Monday, March 9, 2015

Update from Georgie 3/9/15

Hey ya'll:)
Transfer week is forever long! it was hard to say goodbye to sister childs, but we'll see each other again soon. Transfers always bring with it new changes, new beginnings, but its good:) i've come to love change. my new companion is sister Beckstrom, fresh on her mission, and just a fireball as ever! SHe is from tooele utah. 
 We've seen alot of great things from this past week, definitely alot of hard work. We even enjoyed a wonderful baptism to top everything off! 
Ginger's baptism was probably the greatest turnout I've seen, so much love and support from many her age and friends. There was so much help from the ward and it was a great experience for everyone. I was really determined to invite some investigators to come to the baptism, unfortunately none of them could make it. I was a little disappointed they couldn't come because it was a wonderful baptism, but end of the day I was still on cloud nine:)
We had another good lesson with Sandy. She made sure to tell us from the start that she wasn't interested in converting, but she really loves the visits we share. She hasn't read from the book of mormon. toward the end of the visit she told us that her neighbor gave her some printed resources on our religion, and I think that's what holding her back from sincerely searching. We told her the information was false and she needs to take the invitation to read the true source, the book of mormon itself. We can discern truth by the fruits of the spirit, and we shared the scripture from Alma 32 on planting the seed, or the word of god, with faith. And if its good, it will give us enlightenment, knowledge, basically a good feeling of coming closer to christ. In that moment we asked how she felt, and she replied that she agrees, and we said this is the spirit testifying of the truth. I really liked your response of just telling her to "come and see", like elder bednar's talk. AT the end she said she's searching for hope, so we looked in the index of the book of mormon on hope and invited her to read the scriptures on that, and pray about it. Her lessons are always so powerful and the spirit so strong. THe only thing holding her back is her fear, fear of getting hurt, or losing something. But what does she got to lose just by experimenting? SHe'll only gain what she's looking for in return. We're trying to help her replace fear with faith, and i fully believe she will act through love. She needs so much love and support from the members, and she wants to feel like she belongs. This will take time as we help her build relationships with the members. 
We found a part member family who is letting us come teach them now. THey are active, the wife is a nonmember. She explained to us that if she were to ever get baptized it would be this church, she just isn't ready for commitment yet, she has some things she needs to work on. But we're excited to start teaching the family and see where it goes!! 
Things with sister Beckstrom are going good. It was definitely a change from Sister Childs! I love and miss her dearly. SIs Beckstrom has some anxiety issues so sometimes that's a challenge. It's been a little hard to read her, so I try to love and serve her in anyway I can. Maybe that will help ease the stress. Ha pretty sure i've never seen anyone so exhausted as her. Kind of breaks my heart, but there's alot of work to do, and there isn't alot of time to slack, its been hard for her to adjust to the schedule. Sis Beckstrom is a hard worker. She's exactly what I've been needing my last 6 weeks. She's very determined and likes to stay focused. Being flexible and patient is a bit of a struggle. But she's s quick learner and will adjust eventually. Ha she's not afraid to be bold! but i have to remind her to be loving too. Maybe that's where we balance each other out. Something a mission teaches ya is how to adjust with different personalities and love others despite differences. 
WEll I love and miss each of you dearly!! I will try  to write everyone soon that I need to. sorry i've been out of stamps, post office is forever adn a day away! BUt i would still love to hear from everyone! 
Love, SIster Hulme

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