Monday, March 9, 2015

My last transfer!! 3/2/15

Hey ya'll!
All weekend i've been sitting on the edge of my seat on what's going to happen for transfers. President called us Thursday and told me that he was thinking of having me train. But the possibilities are up in the air, since board week for him wasn't over and the Lord might have other plans. So I had no idea if I was going to stay Sister TRaining Leader, if i was training, if i was just going to be a normal missionary, or if I was leaving and transferring to another area my last 6 weeks. FINALLY, president called this morning and said I was for sure training and no longer STL and in 6 weeks I will go home, my greenie will be transfered, and they'll replace our area with elders. Phew!! I couldn't be more happy with this transfer. Although, i'm super sad i'm losing sister Childs. Ahh, we've had a complete blast this week!! Her and I just click and I've gained the greatest friend in her. You seriously gain some of your closest friends on your mission. We plan on rooming together at Byu-I .. if we can:) It's been really hard for her to grasp that she's going home. The past 2 days have been crammed packed with saying goodbye's and packing. It will be nice after transfers to finally focus back in on the work. Yesterday I fasted that my last full month as a missionary I will be able to truly focus, and  consecrate. Because I love consecration!! I feel like i'm always consecrating myself, there's never enough. Something I've learned this last bit is commitment isn't commitment until it's tested.
So we had another major snowstorm. It wasn't as major as last years. But we had to go in early wednesday night and we were able to get out thursday afternoon. I'm glad it didn't take as much time out of proselyting as last years did. 
We found another amazing investigator to teach this week. A young mom we tracted into a few weeks ago, and we were finally able to follow-up and teach her the restoration this last week. When we first followed up she commented that she had begun reading from the book of mormon and had read the restoration pamphlet we had given her. That rarely happens! So we were excited to actually visit with her. She said there was a lot of similarities between her religion and ours, but her biggest question was our difference. We're were more than happy to explain what that was. We hope to be able to meet with her husband soon, he has alot of questions about religion, and his wife has a hard time answering them, such as baptism, but she strongly believes in it. We were so excited about her lesson, we went down the street to a member's home and stopped for 15 minutes to explain our miracle, and then asked the member to come with us this week to her lesson. The member was more than willing. I love going to the members in person, sharing our miracles, and asking them to come with us. It's a new technique, or tool we're using lately. It's been working well. 
We were able to follow up with our new investigator sandy, the woman who called us, and was our miracle from last week. She is open to learning more and pursuing a stronger relationship with Christ, but she's not as open to religion. It's kind of confusing. But she's had a hard time with organized religion, because she feels its become so corrupt lately and is more for show. The member with us explained through her testimony that our religion is more than a show, its a way of life, the gospel should be how we live, not but just what we preach. We're still earnestly praying that she'll have angels minister to her and she'll feel the spirit testify of the truthfulness of the gospel to her. These things take time, but its working progress.
Ginger's baptism is this coming saturday, she's so excited) she made these cute invitations and was handing them out to all her friends and members at church. She even went up with sister childs and bore her testimony on sunday. Short and sweet and to the point. But no matter what, it carries the greatest spirit from it. This has been out of her own decision, and you can tell how happy and excited she is. She reminds me alot of hannah, same age, kind of looks the same. But i'm excited for the new missionary to have a baptism right when she gets here. 
Since we somewhat knew we would be getting a new missionary here, and we both wouldn't have much time here in the area, we decided to just give her great experiences with teaching, its a great time to practice. So there are many members who are willing to have us over to practice teaching, and one who we recently got to know, has said that she'll try to invite her neighbor over who is a sweet woman, and would let us practice teaching. This is more exciting than I thought! We've been asking less actives, and one family, who is a part member who's son is serving in Salt Lake, if we can practice teaching with the new missionary just to give her experience. It's another technique I have grown to love, it works:)
Welp.. i guess that's all for this week folks! Love and miss each of you dearly!! 

Love, SIster Hulme

The big snow storm of 2015.

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