Monday, May 12, 2014

Transfers 5/12/14

hey Fam!!
It was so good to see ya'lls smiling faces and to hear your voices yesterday! Thank you for your love and support. I truly have the best fam out there and i wouldn't trade it for anything! 
So Sister Dunn got the transfer call during lunch today.. we were eagerly and anxiously waiting all morning. Sister Dunn was getting a lil stressed and was losing her patience. And this morning seemed to be the morning that all members wanted to call us so we kept jumping everytime we heard the phone ring. We were out at lunch with Leona and the assistants finally called. She's going to Sharon Springs in the Sugar Hill Zone with Sister Grayson. I guess she's a new sister.. only been out 4 months. She keeps getting stuck with the greenies i guess! That area needs some buildling up too so she's going to put them to work. Im going to miss her soooo much! We've been through alot together and have become close friends. I'm going to miss her teasing me constantly and her humor! Ya'll have to promise me that you'll be there at her homecoming in october when she speaks! 

I also have some big news! I'M TRAINING!  yup.. i'm gonna have a daughter:) I don't know who she is yet.. but i'll find out wednesday when we pick her up! it should be some fuunnnn stuff. I know she'll love collins hill but i hope she can take biking! I'm getting kinda nervous and excited and stressed out though. Training is going to be hard but i know it will stretch me and help me grow. Pray that i'll have the patience, and the love! I'm just grateful that we have some good people to work with and i know she'll get a good experience. Its just alot of pressure. Her training experience will effect her whole mission. I can either make or break her mission.. as president said. Although she can decide on that too. Ah.. its just killing me not knowing who she is! There is supposed to be a tongan sister coming in and most think i'll train her. President likes to give the hard task to them cause polynesians are known to pile out.. but i wont let her:) He said "make sure they go to bed delightfully exhausted!" oh don't worry.. they will:) So that's the big exciting news for this week!

Our one investigator demetrius, the thug, is probably moving to Ohio or Kennesaw soon. So that's a bummer. We taught him the restoration this week and watched the dvd and he was all into it! He commented on how strong the spirit was and it all makes sense. Only problem is the other day we caught him in the middle of a drug deal. He was all chill and cool when we talked to him and he told us how to do the business and everything! But we decided we best get out of there and move on to better business:) I don't know if he's quite ready to give up the thug life. Did'nt seem like it to us. But we planted a big seed and helped him in his life then.

We have some other really promising investigators. One we're hoping to put on date soon. Laura ann lives out of our area and its always hard to get ahold of her.. so again we're putting her on the back burn and taking her off date. we'll still keep the contact though.. it just takes time. We have alot of potential.. just got to follow up, the most important part! So keep everyone in your prayers! 

I hope everyone had a great mother's day! happy mothers day to the special women out there! Love everyone of you! Take care and god bless:)
Love Sister Hulme

So this is what a biking sister's hands look like when you change a tire... felt good to get the hands dirty again!

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