Monday, June 9, 2014

Learning and growing… 6/9/14

Hey family!!
This week has been one of those "growing" weeks. It was a constant roller coaster, but it ended on the best note. 
So last pday evening, we went to visit Taz. When we showed up, she was completely drunk and had forgotten that we were coming over. It broke my heart to see her in that state. She was talking nonsense and yelling this and that and the third.. Well we went outside to talk things out. She began to tell me that if she was going to give up drinking  and smoking, then i needed to give up all unhealthy food, even fast food. She was forcing me to come to an agreement and shake hands on it. I just couldn't bring myself to agree. So as frustrated as she was, she said hold on, and went inside. During that time, I don't know what came over me, but i just bursted into tears! I was earnestly praying to God, asking for help becuase i had no idea what to do. When she came out she was holding a big huge bottle of vodka and explained that it was her special stuff. No one touched it. But she handed it over to me and said here you go. She saw that i was crying and started to cry herself. We were both like what is this?! We never cry! She said its about time she changes her life. It was silent for a little bit, then I decided to speak up and said words that were not my own. It was all the spirit. Basically i told her that I loved her and she was doing this for God, not for me, and she was a strong woman with a lot of faith and courage in God. She then grabbed the bottle from my hands and went out and poured it all out on the grass!! it wasn't enough for her obviously! But that night was the first time that i truly understood what it was like to be in the SAvior's place. I understood what it was like for him to be really heart broken, but still have so much love for a child of God. With his name on my badge, I am really in His place. My acts are his acts, My mission His mission. I am so grateful to know that no matter what our weaknesses are, He still has so much love for us. It's pure and infinite. Well we also found out that she is gay so we had to take her off date from the 21st of this month. but we're still working with her and hopefully can get her back on date. Im not giving up, especially after what happened! 

Yesterday all the sister missionaries had to speak in sacrament. There are two sets of sisters in our ward, Us and the car sister. Yes they have a car... but I was asked to speak on the woman at the well (John 4) and apply it to missionary work. I absolutlely loved studying it! It applies to missionary work so well. But i wanted to share about the best talk, by sister Motuliki. She was asked to just bear her testimony. But it was the most beautiful testimony i've ever heard. Sister Motuliki's testimony brought every person in that building to tears! She explained that it was only her and her father who lived at home. Everyone else in her family were in different parts of the world. So she and her father grew to be very close. Well when the day came when her call arrived, someone knocked on the door, and instead of answering it she ran away and to the shore! Her dad had to answer the door and got her call for her and came running after her waving the paper in the air. She noticed that he was crying, but had a huge smile on his face. He told her she was going to Georgia, and they were both so ecstatic! The next two weeks her dad made her study like crazy and talk to the people on the tours they gave in their boat around the island. She would get embarrased because of her english. After two weeks, someone came to her house and told her it was time for her to report and she needed to get her things ready. Well, she basically left her house with an empty suitcase, her scriptures in hand , and the clothes on her back. It was in the wee hours of the morning, so it was still dark outside. As she was leaving in the boat, she decided to turn back and look. What she saw is engraved in my head and probably in hers too! She saw a little lamp lit and her dad saying good bye. That was the moment when we all couldn't hold it in any longer! She went on to bear testimony that this is the biggest adventure of her life, and she is so excited to be serving a mission. She will never forget what her father kept telling her, she can do this! 
I only wish I could tell her dad right now how amazing his daughter is. She is absolutely incredible and has grown so much! Everyone complimented her on her great testimony and her english. I know she worries about speaking the language, but she needed that moment, she needed that confidence boost! I feel so blessed to be her companion and what she has taught me so far. She has already become one of my closest and best friends in life, she's impacted my life in so many ways! Love her to death.
Well we're planning on a baptism this next weekend! Its exciting stuff:) Its our investigator from Albania, Dritan. He is a very sweet guy and has such a light about him. He speaks very little english but we gave him a book of mormon in his language and he loves it! The other day he knocked on our door and gave us a chocolate cake and said "Thank you for everything! Enjoy!" and left! It just melted our hearts! Being a missionary and changing people's lives is the best experience ever! 
Time is sure flying by! Almost to the halfway point and then it's downhill from there! Can't believe it myself. But i'm not going to waste a second of my mission. Every bit of time is vital to His work. 
Thank you for your love and support! Take care and God bless ya'll and your loved ones:)
Love sister Hulme xoxo

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