Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring is here! 3/31/14

Hey ya'll!
It's been another looongg good week! We finally have some good weather here, supposed to get up in the 80's this week, we're gonna soak it all up! Since we're biking sisters and we have no other choice. But it sure does make life easier! It is absolutely beautiful here in Georiga. I've heard from others that its voted the prettiest place in the spring, and i now see why. Although it is super bi-polar, probably more than bear lake, which is saying something. 
So there's a lot of news about our investigators and i don't really know where to start! So, we'l start with Laurann, our crazy crack-head and alcoholic. We probably saw her every other day this week. We stopped by Wednesday, and i took her a surprise. I had a pair of boots that i never wore and i knew we were the same size so i gave them to her. She was overly thrilled! (don't worry mom, it wasn't the ones you got me) Haha, she put them on and walked the walk, then turned to me with her foot in my face and said, "do the mommy test! see they fit don't they!" Glad we could make her day. We've been having a hard time trying to teach her the restoration, yes the first lesson, cause she talks so much, or she ditches out on our lessons. We've been debating wether to drop her or not, but she has been reading the book of mormon and that's big compared to others we are teaching. We assign her something to read and she'll read it! She's been sick this weekend and wants so badly to drink her pain away, but has texted us every day and said she hasn't drank a lick! So proud of that girl! So keep her in your prayers that we can finally sit her down and teach her!
   Alice has really been testing our patience lately. She read the whole book of mormon (on tape) in 10 days! WE asked her if she prayed about it and she said, no not exactly. So one day when we were doing service at her house we dropped everything and asked her right there to pray about it. SHe thought we were crazy, but just bursted into prayer. Then she just sat there, like now what. So we told her to wait patiently and just listen, listen to her thoughts and the feelings of her heart. Next day we showed up and asked if she;s felt like she's got an answer yet, and she said no. So.. we asked her to pray again. I wanted to bust up laughing during her prayer, that woman's got sass! She starts off all sweet like "Dear Heavenly father..." then says all sassy "They want me to ask if the book of mormon is true.. and i also want to know.. so is the book true?" Haha afterwards, she looked at us again like now what?! ANd we said, just wait patiently and know that God is listening, ponder in your heart the words you read and focus on how you feel. Does it feel right, good? THen it is of God and it is true.... She did tell us that her biggest fear is know that it is true and joining our church. Her family is a big baptist family and there are alot of preachers. So she doesn't want them to think poorly of her. so that's hard to deal with. We did have her and her son Allen come to church with us on sunday though! Huge miracle!!! Allen is 23 and is a very nice guy. AS soon as we walked into the church, he said he had a dream of the place and it really touched his heart. He commented on the good job done by the priesthood about the sacrament. THe last hour class was combined and they discussed the importance of the book of mormon and why it is true. It was a really great lesson and also a tender mercy from God because allen and alice were there. Allen told us what really struck him was they mentioned 2Nephi 2:25 which says "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy" He has been really searching for true joy and thats what he wants! We were blown away! so we are thinking this is the answer to our prayer and fast, we can help alice by working through allen. I also noticed that he took notes on his ipad during all of church and had really pondered on the words. I love how the spirit works! I fasted so hard for alice all of sunday and after church i knew that God had been mindful of us and them and answered our prayer. Fasting and prayer works people!!!
THe womens conference was amazing! I'm so excited for what more is instore for conference! Ladies.. sisters.. if you havent' watched or heard the womens conference yet.. do so now please! My favorite was president Eyring's talk.. Our covenants are so important. Each covenant we make throughout our life prepares us for the temple. And the sacrament helps us renew those covenants, and also our feelings when we make those covenants each week. I am so grateful for this! After hearing his talk, i studied Mosiah 5 and it talks about how we become Christ's spirtual sons and daughters when we make those sacred covenants. I am grateful to be a beloved covenant daughter of God and to know who i am. I am also grateful to help others prepare to make these sacred covenants everyday of my mission! 
I hope ya'll enjoy conference so much! Listen closely.. we are blessed to have a prophet in these latter days along with 12 apostles. 
Love ya'll! 
SIster Hulme

Aren't I the cutest biking sister ever?  :)

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