Monday, June 2, 2014

8 months! 6/2/14

Hey family! 
Well today marks the day of 8 months! Can you believe it? FIrst i was thinking where did april go, now i'm thinking where did May go?? I know today is also Ethan's birthday! Happy birthday shout out to him:) Thank you everyone for sending me the wonderful videos and pics of all the grandkids. They are the light of my world, apple of my eye, everything to me! It always makes my day to see their smiling faces. We are so blessed with our wonderful family. I can only feel my savior's love when i think of my family. Ya'll are the best:) 
So Taz is on date for June 21st! She has some word of wisdom issues she needs to take care of so we are giving her some time. She is something else i must say! Sometimes i stress and worry if she will fit in with the ward. BUt i only think, hey i'm just adding some color into the ward:) She's very different from everyone else, different background, but we all have our story. So continue to pray for her, i have faith in her. She's taking some work, but i love to see the change in her life. Our next investigator, Dritan, is on date for June 14th! Im very excited for him. He's just another one of those that is just ready to belong to something. He wants that sense of belonging and he needs family here. He is from Albania and speaks very little english. I just always seem to find those. It's amazing to see how the spirit teaches, because of the language barrier. I worry if he's understanding us and what we teach him, he's very quiet in the lessons and doesn't really give any response. But whenever we meet and talk beforehand, he does pretty good in conversation. So i trust that he's learning and that the spirit is teaching him. Both he and taz attended a baptism on saturday that the other sisters in our ward were holding. I asked him if he was ready to be baptized and he just smiled at me and said "June 14th yes?" He's a pretty sweet guy. I'm so grateful that we were diligent, obedient, and exercising our faith, otherwise we woudln't have found him! 
We found some new investigators this week. A woman named Josita from Haiti, she's very sweet and promising! Another woman named CHarline. That was a cool lesson. We forgot to call her beforehand for our visit on Wednesday afternoon.And she almost told us no and come back another day, but we got to talking on her porch and she said, you know just come on in, you don't need to stand on my porch. And from there we started teaching her! I love to see the spirit work on people and change their hearts. She's divorced and has two daughters at home. So next time we come she wants them to sit down with us. 
This past week we had zone conference, last one with the Wolferts! Im going to miss them so much!!! They are truly amazing. I swear Sister wolfert is going to be the next Relief Society General President, and President Wolfert an apostle or a seventy. They have done so much for us, i'm going to have a hard time saying good bye to them. Sister Anderson, Debry, and I had to do the musical number. WE sang the olive tree. It applies so well to misssionary work! Try singing in front of a bunch of missionaries from 4 different zones though. Scary!!! Oh it was sooo good to see sister debry, anderson, and dunn. I missed them so much! 
Thank you everyone for your letters, i've gotten so many! Nat, thank you for writing sister motuliki, it made her day, and i've never seen her so happy. Your words were perfect! She got emotional by the end of the card, and gave me the biggest hug saying thanks. I can only thank my heavenly father for a wonderful sister who cares so much. 
Until next week! Take care, and god bless you and your loved ones:)
Sister Hulme

The members are really good to us....

Our three generation picture.

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