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There's a purpose 2/23/15

Hey ya'll!!
THis week has been a roller coaster. THursday night we had a stake correlation meeting. AFterwards our mission president asked us what area would be better to close down for sisters, either our ward, or hamilton mill, where the other sister training leader is. Which ever would close down, i would either go there with her, or she comes here with me. there's just too many sisters going home and not enough coming in. Hearing this made my heart sink, and my stress levels sky rocket!! Ive been searching and finding what i can do here in Coal mountain in such a short time, which could now only be 6 weeks instead of 3 months. 
 So I've actually been struggling this transfer in trying to find my purpose here in this area. The work has been slow, I haven't felt much involvement with the members, and I honestly just felt like we, the sisters, were Yet, we were still working and trying to find, teach, and invite others to be baptized. Maybe the Lord is just testing my patience this one last stretch right before I go home. After talking with president thursday night, I just felt my stress levels increase! Considering I might be transferred again to a new area, my last 6 weeks, and only 6 weeks here, made me wonder again, where does the Lord need me , and what do I need to do?? You told us not to think about it, but I couldn't help myself. We also had correlation in our ward, after the stake correlation, and the elders were basically visiting all the families that we were trying to visit. Any ideas or inspiration we were receiving, they were getting the same and were on top of things. I just kept asking the Lord, why am I here, why are the sisters here in this area?? It could easily just be the elders, they could take things over pretty smoothly. Then, this weekend, we started to see miracles.. I started to feel a purpose. 
We've been following up on potentials all week, and this weekend, we were able to find 3 new investigators. Some of the potentials we didn't have a lot of faith in or expect much, became the new investigators! Sunday night, we were determined to find one more investigator to reach our goal, and we felt prompted to follow up with this man. Our first contact with him was very short, we didn't say much, he was busy and we asked if we could come back another time. When we showed up last night, he invited us in, and we met the whole family! We arranged for a return appt on tuesday, and he said he's open to anything right now in his life. 
The biggest miracle was a phone call we received Saturday night. We had a missed call from a woman named Sandy who asked for Sister Childs to call her back. We could not think of who it was, but she knew Sis Childs! When we called her back, we realized it was a woman we tracted into a couple weeks ago. Her mom had recently passed away and she had hardly any family left. She felt something when we talked to her, and thanked us for an uplifting message about hope in our savior and god's plan. She told us on the phone that she has thought about us every day since then and felt bad we haven't been able to meet with her yet. She had paced the floor all day trying to summon up the courage to call us. We are so indeed grateful that she did, and she was also. She asked us before saying goodbye, why we knocked on her door, what brought us there. We simply said, the lord did, we had no idea we would meet her, but we simply followed the spirit. She agreed, and said she knew it was the spirit all along. We're planning on meeting her this coming saturday, the only day available for her. I can't wait!!! We immediately said a prayer of gratitude to our Heavenly Father after the phone call, and also prayed that there would be angels ministering to her, preparing her to receive the restored gospel. Miracle like this make every second of the mission worth it, no matter how hard it is! 
I'm grateful that after much prayer, pondering, and searching that I'm starting to feel a purpose here. Again, I have the greatest companion ever. I know I was here this transfer for her. She left me the kindest note thanking me, but really i am thankful for her, and the experiences we've had together. She reminded me of why I was here, and I'm grateful for how our Heavenly Father works.
Ginger is still on date for march 7th, she wasn't able to make it church yesterday because of the ice storms we've been having. There were so many trees knocked down, and they had a mess to clean up at their home. This week was literally freezing!! I am such a wimp this winter, its been in the 20's and dropped to the single digits during the night, i'm gonna die next winter at home. But the ice over everything is absolutely beautiful!! it was like being in a frozen wonderland, everyting was crystal. yet. there was a disaster everywhere because the trees were falling or breaking apart because of the ice. ANd today its sunny and feels like spring. Georgia is sooo bipolar. I'm excited for spring, its beautiful here. 
Love and miss ya'll greatly!! 

Love, SIster Hulme

there is ONE costa vida here in georgia and the elders had a baptism at the church nearby it, they asked us to teach a lesson there so we had to attend the baptism. SIs childs informed me that less than a mile away there is a costa vida, so i demanded that we go:) i was in complete heaven!! you don't realize what you have back west till its gone!! 

Everything was ice crystals after the ice storm.

This is a picture that was in the church where the baptism was held.  Only in the south...

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