Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week of transfers1/20/15

Hey family and friends!
Can you believe its been 6 months in Monroe!!? I guess president really is bootin' me out. But I got a big surprise with transfers this time. He called sunday night and called me to be Sister Training leader again!! Guess i'm going back. I'll be going to Coal Mountain in the Sugar Hill stake, i believe thats above cumming georgia and below dawsonville georgia. So its also in hte sticks. I'm glad i'm staying in the country! Here is it goes to the last 3 months though. I've been feeling the need for change lately. I will greatly miss Monroe ward, its home. But I've been fighting for every bit of motivation to work, and i feel change is best. i'm excited for my new area and whats instore.  My new companion will be Sister Childs, definitely not a tough companion, she's a sweet sister. Sister Tanner will be getting Sister Storrs, she's only been out about 5 months. But she's a fire ball and a hard worker. 
I'm sad to be leaving Monroe ward. I've just seen so much growth and and amazing changes while I've been here! It has been such a joy for me to serve among the people here, especially the different leaders and members in the Monroe ward. We really wouldn't have been able to do this great work here if it wasn't for them and their testimonies. These people have become family, and Its been so hard to say goodbye to them. I hope things will only continue to grow and improve here, like I mentioned before, alot depends on the missionaries. I have complete faith and confidence in the missionaries here in Monroe too. The past couple of weeks we've been following up with the families to see if they've made their family mission plans for the year 2015, something that is part of our ward mission plan. Some families are getting really creative and have some fun ideas! Others have been struggling as to what a mission plan is, so that is where our help comes in. It's only the beginning of the year, but I know it will be like a snowball effect and soon the work will pick up! So i'm very excited for the missionaries here in Monroe.
We sadly weren't able to commit the Mcelhannon family we are teaching to a date yet. We had a great lesson with them at a members home after dinner, the member's wife is from China so they speak the same language. But we answered alot of their questions and helped her understand the Book of Mormon more. We have one waiting for her at the mission office in her language. We were able to softly commit them to baptism though, at least the husband. Meaning, they said once they felt and knew that it was true they would get baptized.. just not a date yet. I have great hopes for that family.
Exciting news!!! I got a card from Michael this week. I jumped so high in hte air when I saw it in the mail, and I just bawled as i was reading his card. He's doing very well. Our bishop was able to see him this past weekend up in jefferson. He mentioned that all his charges are dropped and he'll be out next week. He was very sad that he wasn't able to see me before i leave. It probably won't hit me until I leave, but I miss him so much!!! He always gives me that boost that I need and inspires us. I wish i could see him before i go, but i know that we helped him in so many ways and i'm grateful for that chance that i had to help him come unto christ. 
Well i'm just ready for things in my new area, and i'm still going to hit the ground running:) I just want to plow through these last 3 months and enjoy every second i have. I was able to go on exchange with SIster Debry, who is my sister training leader in this zone, last weekend. Right before she goes home:) I'm goin to miss her so much!! she's been such an amazing example to me and it was perfect how we were able to be reunited once more before she goes home. Its weird to think she's done with her mission now. Ha i sent her a txt this morning with the scripture Alma 46.41:) Sister motuliki is going ot the grayson ward, in the lilburn stake, that's actually right next to monroe. She's goin to be part trainng a sister there. helping her finish her 12 week program. I'm so proud of her:) 
I hope ya'll have another great week!!!
Love Sister Hulme

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