Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! 5/5/14

Dear familia,
In honor of cinco de mayo, i thought i'd throw in some spanish there. But i can't remember a lick of spanish from high school, so it stops there. 
Well, to be honest, i don't want to say much because i want to save it all for mothers day! But i don't get to talk to everyone. So i'm just going to give a brief overview from this week because i'm a little limited on time today. But Laurann, our investigator on date, has been really busy with her new job so we pushed her baptismal date for the end of may. She was bummed to hear that she can't get baptized this weekend, she asked if we could just jump in the water right then and we could baptize her. Obviously we need to review the restoration with her and point out the priesthood authority. But i wish it was that easy! She's still commited though and is excited, so continue to keep her in your prayers.
We have a new investigator, his name's demetrius. He also lives in the holland hood aparments. He is thug to a T! He has the tear drops by his eye that shows how many people he's killed, that's two if you're wondering. He's a way cool kid though. Hes 23 and said he has given up the gangster life about 4 months ago. He wants to move on. We've had two lessons with him and we talked about the light of christ, which he was all in for. He has such a testimony of Christ, i feel like he gives a sermon when he preaches! Later we asked him about baptism, and he got really quiet,which was rare for him, and he thought it over for  few minutes, then he responded that he feels this is what's missing and this is what he wants. But it's going to take some time and work to change him. He's willing so we're going to work with him. 
Everyone else is doing good. We have soo many investigators we're teaching right now, but hardly any progressing. So we're dropping a ton and trying to clean out our pool. We finally found a way to teach Victor, our mexican 40 year old bachelor. He has so much ADD and never stops talking, so we now show him videos from mormon channel. I have faith in him, but he needs to exercise his faith. I tend to lose patience when teaching him, but he's entertaining. 
Saturday night i experienced my first flat tires from bking. We've been really lucky actually for not having any real problems so far. But my tires were completely popped Luckily it didn't happen till the second we pulled into our apartment that night. But its not fun to take care of the repairs from my own funds, thats the downer. 
We have transfers next wednesday. i'm getting more and more nervous the more i think about them. Im so sure i'm training, so i fasted this sunday that i'll have extra help and power. Sister dunn is terrified she's going to go to another biking area. SHe's spent 9 months on a bike so far on her mission. SHe's ready to give up the bike. she loves to vent to me while we're tracting and i just smile and listen. I've really learned on my mission that the quote "come what may and love it" is the best advice. God knows what is needed to refine us, so we need to take whatever comes with courage and embrace it. that goes for me too with training:)
Well i hope ya'l enjoy your spring. we're jumping into summmer this week. Humidity is setting in, ugh... biking is going to be sooo fun.
K love yall!!!
Love, sister Hulme

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