Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A week full of exciting news and events… 4/7/14

Hey fam!
So first of all, as a companionship, sister Dunn and i are dong a month of consecration, in which we are doing everything exactly obedient and even more. We should be exactly obedient anyways, but we are also not writing or emailing friends, only family. Therefore, i just ask ya'll to update my friends during the month of april and let them know i didn't know go m.i.a. We're just trying to see more fruits from our labors and want to exercise more faith in the work. We've already seen miracles and I love consecrating more to the Lord!
So its been like 85 degrees this entire week here in Georgia! We've already predicted who is going to stay in Collins Hill as a biking sister after this transfer, and we're pretty sure i will. SIster dunn has already spent plenty of time on a bike. After experiencing some heat and biking this week, i'm pretty sure i'm going to die this summer! ANd the humidity hasn't even started yet! Some people are really nice and offer us some water though while we tract. One day i was just wishing for some water, and the next house we knocked on, the man gave us some water. He wasn't interested in the gospel, actually tried to bible bash with us, but i just knew Heavenly Father was mindful of us and he'll provide for his missionaries! 
Anyway, i'll cut to the big news! So Wednesday afternoon, (transfer day) we recieved a txt from our zone leaders saying that there is a missing elder from our mission and we need to be on the lookout for him throughout our day. Well its not everyday that we get a txt like that! We actually thought it was a little funny. Until the other Collins Hill sisters called us and said they were on their way to pick us up because the zone leaders asked us to go on a search for the elder. We were going on a missionary Hunt!!!! i was pretty stoked:) We were to meet at the last place he was seen which was a gas station in our area. So this just got intense!! When we got there they informed us that he was just in a mental hospital this last week because he was schizophrenic, and attempted to run away before. They found him at the STone mountain park, which was quite a ways from the hospital! This time he was last seen at the gas station we were at and he was in his full proselyting clothes carrying his bags with him, just walking everywhere he went! My heart just broke for this elder! THey also said, if you find him don't approach him, just call president immediately. So we started out looking for him. driving everywhere around the gas station.. THe whole time we just thought, this doesn't feel right. Its hot outside and he wouldn't be around here.We txted the ward members and told them to be on the look out also. Not long after we recieved a call from one of the members saying they are watching him eat his sandwich at panera bread!!! THat was right by our apartment which was a few miles south of where we were. we just started freaking out and were so excited, so we called the mission president asap. He seemed so calm and said sisters you sound out of breath! well ya president we've been on a missionary hunt, there's been a lost soul out there!! so we booked it to the restuarant and staked him out til presdent sent someone. \
But we thought of how this really applies to missionary work. So there are millions of us missionaries out there searching for that one soul. Many prayers are said, and we are constantly running to and fro to find them. But it always helps to listen to the still small voice and the promptngs of the lord, and we can't do this work alone without the members. With their help, we can find that lost soul! so that was my little analogy and life lesson learned as a missionary on a the hunt. 
So conference was awesome and amazing! I hope ya'll enjoyed it as much as I did! I've find that it really helps to go in with questions and with a prayer in the heart. And our heavenly Father always answers our prayers, and He sure answered mine! I felt that everything was really focused on how us members need to have more faith, and courage to guard our faith, to stand for what we believe in. I loved how Elder Holland said that if we feel like we haven't been called upon to defend our faith, we will in the near future! Everyday i have to defend my faith and testimony, people here are constantly attacking it, but it is only making me stronger. I also loved how Uchtdorf expressed that we need to be grateful in whatever situation we are in. Mom i often think of how you told me to think of ten things im grateful for everyday. So i'm trying to be more grateful to my Heavenly Father, no matter what situation I am in. Because even in the darkest moments, gratitude brings light into our lives. One of my favorite talks though was Elder Bednar's. Our burdens give us motivation to move forward, without them we wouldn't learn, or grow, we wouldn't progress on this path. THe atonement helps lighten the burden, but we will always have a burden. Without the burden, we wouldn't rely on the atonement and our priorities wouldn't be straight! Therefore, we are given trials to help us focus on our savior and what he has done for us. 

So much more has happened this week, but unfortunately, i'm running out of time! I promise to update next week on the work and the people. BUt i hope everyone enjoyed conference as much as i did! Remember we are so grateful to have a modern day prophet and apostles on the earth today. It testifies to me that this is Christ's true church with the same organiztion, and that God is the same yesterday today, and forever. How comforting to me that is:) I love ya'l so much and i pray that we'll stand steadfast in our faith, remember to trust God and know that he is mindful of us! 
Love ya'll
Sister Hulme

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