Monday, March 24, 2014

Miss Prim and Proper....wait, what? :) 3/24/14

Hey ya'll!
So Georgia Spring is finally here and it is beautiful! We've had some very nice weather lately and this week is supposed to be a little chilly, but i predict it to be the last of the cold weather and it will start to warm up from here! Everything is coming into bloom and its very pretty! Soon all the pollen will come we'll see all the yellow chalk stuff, everyone says its a pain but it is pretty to see. I'm hoping and praying that i won't get allergies, I've never dealt with them before but this will definitely but it to the test!
So our president keeps telling us that we are killing everyone else in the mission on team-ups and our lessons. This ward has been really great with helping us out and fellow-shipping those we teach. Each week i'm growing to love this ward more and more! We have some very fun families here. 
Alice wasn't able to make it to church this Sunday.. instead she went to church with her son and nieces. But she was able to come to a baptism with us. The other sister's investigator got baptized and we can go if we bring one of our investigators also. Alice has committed to baptism but not a date. She said she's waiting for God to tell her when it is the right time and will give her a date. So this is kind of testing our patience and we hope the baptism encouraged her. During the baptism, they had a confusion with the hand placements and everything, and i had to explain to Alice the importance of it, trying to follow Christ's example of baptism exactly! She just nodded and said, "well i'll need like 3 other guys in that font to help me get back up out of the water!" (she's in a wheel chair) Ha i said, whatever makes it possible, it can be done! 
Laurann also wasn't able to make it to church this week. That woman is truly crazy, but we love her!! There is never a dull moment with her. We had a member come with us to teach her a lesson on Friday and she was really drunk:P Of course:) But bless the member's heart, she bought laurann some glasses and they worked perfectly so she can now read the B of M! she was soo thrilled to get them and to start reading. Haha i forgot to mention, we stopped by on Wednesday and she was telling us what she liked about us. She told me that i'm miss prim and proper and then she imitated how i walked! haha funniest sight for sore eyes! but first time someone has called me prim and proper. i'm taking it as a compliment. That woman is so funny and there is never a dull moment with her.
The two little girls we are teaching, Marie and Malia, had to push their baptismal date back a couple weeks. They had a family emergency and their mom had to go to Hawaii with her family for two weeks and the girls are staying with their aunt in South Carolina. So we are excited to see them again, we miss them. But keep them in your prayers! 
Oh and one last thing. Tuesday i had to give a training at our district meeting on strengthening less actives and recent converts.. and in the middle of my training i see someone in a suit walk in and sit down.. assuming its another elder like our zone leader or something.. But nope! it was President Wolfert! Talk about some serious nerves and an unexpected surprise! Haha everyone was in shock and we were all like "HI president! funny seeing you here!" ha he just said, "oh keep going sister hulme don't mind me" I was a little speechless and had a hard time focusing on what I was trying to say, but somehow i pulled it together and finished! Next time he needs to give me good warning when he wants to come:)
I hope everyone has a great week and I love hearing from y'all! please keep up the prayers and remember who loves ya most! Yep sister Hulme!
xoxox SIster Hulme

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