Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter 4/21/14

Hey Fam!
I hope everyone enjoyed Easter as much as I did! This may be my only Easter on the mission but it was the best Easter ever. I didn't have to worry about the worldly things that cover the true meaning of the holiday. I was able to focus only on the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And Easter has now become my favorite holiday! For the month of March and up to Easter I studied the harmony of the gospels in the bible. I gained such a greater knowledge of my Savior's life and I focused on the characteristics he had while he taught and served others. I'm trying to apply them in my life and work. But starting today, I am reading the Book of Mormon all over again ( can't read it enough on my mission :) As I studied from the bible though, I learned even more how important and great the Book of Mormon is! Our knowledge of what our savior really did for us comes from the book of mormon! It testifies of his atoning sacrifice, and the plan of salvation. The most important thing about the gospel is the atonement. The gospel IS  the atonement! Because the bible was translated so many times and without divine authority from God, important details were lost. But because of the book of mormon, we have that fulness today. That knowledge of the atonement, and of our Savior is restored to us today through the book of mormon! And that little book has had the greatest impact on my life and millions of others. Never take the book for granted! Those prophets in the book sacrificed for us to have it today. I noticed in Ether 12, moroni writes that his writing is weak, and not as great as the brother of jared's, and he fears that people will take it for granted and it won't convince them. But God assures him that he gives mean weaknesses that they may be humble, so they can turn to him for strength. I have found that those who truly gain a testimony of the book of mormon are humble. They don't take moroni's weaknesses for granted but focus on the testimony of Christ. They search with real intent, turn to God in prayer for strength, then He gives us the testimony of the Book of mormon. our greatest strength is our testimony! I could go on all day about the book of mormon!! But all in all, I know what my savior has done for me because of that book. I know he loves me, knows me personally, and everything that i've been through, because of that book. He really lives and is beside us every step of the way, because he knows how hard our trials are. AT times we may feel all alone, but when we open our hearts and give everything to the Lord, we find that we were never alone, he is our strength!
So... now to what has happened this week:) Marie and Malia are getting baptized this saturday!!!!!!!! Im a little excited:) They are so cute and excited. Yesterday at church they wanted to sit all the way in the very front! ha their mom wasn't too happy about that, but we did! They had them stand when they announced their baptism, and they were shy, but you can see the light about them and how excited they are! Malia, the 9 year old, gives the most sincere prayers i have heard! pretty sure i told you that last week, but they are just improving and getting better every time! they were going to have their uncle fly out from seattle to baptize them, but sadly he can't. So we asked a young priest-age man from the ward to do it. He gladly accepted, and it reminded me that I had chase baptized me when he was that age. It will be a really cool experience for him:) Our other investigator victor, ha he's crazy! He keep jumping to the big do's and donts and goes into such depth, so we keep having to pull him to the surface and focus on the basics. He loves to exercise so we told him you have to start with the little weights before you get to the big weights. He and us both have to have alot of patience, but its coming! He came to church yesterday.. to the last hour.. punk. We had a brightest color contest and he wore the brightest orange pants i have ever seen! I was worried he would show up in a suit like dumb and dumber. But he was so scared and nervous to go into priesthood all by himself, they had just started. so we pretty much shoved him into the class and ran around the hallway out of sight before he could come find us! Ha after church he was talking to everyone, members who came to lessons with us came up and said hi, he was just mr. popular! he didn't even notice us when we said good bye:) Ha oh! i can't forget, we had lunch with him on friday and he told us that he ran across the mexican border at the age of 13!!! This guy is crazy. He's having word of wisdom issues and loves his weed and beer, and tequila.. so i told him i would stop sweets if he stopped smoking, we'll start with that addiction. I dont know how serious he was, but i was serious! 
We met another investigator who is a total thug and lives in the same apartments as us. He's crazy too. He is from Jamaica and believes Christ has come in a different form, like a black person, and visited Jamaica, He's anticipating CHrist's third coming. Ha we invited him to church but he said he's busy on the weekends. He runs his own business. I asked what he does, and he said  "I sell organic products.." Sis. DUnn was quick to reply "I love natural organic stuff, like natural oils and what not.." He just looked at her weird and didnt' say anything. I had to explain to her afterwards what his business was. not what she was thinking!! 
Im running out of time unfortunately! I wish i could tell more. So much has happened this week. Oh, we are at the library and we met this guy  named harry who volunteers here. He has autism or down syndrome i think. just not really there.. and we had to wait for the library to open so we taught him the restoration and gave him a book of mormon. He just came up to me and said, he really liked the book, he just read it. I was like what? no you didn't read all of it did you? he said ya! i did and i liked it! hahaha i just laughed and said, well keep reading it! (little liar:) 
I hope ya'll have a great week! Shout out to scott and hannah for their birthday's this week!!!! love ya'll
Love, Sister Hulme
P.S. CHeck this out! good, video:)

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