Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We made it through another week in Collins Hill 3/3/14

Hello Family and friends!
Don't worry, sister dunn and I are still alive. A little sore from biking but we're stronger and it's building character! I have to keep telling myself that as i slowly pedal up these big hills here:) My companion and I had a little thought one day, imagine Christ riding a bike.. riding a bike!!! sometimes i wish I could call president and say "go put your wife in a skirt then on a bike, then have her ride up the hill, does that look christlike to you?" It's a good thing i have a strooonggg testimony that motivates me and keeps me going everyday. Honestly i don't care what i look like anymore, we just have a good ol' time:) Haha so one day we were biking out of our apartment up a hill,and we saw that the elders were just leaving their apartment too. So sister dunn and i were like :book it! they cant see us, this is kinda embarrassing biking up a hill, in a skirt, with the cutest helmet!" so we werer trying to hurry and thought we made it, but right when we start to bike up another hill, slowly, and i just said "oh i love my job.." , we hear this " heeelllllooo sisters!!" and the elders DRIVE up next to us and just smile and wave. Those punks!! if i wasnt' a missionary... nevermind. But sister dunn stopped and said, "sis! lets blow up their car and see how they like it!" haha, oh ya i forgot to mention!!!! We got home friday afternon from our service at the nursing home and there were police cars everywhere and firetrucks, out in the front there was a big gang and we thought it was a drug bust for sure! but nope! even better, right across from our apartment there was a car that got BOMBED!!  in broad daylight!!! we don't live in the holland park apartments, we live in the holland hood! but dont' worry, we just invested in some pepper spray and a tazer. and even better, we have God's army surrounding us:) 
We've witnessed some awesome miracles though, i'm pretty sure because we are diligent and are biking sisters. One day we were locking our bikes up to a tree, and at the house next to us a woman shouted at us "sisters! are you in this area?" we knew it was a member, sure enough it was! her name is Leonna Simons and she is from hawaii, has three little girls. She has lived here for a month and hasn't been to church in awhile. her daughters aren't baptized and Leonna actually served a mission in Australia. Well we've visited her twice now and she is now letting us teach her daughters! so keep your fingers crossed and them in your prayers that they'll be baptized! you know there are some families that you just have a connection with adn know you knew them in the pre-earth life, and i feel that with her family. They are so cute and i'm excited to teach them. 
Other miracles this week is that each night when we've had team ups for our lessons, our appt bails, and we've had to find other people to teach for that night. but it's awesome because things work out and we end up finding a new investigator and a lesson, and i'm pretty sure its because we have a team-up! The lord works in mysterious ways, wherever we go, even if the lesson fails, we are there for a reason. 
So the ward has really been stepping up in missionary work.
They called some new ward missionaries, three of which are sisters, one a youth, so that will be very helpful. To be honest, I feel like the work and the ward is better here than my last area. People seem to be more involved, but its because we are asking them to be. I've really learned in just the short time that I've been here that you have to have courage and be bold. Sometimes i look back on my last area, and i have regrets on what i could have done better. But who doesn't have regrets? And really i didn't know much better when i was there. I studied Jacob 5 this last week and i loved vs. 47. Even the Lord questioned why there was bad fruit and no good fruit, and He asks "What could i have done more in my vineyard? Have i slackened my hand, that I have not nourished it?", and he explains that he was very grieved. But later in the chapter in vs. 61-64 He says that this is the last time that they will go down and labor in the vineyards, the end draweth nigh, so they must labor diligently and with their might. I thought of how I wish I would have worked harder in Sandy plains, but i still have alot of my mission left. I need to focus on my area i'm in now. I need to think of it as the last time in His vineyard, the end draweth nigh, so I will labor diligently and with all my might. I'm not saying that there was no good fruit from my labors in Sandy Plains, I know there was good fruit. There was much good fruit! But i'm always learning how to be a better missionary and I want to apply it to my work. I'm excited for the work here, I'm really growing to love the area more and more! I have feeling that i'm going to love this area the most so far. 
This week we're expecting another visit from a general authority, or some general authorities. Elder Quintin L. cook, Elder L. Whitney Clayton, And Elder Erich W. Kopischke are coming to talk to our mission and Georgia Atlanta mission, so that's exciting! we've really been treated here to hear from general's so often. We are also having another stake conference, even though we had one at the end of january. I dont know if its because something big is happening or just because they will be in the area so they decided to have another one. Either way, its a blessing and we're lucky to have them come. 
That's all the big news from this past week. It's been crazy but good. 
Thanks for the love and support, Love ya'll!!
Sister Hulme

The car that was bombed.

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