Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wet news… 4/14/14

Hey ya'll!
Sorry for the delayed email. We had interviews with President Wolfert yesterday, so we switched monday and tuesday, making our pday today. Im counting my blessings because it is just down pouring and windy outside today! I'd hate to bike in that mess. Yesterday after district meeting and interviews it decided to down pour and i felt like i had jumped into a lake, soaked to the very core! Didn't stop us from tracting though and going to our appts. Some people offered us umbrellas, but we just laughed and said it wouldn't do us much good since we were already soaked! I thought of Pres, Uchtdorf's talk in conference when he said, "How often we think of the sunshine after the rain and look for the rainbow at the end, instead of learning to enjoy and be grateful for the rain in the moment!" Well, i put a smile on my face, and tried to be very grateful that it wasn't scorching hot and it was raining! 
So the big wet news is that Marie and Malia are back in town and are on date to be baptized the 26th this month!!! We were so excited and sooo happy to see them last night. It just did my heart good to see that family. Leona spoiled us and got sister Dunn and I both tshirts, skirt wraps, chocolates, and a cute magnet from Hawaii! Bless their hearts:) Leona was in Hawaii for almost a month because of family emergency. Her sister was pretty much on her death bed. Malia, her daughter, gave the closing prayer after our lesson, and I was so pleased at how sincere and heartfelt her prayer was! She prayed "Bless that we will have special memories and moments heavenly father, and please watch over our auntie in heaven." My heart just melted at those words, and Leona didn't tell us the news of her sister, she never brought it up so we figured that she didn't want to talk about it. I gave her the biggest hug with a big thanks and told her we loved her. She only smiled, I know that her family is happy and pleased that she is making this change in her life, especially that her daughters are getting baptized. During the lessons, she usually goes back into her room and lets us take over, but I caught her looking around the corner smiling as the girls were teaching us the plan of salvation for a review. I just love that family all in all! 
Everything else has been grand. Oh, during interviews yesteday, President asked if i thought i was ready to train. I said, well i may be or i may not be, but they best be ready to bike a lot of hills in the Georgia heat this summer, I better be ready too! I actually am excited if i do train, This ward would be an awesome area to be trained in. The member missionary work is amazing and they take real good care of us! Ha He said he's thinking of putting more sisters on bikes seeing we've been able to do it. Hmm so we were just the guinea pigs testing it out. Well its possible! 
Love ya'll so much! I'm very excited for easter this sunday! Can't believe its here! TIme sure does fly. I kept telling myself to just make it to easter.. now its here! I love easter so much, probably my favorite holiday:) 
Well, take care
Love Sister Hulme xoxo!

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  1. I love reading her posted letters. Thanks so much. She is a sweetie.