Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you... 11/10/14

Hello family and friends!

I have so much to share with ya'll, alot on what I've learned this past week and the amazing miracles and changes being made in the Monroe ward!

So as i shared last week, we have a  new ward mission leader, Brother rucker. His family recently moved into the  ward a few weeks ago, and it was a heaven sent. He's just who we needed as a new WML! Well last week we had correlation with him, for the first time i've been here in Monroe! He told us to keep communication with him throughout the week, and share with him any ideas we get for the ward mission plan. Well we came up with plenty of ideas. But it dawned on me, that we needed to just be there in ward council when they discuss the missionary work and talk about the mission plan. So immediately i called bro Rucker and Bishop carter and asked if the missionaries could join ward council. So us and the elders communicated on what we wanted to share with the ward, and we shared that previously with the WML, so we could be prepared for ward council. And ward council turned out to be one of the best i've been too! And it's all because we have a great bishop, WML, and other auxillary leaders who are just the ones for their calling! I love working with these leaders and helping them change and progress in missionary work! Bro. Rucker basically cracked the whip and told them as plain as it could be that we are receiving little to none help in missionary work, mostly because we haven't had a plan or a leader to help us. But i shared with them that the key in all of this was communication, and just doing the work. We may come up with the greatest plan and everything on what we need to do, but its just following through and doing it that matters and will make the change. 

We also held a correlation meeting after church, and we now have 2 new ward missionaries, another couple in the ward, making it 4 ward missionaries. BIshop told us he's also calling part time ward missionaries from each of the auxillary presidencies. Which will help tremendously!!! along with an assistant WML. My mind has just been blown at the changes finally being made in the Monroe ward, but trust me when i say its taken alot of prayers and fasting, and work! Our bishop came up to us afterwards and apologized for the lack of help we've been receiving as missionaries from the ward. But he's been putting everything together in place and he wants to make sure that all these plans and changes stick. He doesn't want to have to build it back up again. So basically we're laying a FIRM foundation for a great work:) We told him that we'll patiently wait and work with the ward, even if they don't work with us, cause that's why we're here, to assist and help them. I have loved seeing the changes in Monroe. I am now the missionary who has been in the ward the longest, so I've seen it grow and progress little by little. THis ward really has so much potential and some of the greatest families and people i know. I love this ward so much, and it will be a sad day when i have to transfer out, but that won't be till after christmas:) 

Also, this past week, in our meetings the theme has been to "sanctify yourself" THis last week i've really focused my studies on what it means to truly sanctify yourself, and i thought it meant to sacrifice, and give all the the lord. But what it truly means to sanctify yourself means to consecrate, to make sacred or holy, and over all, to be clean. President bennion shared with us a scripture from D&C 88:73-74. The time to hasten the work is now, and we must assemble, organize, prepare, SANCTIFY, and purify ourselves. I learned that we are justified through christ, and our sins are paid by our savior, but to be sanctified is to be truly transformed and spiritually changed through the atonement of CHrist, It is us consecrating our actions and our hearts to God and his work, making them sacred and holy. When we sanctify ourselves we are endowed with power. AT Mission leadership council they really focused on that, reminding us that we are endowed from on high, we are a symbol and a beacon of the temple, an instrument in God's hands, and he has empowered us. I love how much they focus on the covenants we made! So i've learned to bring down the power:)
I love ya'll and miss everyone so much! I hope you have a blessed week, and remember who loves you most!
SIster Hulme xoxox

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