Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transfers! 1/13/14

Well this week we had transfers. It was so hard to leave sister Debry and SIster Anderson. I am staying SAndy Plains, which im so grateful for! THis place is truly zion. But it is very weird being in just a two companionship. I thought it would be quiet, but actualy my new companion Sister Sorenson is not quiet at all.  She is from Idaho Falls. Yay another idahoan! She has been out for about 11 months now. I was excited to hear that, thinking that Sandy Plains will have someone who is experienced and can really help me. It's been good.
   We finally met with Pam on Friday. It was soooo good to see her! She and her family have been gone for like 3 weeks. SHe has been reading though and has been taking notes. SHe's doing so well.We finally taught her the Plan of Salvation, which we had tried to teach her for weeks! WE also asked her to be baptized and she said she would think about it. It's hard here in the south because they don't understand why their baptisms aren't valid. WE try to explain that it's not bound in heaven without the priesthood power. She seemed to understand that but i don't really know what she was thinking exactly. Im just really bummed because she told us she would like to try and make it to church this last sunday, so we got a ride for her family and everything. THen last minute saturday night she ditched out and said she was leaving again to see her mom. we plan on seeing her tomorrow, and hopefully ask about her decision on baptism. The other bad thing is that she is moving closer to her mom around January 25. Pray that something will happen and she'll have to stay so we can help her!!! I informed her that there are missionaries everywhere and probably where her mom lives. She said she doesn't want other missionaries cause no one can replace us. That means a lot but still makes me sad. Hopefully things will continue to progress this week and she'll find an answer. 
Lisa and her family actually had a death on her husbands side so we haven't been able to meet with them all week. I'm excited to meet with them again because we are going to talk about the plan of salvation with her too. I think that will give them comfort and bring them hope. WE've committed them to baptism, just not a date. She's still having hard time coming to church. Her daughter who is 9 years old though informed us that she went to church with her grandparents, another church, and it just didn't' settle right with her. When she reads from the children's book of mormon she feels like it is right and she likes it. She's a 9 year old. And that testifies to me that the spirit is real, He testifies of the truth to everyone!
Our other investigator Dorian.. well i just don't know where to really start with her. SHe is still on date for february 8. We had planned a lesson with her this last saturday, but she wasn't home so we had to cancel that. We stopped by her home that night and she said she'd come to church. WEll she came to church but she was so tired and exhausted, and she made sure to show it. AFter church we saw her when driving home (she lives in our apartments) and stopped by, and we told her we'll see her at 2:30 for a lesson. She said ok, hopefully i'll still be awake by then, i'm so tired i want to take a nap! So we asked if we could come by later tonight if that was better, but she decided 2:30 was better. So we went by at 2:30, but she came out and said she still had chores to do and hadn't taken a nap yet. So she ditched out on our lesson. THen to top it all off she said she doesn't know if she can make it to church because she always has so much to do. That really upset me so i briefly told her that i know its hard to keep up with everything, but when we put the lord first , things will work out. She'll be grateful if she attends church. She just said ok.. so hopefully  we'll see her at church. I'm not letting her go that easy! I just felt really discouraged about dorian yesterday and i had a hard time staying positive. 
  We visited Sister Goobs, Narysa Roberts, last night though and she has been fellowshipping dorian. We explained everything about Dorian, but Narysa really brought me peace and said just what was needed. I tend to blame myself for a lot of things and get discouraged easy. BUt she reminded me that The Lord takes time with everyone. She just needs some time to figure things out. Narysa took months to convert and she said it was hard. BUt overtime she became spiritually mature and realized how important the gospel is. Hopefully Dorian will too. Poor girl just has a lot on her plate. SHe is being raised by her 25 year old sister and is pretty much deprived. She is just trying to stand on her own two feet and be responsible, but she doesn't really know how to go about it all. I want to help her and be there for her, but sometimes you have to do things on your own. I'll always be there for her and pray for her. 
  And last of all, we had some terrible news. THe old couple Maxine and dexter, whom we love to visit and sing for, were in a terrible car wreck saturday. Maxine came to church for the first time in years last week and was looking forwards to coming again. I believe Dexter was going to try and come with her this time. He is a non-member. They are in a trauma hospital in Atlanta.. i don't know if they'll make it. But it breaks my heart. They are the sweetest and funnest people to visit. Please pray for them! They say they are lonely at the hospital nd i wish we could go visit them. 
  Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. It always means so much to me. I hope the new year is going well! Until Next week, Take care, Love y'all!

One of my favorite pics in the whole world.  Gosh, I miss these sisters!

We had a good-bye party--that's sparkling cider.  :)

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