Monday, June 30, 2014

HaPpY 4TH Of JuLY! 6/30/14

Hello Yall!
So i know its not just me, but this week went by incredibly fast. And this next week is going to be pretty busy too, gotta lot of good work and fun stuff happening! I'm super excited for the big fourth here. Our ward along with a few others are having a big celebration and some good food:) So we're hoping to get most of our investigators there.
So we had just a wonderful weekend! Taz entered the waters of mormon and it was glorious. Oh so glorious! i think i'm still in shock that it all happened. There was a good turn out even though most of the ward has been gone for vacay, including our bishop and ward mission leader. But she was just so pleased and happy to see everyone who did come! And surprisingly our new mission president came to our baptism too! Oh,.. ya we got a new mission president this week. It was very hard for us to say good bye to the wolferts. My companion and I had to shed a few tears the morning they left. They called us and left us a voicemail to all the missionaries, thanking us for our hard work and the time they had to serve with us. But back to the story of the baptism.. President and sister Bennion decided to come to our baptism! Even though there were 12 others that weekend. But we were happy to have them there. I was nervous and scared.. but I think he was more than we.. He seemed like a deer in the headlights.. BUt he and his wife are very sweet and we are meeting them again tomorrow. I'm excited to see what changes he'll make to the mission. It will be hard to adjust , but i know he'll be great. 
So I'm thanking my Heavenly Father that everything went smoothly at the baptsim! Taz (Fatimah), has a very different background then most members in our church. To be honest, I'm still shocked that she was really baptized! We've been through alot with her. I've been through so much stress and tears because of that woman! But because of the power of the atonement, we made it to this point today. Oh how grateful I am for the atonement! It is real and it heals everything. And seeing her come into this church, tells me that the church is for everyone! We're all children of God. And teaching her has taught me how much love Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father has for each of us. I really had to work for that love. But through our hardest times, I realized what it was like to be in the Savior's position, what it was like for Him to be heartbroken, but more importantly how sincere and real His love is for us, and for Taz. I do worry about how she's going to do now, and if she'll really stick to the church. But I know she'll never forget this moment in her life, and how much love was shown for her through us and the members. This experience is something I'll forever remember and has impacted me in so many ways.
We also had another great lesson with Pin and we brought a member with us who was very helpful!! my companion felt prompted to read with him Alma 32.. because he talks alot about nature and how he sees God in everything and there is one truth in everthing. He compares it alot to the growth of a tree.. So alma 32 was perfect for him. He really loved it and he lit up while we were reading it. AT the and he was smiling and said he feels like he's getting closer to his answer. Little does he know that its right in front of him! but i can't wait for the day that it all just clicks in his head and it makes sense. Because it does! It all makes perfect sense! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful, fabulous fourth of july! I am so grateful for he freedom we have today. I know that God prepared this promised land and ensured our freedom here, so that we can have the restoration and the fulness of the gospel. Im super excited for Sister motuliki to experience the fourth here! she's stoked too:) I read with her 1 nephi 13 and 2 nephi 10 and she thought it was the coolest thing. Yep,, america is the coolest:) 
Well love ya'll! take care and god  bless america
Love sister Hulme:) xoxox

The necklaces mom sent for 4th of July.

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