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Making Your Time Sacred 2/17/15

Hey ya'll!
We had a crazy ice storm last night, no worries we're safe and sound. There's a plus when you live with members. You always have food storage, and they have generator for back up while everyone else is out of power:) All night we could hear the trees cracking and falling becasue of the ice. EVERYTHING is completely frozen.  Luckily the roads are all clear. We had to turn in early because everyone was ordering us home. There was alot we needed to get done inside our apartment anyways so it was needed. 
We've seen some cool miracles this week that seem so little, but really mean so much to us and the Lord. I felt zone conference was great, and it was good for me to relearn from other missionaries about the importance of planning and the baptismal invitation. One thing that really struck me during zone conference, and also from mission leadership council, is to make your time sacred. Even the planning we do at night. As time goes by on my mission, it just becomes a reality of how precious it is, and we can make every second sacred. So that's been my goal this past week, and for now on. 
I have to share a fun experience we had with one of the Laurel age young women in our ward, from Monday evening. Her name is Madi Hill, her mom is one of the seminary teachers. We've decided to join seminary every monday morning to get to know the youth more, and this year is really focused on missionary work, and we love to help the youth learn what they can about missionary work. Can i just add, the youth here are amazing, i love working with them! They all have amazing testimonies and share stories of sharing the gospel with their friends. Well we invited madi hill to come out with us monday evening to follow-up with a few people and do some tracting. This girl is FULL of energy and loves missionary work! She basically guided us in our tracting. We were in a neighborhood of townhomes and she was running all over the place, in no specific order, just to people she saw or a home with a light on! We all caught the energy and excitement and we knocked on this older woman's door and she invited us in first thing. Madi was more than excited to invite her to read from the Book of mormon and pray about it, and left her the copy she was holding. When we got back in the car, Madi expressed how happy she felt and she loved inviting her to read and pray. The rising generation has amazing youth and I'm so excited to see the work hasten through so many of them. 
We went on exchange with the Sugar Hill sisters after zone conference. Sister Smith is such a great missionary, and she taught me alot by her example. We had a dinner that evening with a part member couple who Sis Childs and I have been visiting, The Swifts. She has a few horses and she loves to talk horses with me. She actually got online and checked out Scotts website and she wants to ask him a few questions. So you might get a customer from Georgia, Scott! The husband has taken discussions multiple times but I'm not sure if he's ever read from the book of mormon. We decided to try practice teaching from the pamphlet to them, and I was amazed at how well Bro. swift ( the nonmember) was listening, he asked a few questions. At the end we committed them to read from the book of mormon, but we didn't get a real response or a firm yes from him. His wife said yes, and proceeded to tell us that we were late for our next appt. It was almost that missed opportunity, I felt, to ask just him. But I've been praying since that we'll have another opportunity come and we can invite him again. Maybe they'll let us practice the lessons more with them:)
We have another investigator, Jean, who has been meeting with the Sisters for about a year now. She told us first thing when we sat down that she believes the Book of Mormon is true. It totally caught us off guard, I wasn't expecting her to just say it so plain and boldly! She was smiling and we were so happy for her. So we proceeded to ask if she had a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and she said, if i believe in the book of mormon then i must believe in he prophet joseph smith! So we proceeded to invite her to be baptized, but then she said she has already been baptized and she isn't sure if she wants to be part of the mormon church. I explained if she believes joseph smith to be a prophet then he also restored Christ's church and the priesthood authority is restored. In short, she said she would be baptized if she saw the priesthood power was necessary.Not sure where she didn't grasp that as we were teaching her how the priesthood power is restored. I feel like we need to go over all the restoration of the Gospel again. She won't come to church until her husband will come with her. So we're praying for his heart to be softened. We would love to have them at a member's home for dinner, so we're arranging that this week. It's slow progression, but its progress:)
Things have been a little better this week for Sister Childs. I mentioned getting a priesthood blessing from one of the members. She agreed with the idea, and sunday evening we had one of the men in the ward give her a blessing. I think its just been hard for her to come to the realization that she's going home soon. She's mentioned lately that she's been feeling high anxiety levels, and it seems when things get pushy in the work or stressful, she can't focus. I feel at times we could be so much more diligent and serving with our might, but i don't want to push her anxiety levels to high. Sometimes you have to find a balance with your comp. I find though when i make things exciting and spontaneous, she's more outgoing and will catch the spirit. But the blessing helped and I've been praying for her. I feel like sometimes we're where we are just for our companion. 
I hope all is well with ya'll. pretty sure the weather is nicer in idaho than it is here. Last monday we found this western store and i went in and found a little kid rope. it's kind of crappy, but sister childs loves for me to practice roping her foot haha. I remember being "that one" that was always the roping dummy as a kid, the price of growing up with brothers! Love each of them to death:)

take care, and god bless! Love, Sister Hulme

God sent us two hearts on Valentine's Day

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