Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frustrated… 1/20/14

Well i don't quite know where to start. This week has been probably the most challenging so far on my mission. I hate to say that because there will probably be more like it.
Yesterday a sister in our ward informed us that Dexter had passed away, an old man (nonmember) we have been visiting, and he and Maxine were in a bad car wreck. Maxine is a less active and she came to church for the first time two weeks ago. We adored them and will miss dexter so much. Maxine is living with her daughter right now until she gets better. I hope to see her soon, we miss her so much! We wanted to be able to teach Dexter, but he couldn't rememeber or comprehend things enough. But now he has the chance to hear the gospel and be taught! It's a comfort to know about the plan of salvation and the blessings it has.
We haven't seen our top investigators all week, Dorian, and Lisa Rodriguez and her family. Dorian has been super busy with work and school, but we were able to visit with her sunday afternoon. We left a bit discouraged and disappointed. She informed us that she doesn't have time to take discussions or come to church, and she wasn't interested in being baptized any more. My heart sunk and i just wanted to tell her that this should be her top priority! But something just told me that she is not ready or prepared. We are still going to stay friends with her and say hello from time to time, she was okay with that. But it was really hard to have her drop us. I hope she'll come back someday.  
Lisa and her family have been busy also. She had texted us and said they were going through a lot and had to settle things down before meeting us again. I really hope they are ok. She is still interested though and we are keeping our hopes up! We plan on visiting them the end of this week. It's been so long since we last saw them, so i'm looking forward to this weekend. Keep them in your prayers!
We have been doing a lot of tracting and less active hunting. We're pretty much starting fresh and getting a clean slate, but we still have some investigators we're holding onto. It takes a lot of hard work though.
But on a good note, I finally biked!! we just stayed around our apartments because it was my first time. We live on the top of  hill though and it was as beast! I enjoyed it though and we'll probably bike more. Time seemed to go by faster, and it was a good workout!! so biking is a plus!! 
Thank you everyone for all you do. I hope all is well! Love y'all!!
Love, Sister Hulme 

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