Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfers and an exciting new week 12/15/14

Dear Family and Friends,
So I have to begin with a short little story... yesterday after sacrament, Sister Tanner and I went to use the restroom, and when I turned around to flush the toilet, my name tag took a tragic fall, just as the toilet was flushing away, and is now forever gone!!! I'm sure my reaction was priceless, but I squeeled and yelled to sister tanner, "SIster, my name tag's gone!! like gone!" haha Luckily I had another name tag on my jacket and I put that on my shirt, but i'm down to one name tag, I'll have to order another one... benefits of being a missionary, you can have as many nametags as you want:) 

It's been another successful week!! Our prayers have been heard and answered with Michael. He's been progressing so well this past week, he didn't ditch out on any lessons, and he made it to church. I'm always keeping a prayer in my heart for him. Every lesson is always so powerful, last night was another amazing lesson. We shared with him a mormon message "The Refiner's Fire" which he bore the strongest testimony afterwards on how he's grateful on the trials given to him, because its brought him to where he is today. We then read the story on the Anti -Nephi -Lehis and talked about what weapons of war we need to bury. He was all smiles at the end and kept saying how he loved the story! He literally soaks in the spirit and others around him can only feel the power of the spirit. People like him testify to me that this is truly a marvelous work. He and many others are looking forward to his baptism the 19th. I think the greatest thing on my mission that has brought me the greatest joy is seeing the atonement of Christ change and transform others. It's such a gratifying work.

We've been seeing other amazing miracles this past week. We found  a few new investigators by sharing the "He is the Gift". One woman is a stay at home mom, and she told us how she was an alcoholic last week, but has realized that she needs to get back on the path towards Christ. Only problem is she has no way of communication, but we just have to drop by. Luckily she lives right by the church. We're trying to keep the wheel turning in missionary work, and balancing finding and teaching, so after Michael is baptized we have other people to work with too. It's always so hard when it goes so great, and then after a baptism, you're on the finding stage again. So that balance is vital! We've been teaching a lot lately, and I absolutely love it, yet we have to find as we teach and teach as we find. 

I am loving my new companion!! Sister tanner is from New Plymouth, Idaho, by boise:) She's been out as long as I have, so we're like 2 oldie moldies. I only wish I was dying with her here in Monroe. Pretty much everyone that came out with me is in their last areas, except me... who knows where I'll go!! We just heard some sad news the other day,, there aren't as many sisters now in the mission as when I came out. Alot of the big wave has gone home or will with my group, so they've had to shut down some areas where sisters were. They had to take the sisters out of Sandy plains and replace them with elders. So sad!! I actually asked President if I could train my last 3 months, mainly because I love the 12 week program and I wanted to end my mission on that, but there aren't any sisters coming in next transfer:( There's gonna be some major changes in the mission next year when we all go home! I hope there're another wave coming out. We need it to stay constant!!

I love ya'll so much! This week will be great, temple, mission christmas party and devotional, and Michael's baptism. And next week, skype!!!! 

talk to ya'll in 10 days!! 
Love SIster hulme

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