Monday, November 3, 2014

Week of Transfers 11/3/2014

Hey everyone!
This week has felt extremely long, mainly because it was transfers. I really miss Sister George, its weird not seeing her face popping up around the apartment, or even having her drive. I basically haven't driven in a year and i'm a little rusty. But sister Ngo doesn't have a license so I'm designated driver. Yikes. 
So SIs, Ngo is such a cutie!! I absolutely love her. She's fluent in almost any language and every time i turn around she's talking to someone in their native tongue. I just stand there and smile:) She's just the companion I've been needing right now. She's a very devoted obedient missionary, and she carries the spirit so strongly with her! She'll only be here for 6 weeks then she's back to temple square to finish her mission. So i'll probably be here in Loganville for 3 more months. Which i'm happy with, i love this area!! the members here are family to me:)
We had an awesome halloween! WEdnesday night our ward had a trunk or treat on this member's ranch and there was a bonfire too. I just love this season:) Sis, Ngo was able to meet alot of the members,  but when sunday came she didn't recognize any of them because they weren't in costume:) On friday we had dinner at our bishops and got to spend the evening with them and a few other families, one being our investigator Dana who is sister Carter's friend. She's met with missionaries before and asks sister Carter alot of questions,  but we still don't know how interested she is. But she's nice and still listens! Her family is strong southern baptist, so its cool that she lets us teach her. We got to hand out candy for a little bit too, but we had to leave by 7:30 to be home early. President wanted us in early on Halloween night, but  we got permission from him to be at our bishops. 

 Our other investigator is David, we tracted into him in a trailer park. I've been dying to tract trailer parks, and now I finally have a few in the area I'm in! We taught him on his porch, but this last week we had a return appt with him, which turned out to be on of the most spiritual lessons I've had on my mission. Our team up was a member who recently returned from her mission a month ago. She loves coming out with us, and after the lesson she told us that he's just golden! It's been a long time it seems since we've had someone promising to work with, but things are looking up, and we're continually praying for our progressing investigators. 
We also had correlation with our WML for the first time I've been here yesterday!! He's brainstorming some ideas for a ward mission plan, in which the ward council is going to try putting one together next sunday. So he's asking us for ideas and what we want to see in the ward. We're still going to need patience though, this is all going to take time before we start to see any changes in the ward. 
So, things are slowly but surely looking up!! yesterday we had a mission fast for our progressing investigators. I'm praying for them constantly because I'm ready to work with someone promising. 
I hope to hear from ya'll soon! remember who loves you most! and have a blessed week:)Love, SIster Hulme

Love Georgia in the fall!!

Sister Ngo and I

Sporting the glasses mom sent in the Halloween package.  :)

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