Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week of Miracles! 5/26/14

Hello ya'll!
This week has been absolutely amazing! We have seen so many miracles I absolutely love it! But it has all come because of so much faith and obedience. Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles!
So to start off with, we have a new investigator named Dritan, he's from Albania. We seem to find those foreign people. We didn't have any lessons planned for Monday night, so we just tracted instead at our apartments. We were walking around the parking lot and he was riding his bike around. He passed us three times, so I took it as a sign that God was placing him in our path and we needed to talk to him! We've been needing some new investigators too and here was our chance. So talked to him for a brief few minutes and exchanged contact information, and planned to meet with him on Friday. Well we had a member come with us and on Friday we knocked on his door. He walked out all dressed for church and said, "Let's go to the church!" We were a lil taken by surprise but went to the church anyway. But we weren't as prepared as we thought, we didn't have a key! But the member with us is awesome and took us out for ice cream instead. There we taught him the restoration, gave him a book of Mormon, and he committed to baptism right on the spot! He speaks lil English and so does Sis. Motuliki, but she lead the lesson and did a great job explaining everything and keeping it simple. The next day, Saturday, we did a real church tour with him and after showing him the baptismal font, he committed to june 7th! What?! This guy is amazing! He even had already read a little bit from the book of Mormon, and he came to church on sunday. We can only meet with him on weekends, so I don't know how serious june 7th is.. but it's what we're shooting for. So keep him in your prayers! I am just so grateful that we are  part of this miracle, all because we exercised our faith and were obedient!
Our next big story is Pin. He's from Taiwan, has a young family. Anyway, we tracted into him in march, but he told us to come back in april, He and his family had bought their new home and would be moved in by then. So we came back in april, and finds out he has no Christian or religious background whatsoever. so we started with a clean fresh slate! He had no idea who Christ was, other than a lot of people worshiped him! Anywhoo, we met with him on Saturday and taught him the plan of salvation. We had a member come with us who is from China and is a convert herself. She had the same story as him, so she helped tremendously! He as read quite a bit from the Book of Mormon, and at the end he told us that he fully believes in Christ! So I asked him if he would ever follow the example of Christ and be baptized, he said well of course! I would have to eventually so yes! I wanted to jump out of my seat for joy! I have loved to see this man come to know his Savior and to find who he really is! I can totally see their cute family going to the temple someday. It's going to take time and patience, but I have the faith that it will happen.
Last is our investigator Taz. Oh man, she is something else! We also commited her to June 7th, but we are going to have to push it back a week or so. She texted us yesterday and said she couldn't come to church because she had a bad hangover. That dang girl! she makes me frustrated sometimes, but its going to take patience and a lot of time!
Tomorrow we have zone conference! I love zone conference! But it's our last one with our mission president, he leaves in july. i'm pretty sad to see the wolferts go, they are amazing! Also, my trainer so gladly volunteered me and sister Anderson to sing for the musical number, so that will be fun!
Love ya'll so much! take care and God Bless:)
Love, Sister Hulme
Oh! P.S. We had a member by us some papaya and coconut, and sis. Motuliki showed me how to drink water from a coconut!! I have pics but I left my camera at the apartment:/

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