Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baptisms 4/28/14

Hello fam!
This week has been one of those weeks you wish you could repeat over and over on the mission. Marie and malia were baptized on saturday and confirmed yesterday. I am so pleased and happy with that family! They have improved so much and have come so close together. There was so much support from the ward also and i am so grateful to be serving here! The girls received so many gifts, love and support from them, and it meant so much to their mom Leona. Their dad is not a member but we met him for the first time at the baptism. He's a great guy and i hope this will be the stepping stone for him to take the discussions and be baptized. You could just see the spirit touch his heart during the baptism and him really ponder over everything in his mind. Someday that family will go to the temple.. someday!!! Its all in the making:)
WE have some other big news! Laurann is on date to be baptized may 10th! She's our crackhead and alcoholic:) We met with her on wednesday though and she has been reading the book and praying! I couldn't smell any alcohol on her and she told us she hasn't had a lick or drink for a week! There is such a change of spirit about her and she has such a light! She's really changing, and its all her and the spirit. SHe's a great example showing that it's not us missionaries that do the work, the most important relationship in the change is between the investigator and the spirit of God. We just help guide them along the path of righteousness, we are there for support and love. So after talking about what Laurann had read so far in hte book of mormon.. she stops us and says "sisters.. i've been thinking and talking.. and i think i'm ready for the plunge." Wait.. you mean you want to get dunked?! ok! we extended may 10th as a date and she immediately asked :what do i gotta do before then? so we told her she has to come to church and we need to teach her a few lessons. She's all in and wants to commit! But a lil conflict.. she got a new job and works alot! so meeting with her will be a little difficult. but it will all work out according to God's will. We're having faith!
Everything else is going really great. Sister dunn and i will probably only have a couple weeks left together. I'm guessing ill stay and train here.. president kinda told me so. I love this area and the people we're working with. I don't think i will want to go back to a car area to be honest.. I see so many miracles from working so hard and being on a bike! There are tender mercies everyday! We'll be in the pouring rain and we'll have people left and right offer us a ride or invite us inside. They may not be interested and just want to bible bash. but they can't resist extending some southern hospitality, especially to girls serving the Lord:) I've noticed that the Lord has provided for us in so many ways.. there are tender mercies everyday! Sometimes i'll be wishing for a good drink of water or a restroom and its so funny how the next house God provides for us! Now i just need to have that amount of faith in finding the next soul to baptize:) 
May ya'll have a blessed week and remember God loves you and so does SIster Hulme!!
Love, SIster Hulme 

A little sign meant for the biking sisters.

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