so fun to teach! 
My district is pretty awesome. WE have some way cool missionaries. In my districs there are four sister including me and four elders. there are three disctricts in my zone. Me and my companion were called to sister training leaders the second day we were here. that's like the sister zone leaders. It's been a fun call. We got to visit the new missionaries and give them an orientation yesterday when they came. It feels like i was just them! crazy. My companion's name is sister Taylor from Pleasant Grove. she's a doll! she told me i look like katniss everdeen from hungar games, and i like to hunt so that adds to it. ha because of that i've been having weird dreams of running from the gov't haha it's intense. 
I love Pres. Eyring's talk in Conference, it was probably my favorite. If you haven't listened to it yet, i highly recommend it! They were all so good really. They all can be applied to missionary work and its so cool! I believe and know what he said to be so true. 
So i haven't really gotten homesick yet which is really a blessing. I've been busy every single second. one day we had a like a 15 minute break between the next class or event and we didn't know what to do! we have sooo much study time and we have to use most of it to plan our lessons for investigators. The food here is crazy! I may or may not of gotten a head start on the mission weight gain. yikes! but i'm workin hard don't worry:) Thanks so much to brent and valene for the box of goodies! I loved it! we get so much candy and treats we just all share:) I don't have much time left cause i have to write my branch president too and go to the temple today. but I recommend reading 3nephi 11 ... i studied it this morning and loved it! i studied tons of other stuff but i can't remember on the top of my head what they were. 
P.S. mom you would love sister taylor. she is soooo musical, when she plays the piano it reminds me of you. she just reads musics like a beast and arranges whatever she wants with them. shes the best:) 
Thanks everyone for the love and wishes!!! I wish i could write more but it would take forever! 
oh and try to forward this to everyone cause i don't have their email.
Love, Sister Hulme!

Sister Hulme with her companion Sister Taylor and cousin Elder Oliver Hulme (far left) with his companion Elder Sealor.

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