Friday, January 31, 2014

A better week… 1/27/14

First of all i want to thank y'all for your prayers and the support! I have felt them and can see them working! This week has been so much better and i'm trying to have a better perspective on everything. We actually had two amazing miracles this week. We've been needing some new investigators lately, some more people to work with. So what do we do, we tract and go on a less-active hunt. Usually we hate tracting because people slam doors in our faces or they're not home. But tracting was actually good this week. The time seemed to fly by and my companion and I would use the time to get to know each other more. On saturday, our big miracle day, we were tracting in a neighborhood next to our apartments, we had 15 minutes left and we hadn't had a decent or strong contact yet, so we were anticipating one. We knocked on the last door and a man named Marcos answered the door. He invited us in, miracle! and we sat down with his family, (his wife Ariana, and two little kids). We found out that they were from Brazil and his brother who is still in Brazil is a mormon. So they've heard a little about our church but not much. They were very interested and asked us right off the bat what our conversion story is. Never had that one before! After we shared our story Marcos shared his and so did his wife. I like them already! They explained that they are wanting to be more involved with their faith, not just going to church and such. We said, well that's why we're here! They seemed very interested and said we are more than welcome to come back and discuss more. Miracle!!!! 
After that we went and visited a less active in our ward named Evril Poche, a young woman from Kenya! She was so nice and explained that she is a nurse and works alot, when she has time she likes to go to the singles ward. Well that was a relief so she is still kinda active. But she has a friend living with her named Magdeline who is also from Kenya. She asked us. "what do you believe, what is the process for me to become a mormon?" Another Miracle!! Well that's a very good question and may take some time to answer!! We simply stated that we believed in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, meaning that we now have the same primitive church that Christ had organized when he was upon the earth. She became interested also, and explained that she has been at least in three other religions and she will gladly look into more. She sees that the mormons are good people and she wants to be like us. We asked for her contact information and if she would like us to come and do lessons with her. She was all in and is excited! so are we!!!! They offered to make us some kenyan food so im looking forward to that!
We had stake conference this weekend. It was AMAZING!!  The presidency shared their conversions stories which were so spiritual and inspiring. Then President nickels spoke and he is hilarious! But he pretty much did a throw down. The whole conference was about missionary work and how we can get involved. He asked that they pray specifically for our investigators and the missionaries in their wards by name. We had a member afterwards txt us and say he wants to commit to praying for us and our investigators, but bless his heart, he said i need to know who you are first and who your investigators are. What is this?! He's awesome:) members here are totally stepping up and trying to do their part! i love it. 
We went to Dexter's funeral on thursday. Im gonna miss that old man. We didn't see maxine there sadly. But every family member came up to us and thanked us for visiting and singing to him. The funeral was over in Kennesaw and we saw Kennesaw mountain which is a landmark for one of the civil war battles. WE are going to get permission to go over and see it. On our way home we were driving and i looked around and realized that we were driving right through marietta square!! It is so fun and cute! There is a gone with the wind museum and a bunch of antique shops! We gonna see if we can go there on a pday too. It's like 8 minutes away from us! We did stop for like 5 seconds to take quick pics. I know the other sisters are going to be jealous, they wanted to go there so bad. 
Well i hope everyone has as wonderful week! Jack happy birthday!!!! can't believe that kid is 5. And happy birthday to Kade, hope he has a good one this week. 
Love y'all and take care!!! 
Love, Sister Hulme

Sister Sorenson and I

Marietta Square

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