Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello from your Georgia Peach 7/7/14

Malo'lele family!
That means hello in tongan:) Ive been really practicing in my language studies:)
WE had a wonderful fourth of July! We had a fun celebration at our church and one of our investigators came, he really enjoyed it. And Sister Motuliki had a blast!! She saw fireworks for the first time and I recorded her reaction to them. It was the cutest and funniest thing ever! Its like a 5 year old seeing the world for the first time! I'll never forget this:) 
THis week has been a little long and hard to be honest. WE still saw some good miracles. We found a hindu woman who we tracted into on the fourth. SHe invited us in and we told her some things about the plan of salvation. SHe was really amazed and started to really think. We said a prayer with her at the end, and she mentioned that she felt to at peace and felt really good. SHe wants us to come back this next week so we're really excited about that.  
But truthfully, its been a little dead here. Alot of the members and even our investigators are gone for vacation. And not just any vacation, but i'm talking like 3 weeks at a time! Also some of the members from our ward are in the middle of moving away. So i feel like we're a little on our own. But its forcing us to reach out towards other members and use them in missionary work, and also to continually find new investigators. ITs also been hard because most of our appts dropped this week and we had to resort to tracting.. We literally tracted alllll day on wednesday and only talked to 8 people. Our numbers may have been low this week, but I promise you we worked ourselves to the ground! I'm a little fearful for what this week or even the next week has instore. It might be worse. But we're going to work even harder, cause I don't want to give up that easy.  I think its going to be a looong summer and next few weeks. But we're still going to work and pray that we'll see miracles! 

We met our new mission president, well we did at the baptism, but officialy met him at a meeting this week. He and his wife are truly the most humble people that i have met. I know the Lord has sent them to us for a great purpose. THey are going to do amazing things here in this mission. He gave us a great talk on hope, and i realized that its something i really need to work on. I think it is something that alot of us missionaries needed to here, especially for me. With this week being very hard and having few people to work with, I've been getting discouraged easily lately. I'm trying to do all I can to have faith, but I realized that I also need to have hope. Because Faith, HOPE, and charity work together. So i'm trying to acquire more hope, and I feel God is going to really test me with that this week! But it will give me great practice to have hope:) I'm also still learning that I only need to do the very best that I can do. THe Lord is not asking more than I can give. Sometimes I'm not satisfied with my efforts and wish I could do more. THis last week I read Alma 29 and I felt the same as Alma, wishing that I could do more than I am called to do. But I just need to do my best and leave the rest to the Lord. His will is better than mine! 

I was just thinking.. I've always wanted to go to the hardest, toughest mission in the world.. like somewhere in hte deep deep jungle. ok like where chase went. speaking physically hard. But i realized that this mission is the hardest mission, spiritually speaking. I've never had my testimony tested so many times of my life. Everyday its tested! THis is in the heart of apostasy! With sooo many different religions and cultures, it really makes you ponder what true. But I have come to know, with every fiber of my heart and all that i have, that this is the true gospel and church of christ. I am very grateful for the liberty and freedom of this country. I know the Lord has preserved this land for a purpose. ANd I know with out a doubt that he helped our forefathers and our ancestors fight for this land. He really keeps his promises. i know this land is the promised land and because of our religious freedom, Joseph smith was able to find the truth for so many of us. EVen though there was an apostasy and there's so many religions. It helped joseph smith really ponder on what is truth. So many of us wonder what is truth, but do we really know for ourselves? ANd because Joseph smith had the freedom of religion, he was able to ask heavenly father one simple question. And Our father loves us so much he answered his prayer with 7 simple words. "THis is my beloved son, Hear him." ANd the restoration began from there. WE are so blessed to have the truth here today. To have the restored gospel and the priesthood here. I know for myself now that Joseph smith was a prophet of God, and I know this is the only true church of CHrist. I will never doubt my faith or testimony. If i thought i knew before my mission... well i sure do know now!! I am grateful for my testimony:) 
I hope ya'll have a testimony just as i do. I encourage you and invite you to really seek and find for yourself. We as members of this chruch and disciples of christ need to be truly converted. WE are the light for others. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week. God bless!

Love sister Hulme xoxo

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