Monday, July 14, 2014

Trials and Growth 7/14/14

Hello family and friends,
So good to see some of the fun pictures you sent this week! Love to see everyone's smiling faces. Glad to hear everyone is doing well and had a great week! I can't believe July is already half way through. That means summer in Georgia is halfway through. And I hear that we haven't even hit the climax of the humidity and the heat. Heaven help me! Good to know that i really do receive help:) 

So the update  isn't much this week. Sorry, everyone is on vacation trying to escape the heat in Georgia! 

So because everyone has been gone, we've had to find new investigators. That means we've had to tract alot! We've been really praying that the people's hearts would be softened here. We've actually found alot of potential at our apartment complex. So hopefully we can go somewhere with those people.. like the waters of mormon:) 
We had a new member lesson with Taz this week. Oh man,, I'm starting to really question if she was ready. Its as if Satan has really been on her after she was baptized. We taught her the plan of salvation and she acted like it was all new to her and she could't remember any of it .We also brought up temples and baptism for hte dead. Ya,, she wasn't ready for that. She was creeped out by the whole ordeal. I wanted to cry after the lesson, it was a mess. So we're gonig to go over things again this week and pray that it goes better. We're thinking of showing her a mormon message video on temples. Just really keep her in your prayers. SHe hasn't been able to come to church either since she was confirmed. My recent convert is going less active. Great. I'm trying to have hope in her. She lives in a very hard environment, so that affects her too. I worry if we rushed her into her baptism adn if she was really ready. But i trust the man who interviewed her, and the baptism worked out, if she wasn't ready god would have stopped it. 
We also had a little lesson with her sister Mia while there. SHe told us she's thinking of baptizing her new baby boy and asked what we think of that. I told her we strongly don't believe in infant baptism. We explained everyting to her and told her why they don't need ot be baptized. She had a hard time grasping the concept and she's stubborn in her beliefs. It just makes me sad, wishing that the spirit will soften her heart. I would like to start teaching her and the dad too. That family needs this gospel desparately. 
Like I said, not alot to update on. Hopefully this next week will be better with more miracles. Gotta lot of potentials to follow up with. 
Thank you everyone for your prayers and love and support! 
I love you all dearly,
Love sister Hulme

This was Sister Motuliki's first experience with fireworks.  She loved them!

Here's the traditional "9 month" picture that the sisters missionaries take.  It's not nearly big enough!  Looks more like 6 months.  :)

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