Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello, Hello! 6/16/14

Hey family and friends! 
This week just flew by for me! We were extra busy with meetings and had some awesome appointments. We had zone meeting this week and a one month follow up for all the new missionaries and the trainers. I have to say i'm one proud trainer. Sis motuliki shared her testimony story and the spirit was amazingly strong. I felt like her parent though, she asked me to come up with her, so you know my "daughter dragged me up there". But i was so happy to bear my testimony too. It was a much better follow up meeting than mine was clear back in november. 
Anyway, Dritan wasn't baptized this weekend. He has some word of wisdom issues also. So for now he just wants to come to church. Which we're still happy about, then he can feel the spirit. I believe that's his only reason for coming, for the spirit and the sacrament. But he has the best motives. The language barrier is just so hard though! But there is a sister missionary in our ward who's grandparents served as mission president in Albania, so i asked president wolfert for permission if we could call them and ask them to translate or talk to him. That's just not coincidence, but there's a reason for everything! 
our other investigator Taz is on date for the 28th. She has made a complete 180! I love to see the change in her! Just please keep her in your prayers, she's come a long ways, but still has a lot to go. I have so much hope for her adn we've worked so hard with her. I don't want to give up! 
Father's day was really great, we spent it with one of my favorite families, the Cobians. We watched a great mormon message video called Earthly father heavenly father. I really focused on my heavenly father's love for me this father's day, it was good to have that different perspective. But happy father's day shout out for all you dad's out there! Especially mine!
So saturday i had to sit down wiht sister motuliki and ask how she was really doing. She was shaking her head at me telling me no, but then immediately broke down crying. she misses her family sooo much. And it's killing me as her trainer that she hasn't heard from them yet, and they haven't heard from her. She emails her sister who is either in New Zealand or on the main island in Tonga so she has access to email. But she hasn't heard anything about or from her parents. So i'm determined today that we send her letters to the address that she has on her mission call and pray that they get there! I know they will if we have the faith.  But thank you to those of you who have written her and send her stuff! It means the world to her and me. She said its like she's hearing from her own family. She really is like a real sister to me! I told her that we were also meant to serve in this mission so we coudl meet each other. I love that girl to death. The day of transfers will be that hardest day for me! I'm dreading the day we have to say good bye to each other. She has become my closest and dearest friend. I thank god for her everyday:)
Well, Fam, i hope all is well with everyone! Take care and god bless
Love sister Hulme xoxox

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