Monday, February 9, 2015

Good things come to those who wait…. 2/9/15

Hey ya'll!!
So i'm actually sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for my mission president to email or call us because a little bird told me that Hans is in Atlanta right now!! well i emailed my mission president and asked if it was ok if hans came to us if he wanted to see me. If it happens by some miracle, that would be awesome! If not, i'll see him in 2 months:) 
So I've just kept telling myself all week, "Good things come to those who patiently wait, and are anxiously engaged." And they do! As we've been patiently and persistently trying with so many potentials, nothing seems to stick. But during our correlation meeting thursday night, we received a referral from a member in the ward. They have a neice named Ginger who is 11 and has been coming to church with them for a few months now, and she's just decided that she wants to be baptized! Once we heard this, Sis Childs and I just looked at each other and knew that God is aware that we are working so hard. He has provided a way or someone we can help get ready for baptism. And in the meantime we will still find others who are prepared and ready. We met Ginger on sunday, and she is the sweetest girl, we're very excited to work with her. 
Things have been a little harder this week, mainly for Sister Childs. I'm so very grateful to have her as a companion, i know we're here to help each other. She's just been realizing that her time to go home is sooner than we think. We sat down together and shared our major stresses and then thought of our strengths, talents, or gifts from god he's given us to overcome these stresses. We were able to point out most of them through our patriarchal blessings. It was so helpful for both of us. We also went on exchange with the sharon spring sisters. Ha, we're pretty sure the exchange was more for us, those sisters are amazing! They both helped us in so many ways. Sis Childs and I also discussed how our Lord is a fourth-watch god and he comes in the very hour that is needed most. (Story from Mark 6:45-51) He is watching us as we are toiling in rowing and he is aware of us and our needs. We've even seen this week how our Savior is a fourth-watch God, which I'm so grateful for. 
So we had this fun musical fireside that our ward put together, a little last minute, last night at a member's home. We had our ward missionaries put together a little program about the love of CHrist and serving others, and in between the narration, we had musical numbers. Some by us missionaries, and others by members in the ward. We invited as many people as we could, particularly one family who's son is on a mission in Salt Lake, but they aren't members. We were so happy when we saw them walk through the door, if anything it was for them. We had many others come, a part member couple, Ginger, and a few members. The spirit was so powerful, tears and smiles were shared, and everyone felt that love of Christ that evening. Music really does invite a special spirit, i'm so grateful for it. 
Each day i'm meeting more and more members here in Coal Mtn. ward, and Ive really missed Monroe ward because i just felt like i haven't found that family or members that haven't clicked yet. Well this last week I finally found them. There is an older couple here by the name of Swift. They live in basically my dream home, but on the cutes t little farm, got a few horses. Her husband isn't into religion and isn't a member, but we've been going over and helping her with her family history. She told me i can come over any day and help out in the barn with the horses. If she didn't live so far away i would be there everyday! Ha her husband is a spittin image of Robert Duvall, and they're so much fun!! We've also connected with this family, their oldest daughter is 16 and wants to come out with us, even if its tracting:) But the mom is the seminary teacher, so we decided every monday morning we are going to attend seminary, yep at 6 am!! the youth here are sooo much fun!! I love working with them. They share the coolest stories of how they share the gospel with their friends and they truly know the doctrine! I was learning so much this morning! there are lot of youth in this ward, so i want to connect with them and work with them. Even if we don't teach their friends, we get them pumped for their missions:) BTW, mom, i have this  vision of transforming our basement into a place where youth can hang out and we can do fun firesides or missionary events. i'm stoked:) 

K, love ya'll, we're getting booted out, got a lot to do today!! 

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