Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coal Mountain 1/26/15

Hey family and friends!!
If I thought Monroe was country, Coal Mountain has shown me what real country in georgia is! It is beautiful here, and our home is basically a little piece of heaven, just like home. We live in the basement of members home, which is super nice, and its on a nice piece of land, just a small ranch that the family and their kids families live on. So I'm surrounded by corals and barns, got the horses and dogs:) Even if we as missionaries aren't allowed to have pets, i feel like we do. Maybe the family will let me feed the horses one morning:) 
So my companion is Sister childs, she's from sacrament (fair oaks) California. She's been out a transfer longer than I. So she goes home in March, then I go home the transfer after her! It's my first time killing off my companion, so we'll see how this goes. We're determined not to get 'trunky', or in other words lazy, homesick, our last transfers, so we've set goals as to what we want to see in the work, in our companionship, and individually this transfer. Haha one of those goals is to work on our physique, we both love running, so yes! I finally have a companion that will run with me! She did mention that her dad is from Montana, so she probably does have relatives in Wyoming. I told her how we know a few Childs.  THis companionship is totally inspire of God!! We've known of each other our entire missions and we shared how we secretly wanted to be companions some day, and here we are! I feel like we've been with each other for a month already but it's only been a week:) I've learned so much from her already and I love working with her. 
We've had some amazing lessons so far this week, I'm excited for those we are working with. We don't have alot. so its going to be one of those "pick up the wheel and get it going again" phases for a couple of weeks. But we both want to work hard, so I'm keeping my hopes up. There is one family we are teaching, they're from Ghana, the dad was baptized a few months ago, but has been less-active since. The kids are super smart and know their bible, so we've been doing trivia nights with them and asking them questions from the old and new testament. Next time we go over we'll be doing book of mormon trivia. THe dad asked us a few questions last night though and we found that he has a hard time understanding priesthood power and how god would only have one church, yet he has as strong testimony of the book of mormon. He's just missing hte big part as to WHY  we have the need for the book of mormon. I guess you start to lose your testimony like him when you don't nourish your faith by going to church, praying, and reading. I call it my GPS, you can get safely home by those 3 commandments.  So we're praying as to how to help him understand, but its really going to come through his own personal study and prayer, and by keeping the commandments. We just have to invite him to do so. Their such an awesome family and i love working with them! 
We have some other less-actives we're working with, alot of new converts who have just gone inactive. That's why its important to hold onto the fruits of your efforts!!! 
So i wanted to end on my experience of leaving Monroe. Each day I was saying goodbye to sooo many members who I have grown to love immensely. It felt like saying goodbye to family all over again.Wednesday morning we actually had the chance to teach the seminary on another lesson on missionary work. We shared the responsibilities and the blessings. It was perfect to end my stay at monroe by being with the seminary, theyre amazing kids! I actually hate crying and I was  trying to hold it back wednesday morning as I was driving to transfers, but sister tanner caught me and said "Just let it out sis hulme!!" haha gosh i love her:) so i had to pull over and take a breather. I can't thank my heavenly father enough for giving me the experience I had in Monroe. I saw that ward change dramatically and grow in so many ways. I worked with some amazing leaders there, I know i'll miss bishop carter, and our ward mission leader. Working with that ward and seeing it progress like that was just so gratifying to me and I love to look back and see all the changes. I think that's my favorite thing about a mission, is seeing the change in people, areas, and most importantly in myself, through the atonement of Christ. I can't wait to bring some of my family back to meet some of these great members, who have impacted my life so much! I hope and pray that those who we were working with also stay strong. So much of that ward's missionary efforts and progress depends on the missionaries. I believe strongly that I was there to help strengthen the ward and not to find those to baptize, but to help the members become more converted to the gospel. It taught me so much as well, and i'm grateful for all that i learned. I'll share much more about what I learned when I get home:)
Well, i hope ya'll have another great week, i can't believe january is almost over. time is precious.
Love ya'll!

Love sister Hulme

Sister Childs and I practicing our hula-hooping. :)

Last photo with Sister Tanner

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