Monday, November 17, 2014

A Marvelous Work! 11/17/14

Dear Family and Friends,
I am so grateful to be involved in such a marvelous work. It has taken several weeks of much fasting and praying, and my patience was tested for sure! But I can not stop reflecting on the amazing miracles we've seen this past week. Things are definitely looking up, and again I'm so grateful to be working and engaged in a marvelous work. 
On Thursday we received a couple referrals from the Grayson elders, and they actually live right around the block from us, right next door to each other. One named William, the other Michael. We were able to meet with Michael first, and he explained to us that he and his niece have been looking for a church. He also explained to us his desire to change his life, and I've never heard anyone express such a great desire to be clean, to truly feel that atonement in their life. We went back the following morning with our recent convert April Pratt, who shared her story and opened up on the atonement. We as missionaries really didn't need to say much, but April and Michael were able to share with each other their experiences and how to feel the redeeming love of Christ and be changed through Him. The spirit was increasingly strong, and you could see Michael soaking in every word we said, even from the scriptures. He committed to come to church, but on sunday he didn't come because of family matters that came up. So we went by sunday afternoon, and in the lesson we were able to commit him to baptism:) Even when we shared with him the first vision of Joseph smith, I was ending with the words "THis is my beloved Son; Hear Him" And i didn't even have to finish because Michael said the last 2 words on the spot. It was as if the spirit was speaking through him. Oh what joy we felt in that room, and Michael again expressed his great desire to change and to become clean through Christ again. He actually wants us to meet with him everyday of the week, he wants us to make him first in our schedule! We told him we'll do whatever it takes to help him make that change he so desires. In the little time that I've known Michael, I have grown such a love for him and I'm so grateful for the miracle we've had of meeting him. 
We have some other new investigators who we are teaching now, and we're asking for all the help we can get from the ward. There are so many people just around us who are prepared and are searching, they just don't know it yet, but we're reaching out to them. Even if we're pulling this ward together and laying the foundations to build them up in missionary work, the lord is preparing people all around us and this work is calling for our help now. I'm only going to continue to fast and pray, because its been a long time in the making, a long time since we've had elect people to work with. And this time i'm inoculating them with all my might because i don't want to lose them, i don't want to go through that heart break again. SIster ngo and I are loving the amount of teaching we're doing, and we feel things coming together and looking up! Oh how grateful I am to be doing such a marvelous work. The other day i was reading in 2 Nephi 26 and I couldn't help but notice how many times it  said "believe in Christ" and "Look forward with a steadfastness in Christ". I pondered about what those words mean. ANd for me, I've been doing alot of reflecting and alot of looking back on my mission so far. Not that that is a bad thing. But it has been consuming my mind. When really i need to be looking forward to the great work ahead and to keep my shoulder to the wheel. THen when all is said and done, I can look back and see the fruits of my labors. ANd it will bring  the greatest joy! 

I love each of you so much, and i hope ya'll have another blessed week, stay warm! I'm freezing in georgia, but thats because i've become acclimated here and I'm not used to the cold. Enjoy the snow at home!
Love, SIster Hulme

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