Monday, March 17, 2014

Hard work pays off… 3/17/14

My awesome Sister Missionary tan lines. 

A cute little turtle we found on a driveway.

Hi friends and family!
Well to start off, hard work always pays off. This week was long, and hard.. and really tested our faith! But we saw some amazing outcomes by sunday because of our hard work. Saturday was the longest day of my life and we tracted alllllllllll day. We did stop by our one investigators house for a quick ten minutes to make sure she was coming to church.. but other than that we did a lot of biking and tracting. My poor companion almost broke down, but i had to tell her she coudln't because then i would. But Sunday was a miracle day. We had four investigators come to church.. four!! Two of them are Marie and Malia, they are 10 nd 9 years old. They are on date to be baptized April 19th! Their mom is a less active in our ward and we found them through tracting.. I'll just start at the beginning. We had just biked to a nearby neighborhood and were locking our bikes up to a tree (yes i know we're nerds) and we heard this "Sisters! are you in this area?" and we went over to talk to the woman. Finds out her name is Leona Simon and she has been less active for quite sometime! She was raised in Somoa, but went to school in Hawaii, her records are still in hawaii. She served a mission in Australia too! Her husband and daughters arent' baptized so we are now teaching her daughters. We invited them to church, but sunday morning we got a text from Leona saying they had guests at their house and weren't going to be able to make it. We were really disappointed and said just try to make it to at least sacrament. Well we didnt' see them for the first little bit, but when we turned around during the opening hymn we saw them sitting in the back and the girls were waving and smiling like mad to us! we were so happy to see them:) 
The next investigator at church is Alice. We tracted into Alice and her son about two weeks ago. Alice is a black women who is 64, legally blind and is in a wheel chair. She looked so pretty when we went to pick her up! We asked her to have some questions in her head when she came to church and promised her that they would be answered if she listened and searched for the answers. She was pretty quiet during most of church, and during the sacrament i tried to explain it to her and she looked at me and said "There you go again trying to tell me about baptism. nah, don't you look at me in that tone of voice!" and just smiled big and cackled. She kinds scares me to be honest but i just smile back and try to laugh! I'm pretty sure she's teasing me. so this whole time i'm worried about what she is thinking about church. At the end we asked her what she thought, and she said she would love to come back and everyone was so nice and she even had her questions answered! Phew! i was so relieved to hear that! SHe said she would talk to us at our next appt more about what she thought and learned. So i'm excited to find out.
ANd our last investigator is Laurann... She's our crackhead and drug dealer .. we're pretty sure. SHe lives in this old shack that we also tracted into. Side note.. we're pretty sure we saw a drug deal happen the other day when we were outside talking to her.. but anyway. She showed up at church and really surprised us! She's our thug we're gonna baptize;) Haha in R.S. she leaned over to us and said "Dis is the first time i've been in a room full women and they aren't tryin to cut each other or rip each other's throats out! Ya'll are nice, I'm comin back fo real!" haha she cracks us up every line she says. Love it. 
So those are our top investigators. Miracles do happen! it just takes alot of hard work. 
We also had zone conference this week. Elder Kopishke came and spoke to us. It felt like a long efy conference. So spiritually fed and exhausted, but really good! I took alot of good notes from that and could go on all day on that, but i'm running out of time. 
Love ya'll and miss ya! 
Love, SIster Hulme

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