Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year...New Goals. It's 2015!! 1/5/15

Hey FAmily and Friends!
Alot has happened this week, so much i have learned. 
So quick update on Michael, we'll start off with the bad news first. We got a phone call from his neice Shalatta on tuesday saying that Michael is in jail and he won't be out for a few weeks. Finds out his family has a ton of problems nad issues, there's always contention. WHile he was up in jefferson, he was basically harassed by some of his family members on the changes he's made, he got mad and out of anger he pushed his other neice pretty hard. Later he felt bad and he turned himself into the police. He was also on probation which he failed to tell us, so his probation officer is just having him in there till he can pay to get himself out. And that probably won't be until february. So I don't know if i'll see michael again!! I'm so so sad and heartbroken. But we can write him a post card, so we are going to do that today. He needs to know we're thinking of him and are praying for him. I wanted to see him go to the temple before I go, but that isn't going to happen now. He was so excited to work on going to the temple. We learned though that we provided him with the gospel and he knows what to turn to. He has his agency and can choose what to do in his life, and its never easy after baptism, or any ordinance we take part in. Shows how fast satan works on us. We have to learn to act for ourselves and not be acted upon by the adversary. 
Good news, we saw Nikki this past week! She is doing really good! It did my heart so good to see her. She still has the desire to be baptized, she reads the book of mormon and prays, but she misses church. She just said change is hard and her family is not a fan of her getting baptized, so she's going ot wait for hte right time. She invited us back and we know that the door is still open for her. There's always faith and hope!! for those who hold out faithful to the end, everything will turn out ok:)
So we had interviews with president on Friday. In my interview, he asked me where I wanted to go my last area, and I just looked at him in shock.. not knowing where to say. so i just smiled and said, "Monroe?" He laughed and said if he could he would let me stay, but that would mean me and sis tanner would die together and they would take the sisters out of monroe. So I asked if I could train again, i loved training and the 12 week program. WEll there's only 4 sisters coming in and he actually has to close down some sister areas because there won't be enough, too many are going home! But he smiled and said immediately "I do have someone in mind though that I could have you retrain! She'll be a tough companion, but its a great ward you'll love!" I didn't really know how to react to that. But he gave me the best compliment, said I'm the missionary he knows he can turn to to fix a problem and build someone or somewhere up, and he can ctrust that i'll get the job done:) That probably was a bit much, but it really meant alot to me:) so i'm excited to see where the lord will have me go next! I was super sad though realizing that i really will leave monroe. THis place is home to me. Too many people that have become family to me. 
I also told him of my new years goal. I have taken such a joy in teaching and I want to continue to teach even after my mission. My patriarchal blessing applies ot everything in my mission, and talks about how i'll have a gift in teaching. Thing is, i want to transition my blessing to even after my mission and still live and abide by it. And what better place to be than a mission to practice teaching and to be so involved in teaching. So my goal is to be a better teacher this year. And the key to help me with that is the spirit, and Preach my Gospel. Something that Sister Ngo really taught me is to be a PMG missionary. That's my goal. I want to be a PMG missionary.  When I told president that, he asked me what that meant because he wants GANM to be a PMG mission.  But he's trying to figure out what that exactly means. Well so am I! So what i'm doing to start is to ensure that I study from PMG every day during my studies for 20-30 minutes. Mostly i've been studying chapter 10, teaching skills;) But I've already been noticing a difference in the way i talk to people. through tracting and in lessons. I try to always explain through scripture, share , and then testify and invite. I've noticed a difference in their reaction also, more are keen to listen rather than so quickly turn us away. Little things i'm learning more in PMG that are helping me everyday to be the better teacher that I want to be! And mainly applying what I learn. I am so grateful for PMG 

So I have to tell ya'll about our investigator Austin. He was taught by missionaries a year ago, he totally believes and knows it all to be true. He just is on probation for 6 more years, nad he can't be baptized! Well he contacted us, and we went back to teach him. Let me tell ya, he is a die hard southern country boy!! he's only 22 but he looks about 30. And he's a cowboy, country boy, basically like every other guy in Bear Lake, Idaho. Super nice and knows alot. ANd he's hilarious. Well we told him if you can't get baptized you still need to come to church, its the sacrament we need to go for. So he can just get in the habit of going, so when he's baptized, church won't be a problem. well he came to church, pulled up in an old red chevy truck, kind of like dentons blue truck, and he was wearing a bright orange sweatshirt, and and camo hat. but he was sure happy to be at church, he saw a lot of people he knew and remembered. And he wouldn't shut up during sacrament meeting! he commented on everyone's testimonies, told us joke after joke, asking us questions. Sis tanner noticed but he was sitting a little too close to me, like pretty close!. I hadn't been that close to a guy in 15 months! It was pretty awkward, so i had to move or something, so I went up and bore my testimony, and when i came back down i sat on the other side of sister tanner!! He has a nickname for every sister missionary who's taught him. SIster tanner is sis, yankee because she talks like a northerner. But i'm sis humble, he told that to me after i bore my testimony. he had the hardest time  thinking of a nick name for me, but just smiled and told me i'm sister humble:) I smiled and said thats the best compliment ever! then he laughed and said i wasn't anymore cause it was getting to my head. Never a dull moment with austin. He wants to feed us rabbit, squirrel, and possum, first time for everything right?! Next week i'll tell ya of the next adventure we'll have with him.
I hope everyone has a great week! love ya mucho, take care and god bless:)
Love, SIster Hulme 

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