Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Love for the Work 3/30/15

Hey ya'll!
I just kept telling myself to make it through this week, but I now see how time is slipping through my hands and i'm trying to grap it! There's so much going on here that I don't know if i want to face the end in the near future. 
I promised the Lord that before I leave this area, we will have someone at church! We're getting closer. I don't know if I've ever been this focused or stressed this much on trying to get investigators to church. It's always been a struggle, as for most missionaries. But I know if we truly desire this, the lord will help us. 
I know last week I mentioned that we didn't plan on putting anyone on date until we got them to come to church. Well, the work this week showed otherwise! The person we have on date is Danay Lloyd. She was a referral from the Sugar Hill elders. We've been teaching her the past couple of weeks. We want to meet with her and her husband, but we seem to only be able to schedule a time with her. She shared with us why she was interested in the book of mormon, because her husband recently decided he wants to get baptized into this other church, and its made her think that she wants to get baptized too. So when we invited her she said yes, and we invited her to prepare for April 25. She said she'll work on it, she has alot going on this month, but she agreed. Yet, every sunday we ask her to come to church she says she's busy with something. So the doctrine of church is a must with teaching and helping her understand that church is vital in order to prepare for baptism, and as a whole.
We've been able to find a few new investigators this week from the Easter initiative, "Because He lives". We had some potentials that we've been needing to followup with for awhile, and this week we were able to. I think the Lord has his timing for everything, because we needed to show them the video. It's provided a great way to start teaching them the restored gospel.
With so much going on this next week, the follow up meeting, a doctor's appt for sister Beckstrom, general conference.. This may be one of the busiest weeks of my entire mission! Aside from the schedule, we have goals to help people progress, and i'm praying that we can keep up with the work.
We had a member come with us to Sandy's lesson on saturday, who has become a close friend of sandy's. And without us talking to her first or mentioning it, she invited Sandy to her home to watch general conference this weekend, and Sandy was more than willing to accept! Inside we were jumping up and down, but sooo grateful for the member's help. Reminds me in preach my gospel where it says, the work will move forward with more power as members and missionaries work together. We showed Sandy the easter video "because he lives" and she was so moved and touched by it. We sat in silence for a minute or so. Then I asked Sandy what it means to her to know that her Savior lives. She said its the greatest knowledge she has and it brings her the greatest peace she has sought for. She feels that, as she's been meeting with us and it's as if the thing she has been searching for, the thirst she felt, is quenched when we meet with her and though the relationship we've built. So I then asked her what her purpose is in this life, if heavenly father has saved her for such a time as this, and all her family has passed on. She really couldn't answer it, and said she's still searching for her purpose. Then, i asked why she believed the lord allowed us to cross paths and to meet her. She said so we could care for one another, because she believes we knew each other before, so we were meant to meet now. This is when i wanted to emphasize to her that it was to bring her the greatest message of hope and peace, directly from god to her, inviting her to come unto christ by helping her recieve the restored gospel. Somehow as the spirit directed for us to share 2 nephi 4 which was the chapter that helped me gain a testimony that the book of mormon is true at a time in my life. I feel Sandy will have some big progression when we give her a large print book of mormon for her to read this week, and she can actually have the chance herself to finally read and pray. PRAY that therer will be that one conference talk directed to her this weekend. i'm too excited for her:) 
After last monday, things were still emotionally stressful and I was a little troubled. I prayed mightily that I would  do the things that the lord has called me to do. It's amazing how much the Lord helps us, as we show forth our faith and effort to do His will. I thought about asking for a priesthood blessing, yet i never did. But every lesson we had, I made sure to put my whole heart into teaching and helping that individual person. When we would come out of the lesson I felt so uplifted, as if the burden was made lighter, and I could only think of thanking my heavenly father for such an opportunity. This weekend I realized that the Lord truly does have my heart in His work. And I really don't want to leave it. It was my goal this year to consecrate my WHOLE heart to the lord's work. I now see that He has changed my heart, molded and shaped to His desires, through His perfect atonement. A transformation, I didn't realize or see until now. I'm grateful for who He has made me to be. 
I love each of you dearly!!! take care and have a blessed week!
Love, SIster Hulme

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