Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello, Hello! 7/28/14

Hey ya'll!
Sorry this came later today.. We actually have been shopping with a member alll day today! She was sooo generous and wanted to spoil us! The people here just show so much love for the missionaries! It was alot of fun to be with the other sisters and Sister Todd (the member) . Truthfully i've never been a fan of shopping al day and she could tell:) But i loved to see sister motuliki get spoiled and have fun. She really needed that:)
So we really worked extra hard this week! I realized that I probably only have a few days left here in collins hill and i want to leave it better than i found it. ANd it's been in a little slump throughout july, so I was sick of that, so we went to work! I told sister motuliki we just need to extend baptsmal dates like crazy and get these people to seriously commit! No more flaky investigators. And let me tell ya, when you put forth the faith and the effort, the Lord provides the miracles! It takes work, but they do happen. 
We have this investigator named ANthony, Sister DUnn and I tracted into him way back in march and he was an iffy potential.. nothing promisiing. But we tracted into him again and he almost told us no again, but i wasn't going to take that for an answer! So we kept talking and eventually he said we could come back the next day! so we went back on wednesday and softly committed him to August 16th! He was all in for it during the restoration lesson. he was all excited and jumping up and down agreeing with us. So really keep him in your prayers. We inoculated him, but he's going to really need the strength from the spirit. 
We also had a lesson with a man from Ghana last night, he's only here by himself and his family is still in Ghana.. but he committed to August 16th as well. We have a lot of work to do with them. But we're not afraid of hard work!  Im just sad that I'll most likely be leaving right when things pick back up again! I told Sister Motuliki that she can't slack off and she must keep pushing forward with these people!
So my favorite investigator right now is Beena:) She's from india and she's hindu. She actually isn't interested in converting at all, but she loves learning about our religion and she finds it very interesting! She is sooo friendly and has the best personality! Well she came to church this sunday with her little boy. and when she walked through the door, my mouth dropped to the floor and then turned in to the biggest smile! SHe was in the prettiest Indian outfit! She was decked out in the jewelry and everything! Unfortunately her son was a little pill and wouldn't be quiet so she couldn't listen to the talks in sacrament, and during relief society she didni't understand a single word. It was way over her head:/ but We told her we'll explain it all to her in simpler terms. She really loved it though! She felt the spirit and said everyone is soo friendly! She wants to come back, so I'm praying that she'll just feel the spirit and some day she'll take it all into thought. And another unfortunate is that the book of mormon isn't translated into her language yet which is Gujrati. But we're praying with her hard and she's just a great friend:) 
Well I don't have much time left, Things are going just peachy in Georgia:) Thanks for all your prayers and support! 
Love ya'll 
SIster Hulme

Our lovely Beena!

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