Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 1/6/14

Well our new year has been great so far! we had a good new years eve, until some bums decided to scare us and light firecrackers on our doorstep at 10:00 at night. You've never seen sister Debry and I run so fast to the other room! I  jumped on top of the dryer and hid in the corner forever. I forgot what it was like to have that adreline rush! We knew who it was, two boys who are basically 30 years old and don't have lives, one actually served a mission. The elders texted us and forewarned us, that they heard from those boys that they had a bet who could kiss one of us in the next two weeks first. Well i'm glad they warned us, we are staying away from them for sure. We saw one of them in church on Sunday and that was weird, you could tell that he felt awkward and knew he messed up somewhere. I'm so glad that this didn't end up in Emergency transfers though. I didn't want them to ruin my stay in Sandy plains. But no worries we have the spirit of the Lord with us and we still act like missionaries.
  We just got our transfer calls and SIster Debry is going to roswell, sister anderson is going to lawrenceville, and i'm staying here! i'm soooo happy, I love sandy plains. My new companion is sister Sorenson. Don't know anything about her yet but i'm super excited. The only thing i'm not excited about is that i have to drive now. and me and cities, especially georgia roads, are not a good mix! we'll see how this goes. Thanks mom for the gps, that's going to help tremendously! Sister Debry is going to let me drive before  wednesday so i can get back into practice. I feel like it's driver's ed all over again! Pray that i can drive!
This week with our investigators has been really good. We have been meeting with Dorian and she is now on date for  the 8th of February!!! she is very excited and absolutely amazing!! haha every time i hug her she comes literally up to my waist, and she's 18. but she's a fireball and is doing so well. We also met with Lisa and her family. they are the family we tracted into and want a church to go to... well they want religion. She is really nervous about going to church but its her end goal. WE will get them there. WE had a lesson with them on the plan of salvation and she and her daughters responded so well! Her one daughter who is 9 said she went to church with her grandparents for the first time and it didn't' feel right. She likes to read from the childrens picture book of mormon. Lisa enjoys our scriptures of the day that we send out in a txt and she does her daily studies around that. She always has a few questions and she is progressing so well. If only we can get them to church. The dad, Jason, is still a little apprehensive about it all. He explained to us that He didn't go in God's house and God didn't go in his. BUt he sees how important this is to his family and he wants what is best for them. He has been sitting in our lessons and at the end of our last lesson he even volunteered to pray! and he prayed right!!! At the end of the lesson i asked each family member if they would follow christ's example and commit to baptism, everyone said yes, even Jason! He said he would take baby steps, but its was an answer and we are taking it! I studied this morning on how the gospel blesses families and i have such a testimony of it as i witness Jason and Lisa's family. THey are growing so close as they read and pray together and they are becoming happy. They feel the spirit in their home and the savior's love. Oh i just love that family!!!!
So we also have some other good news! Karina, who was our last baptism, is engaged to the man who baptized her, Grant Wagner!! They are getting married october 18, and sealed in the temple december 30!!!!!!!!!! And we will still be on our missions so we can go with her! It will be the best reunion for us all, i'm already looking forward to that date. So we are very excited. THey chose the soonest date possible to get sealed in the temple. If you are a convert then you have to wait a year before going to the temple. SHe has such a testimony of the gospel and she wrote us the sweetest card explaining that without our help she wouldn't be this happy. She has gained an entire family through the gospel, not only from the wagners but in the church. SHe feels all that love and support and is very blessed. I can't believe how far she has come! she is incredible:)
Well i hope y'all have a great new year! i have a challenge for y'all....i don't know if i've already committed ya but that's ok.Will y'all commit to bringing one soul unto Christ by next christmas this year?? And i promise that if you do this you will experience so much joy!!! doing the Lords work brings so much joy into your lives,(D&C18:15-18) but more importantly it will bring him and that soul joy. We can all start within the walls of our own homes. The Lord promises blessings when we do his work. Conitnue to be great and i love y'all so much! 

The Musick family.  They have taken us in and shown us so much love.  They are my favorite!

We just raked up a mess of leaves and it was cold! But the manual labor felt good.

Me, Sister Goobs, and Dorian

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