Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Update from Georgia 3/23/15

Hey ya'll!
Things here in georgia are just beautiful, its my favorite time of year. Spring is amazing in georgia!! Problem is my body decided to have allergies this season and I've been dealing with that this past week. but despite it all, i love where i am, and the beauty around me, its become home!!
This week has flown by with all that's happened, i have to recollect all my thoughts on everything! 
I fully enjoyed zone conference this past week and I am so grateful for personal revelation. It is a blessing from our Heavenly Father to be able to hear from him, through a general authority. There's alot of exciting stuff happening in the mission, and alot of great things to look forward too! Our mission is getting ipads coming may 20th! Of course the technology would come after I leave:) Sister Beckstrom and I have been role playing different teaching situations based on the teaching skills Elder Zwick taught us. We first introduce the principle, share an experience, explain the doctrine using scriptures, expounding and then testifying. It has helped each of us so much already in simplifying and intensifying our lessons. It helps us in learning also, in understanding the doctrine more. This ensures that the spirit teaches and both us and the investigator are edified and learn together. I loved the scripture Elder Zwick shared with us from D&C 109:38 about putting the testimony of the covenant upon our heart. This morning as I read my scriptures, it reminded me of the temple and I've constantly been thinking about this scripture. As I've continually been consecrating myself, I've recently been thinking of the covenants i made in the temple. This reminder has helped me even more so, in having the desire to keep the law of sacrifice and consecration. 
Elder Zwick also did a member missionary fireside with all the missionaries and the ward councils in our mission. I was super sad to not see anyone from the monroe ward council, i was looking forward to that. But he emphasized that we missionaries arent' teaching enough and we need to be teaching in members homes. He proceeded to say that members need to step up and have us teach their friends. we need to find through the members, not through our own efforts. He's really putting a fire under the work!
We're still exhorting with all diligence of heart, might, mind and strength! As we've been inviting others to be baptized, we've also been really focused on inviting and committing others to come to church. I don't know what it is, but not one has agreed or accepted! I don't know if I've invited this many people to come to church before in one week, and have tried with all my might. What really gets me is these people were sincerely interested in our message, yet when it comes to church, we've got a road block. So we're going to focus on teaching the doctrine of church attendance, like Elder Zwick taught us to teach, and pray these people will feel impressed upon by the spirit to go to church! This commitment has always been the hardest on my mission. Surprisingly, since church is such a big thing here in the south! 
Things with Sandy are progressing. She said she's open to praying about being baptized and receiving the gift of the holy ghost. She hasn't been able to read herself from the Book of Mormon because we need to get her a large print copy, and she hasn't been able to come to church, so I can see why she's isn't fully committing and doesn't understand herself yet. We gave her a talk to read on hope from a general conference, which we followed up on this last week and tied it into obtaining hope through the gospel of Christ. Not as the world gives, but as Christ gives. We also read with her Elder Bednar's "Come and see", but she only told us she appreciates our invites but she can't accept. There's something else behind the picture and I'm dying to know! She did share with us that she has shingles and it effects everything she does. She also shares with us spiritual experiences throughout her week, and the spirit is slowly working on her and changing her! It is going to be very hard when I leave because she has grown so attached to me, and we're trying to help her attach to members. And Sister Beckstrom talks as if she is staying and I'm not sure how her and many others will cope if we both leave. 
With time coming to a crunch I'm wanting to exert all my efforts and strength on the work and being a missionary. Things have been a little stressful emotionally. But i know that i can always rely on the lord and call upon him for help. He's always there and aware of me and my needs.
i love and miss each of you! take care and god bless:)

love, sister hulme

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