Monday, November 24, 2014

A witness of Him 11/24/14

Hello Ya'll!!!
If only every week were like this week! It has been such a joy to do missionary work this past week, and we've seen so many incredible miracles. The biggest miracle of all is Michael Chandler, our golden investigator)
I mentioned michael last week in my letter, he is the one who finished the first vision before i did! This past week, we met with him almost every single day, each visit I came out feeling so much joy and there was nothing that could make me happier. A few times this week, we had our ward missionaries come with us to his lesson, and they have taken him right under their wing and have shown him so much love! The greatest miracle I wanted to share today though, was from our visit we had with michael on wednesday night. 
We had just taught Michael the plan of salvation, and the day before we had just committed Michael to be baptized december 13th. He always bears such sincere testimony on how he has the greatest desire to change and to come closer to christ, and he is soo eager for his baptism. Well, Michael was telling us how he just loves the Book of mormon, and how he looks forward to reading his scriptures everyday. He explained that he can't even read a newspaper, and understand it fully, but when he reads the book of mormon, or the bible, the spirit works through him and he can read every word and he understands it perfectly, because its home to him, its familiar! As he was telling us this, I just listened in amazement, because i noticed he struggled a little bit when he would read out loud. And right before we left, I noticed on his fridge he had written himself a note, in a writing that was barely legible like a kids, "God loves you, keep believing." And I know that God surely does love Michael, because I have seen a dramatic change in him. He has grown so much and I love to see the spirit speak through him, and work through him every day. 
Saturday night, michael txted us and said he was going to jefferson to be with family so we mentioned he could go to church in Commerce. We decided to fast and pray for michael as a companionship that he would go to church, because we wanted him to go to church sooo badly!! Well sunday morning, I decided to call michael and see if he was going to church in Commerce, but he said he was home in loganville! He woke up thinking of what he needed to do that day and the thought came to him to go to church, and then we called! At church, he talked to everyone, everyone talked to him, and he bore his testimony in gospel principles on how he feels at home here, and he's waited 49 years for this, and he can't wait for his new beginning on December 13th. Each time he bears testimony, i have to fight back the tears, and i can only smile:) I know, and have gained the strongest testimony of fasting and prayer, and i know that when we put that faith to action, miracles like this can happen. 
AFter our lesson with michael on wednesday, i expressed so much gratitude to my Heavenly Father in my prayers before goin to bed that night. And as I was praying I thought of the wonderful miracle michael is, and how I've seen the spirit work throug him. I thought of how that spirit was so real, so alive, and so powerful, it must come from some one or some source who is just as alive. I've always known that my savior lives, but that night, I will never deny the witness and the answer I received that my Savior, REALLY LIVES!! It almost hit me like a wall, and I felt as the prophets in the scriptures who say "my heart was full of gladness" and it makes you want to rejoice! I've always loved to hear prophets and apostles bear witness that they know christ lives, that they truly are a witness. I've always desired to have that strong witness myself, to know Him, to see His face. But the witness I received wednesday night, is one i'll never forget. I know Heavenly Father knows my desires, and He wants me to have that witness too, so he sent his spirit to testify to me, and I've seen it through Michael. 
I'm so grateful to be a disciple, a representative, a witness of Christ, and I'm grateful for the power of the spirit in this work. 
May you have a wonderful thanksgiving!
Love, SIster Hulme

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