Monday, May 19, 2014

Training a Tongan!!! 5/19/14

Hey fam!
I am absolutely loving training! My companion is Sis. Motuliki from Tonga!!! She is such a sweetie and an angel! When president told me i was going to train her, i was so excited and happy! Sis. Motuliki is amazing. She has such a heart and is a hard worker. You know the movie the other side of heaven? yeah, that was pretty much her life. So this is a BIG  culture shock to her. SHe also has never ridden a bike before, so i had to teach her. And she has been doing great! I know the Lord is really helping her adjust and she is having extra power from on high. She is very quiet and doesn't say much in the lessons, but the past couple of days she has really impressed me! She will bare the most sincere testimony and the spirit has been so strong! She has very little and went into the MTC really with nothing, except the clothes on her back and her scriptures. She got a few clothes in the MTC but she still doesn't have much. So i gave her some of my stuff and one of my blankets. SHe's taught me the importance of sacrifice, and i realize how blessed i am! HAha the other day we were showing each other pics of our families and her family and home looks like paradise and beautiful.. then she looks at my family pics and first thing she says is"Oh! Cowboys! they real!" hahah i just busted up laughing and she gets the biggest kick when i tell her about my family. From rodeo, to camping, to living in the country... she loves it! So i told her well, you come to idaho and i will definitely come to Tonga! She said she'll take me fishing and swimming with the whales. I asked if she really does that and she looked at me crazy like i thought she was lying and said, yes! Thursday was also her birthday and she had a wonderful day! A woman, sister Anderson took us out to eat at a resturaunt called Longhorn, like texas roadhouse, and SIs. Motuliki, kept telling me oh cowboy, this is like cowboy! She also got a cute little present and free dessert:) Last night before we went to bed, it was really quiet so i thought she was already asleep, but she quietly whispered, "SIsta Holm, thanks for the best week eva!" I seriously smiled from ear to ear and my heart was melted. I can only thank my heavenly father so much for this amazing opportunity to have her as a companion. 
Everything else is going really great! ONe of our investigators came to church yesterday, dressed like the biggest gangsta of my life, she was even wearing shades and a huge silver cross necklace, in a black linen suit. I wanted to stand up and smile and say Yep that's my investigator! she really enjoyed church, i can totally see her in white. 
Well love ya'll! take care, remember who loves you most, yep sister hulme, and the Lord. Btw, SIster Motuliki will get very little mail if any because her family lives far away. So instead of writing me, write her. I know i beg for letters, but she needs them most:)

Love, Sister Hulme  XOXOXO

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